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      66. Gen: Autobiography of Daisy nee Sullivan Goatcher
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ePC Articles by Old King Cole

Table of Contents
Accessing COLE's Information on the Web
Search Processes: Photos Etc
List of ePC Articles Archived/Written by Cole
External Sources

Accessing COLE's Information on the Web

The WebMaster (David Cole raised in Moose Jaw) has various web sites that can be searched.
The search processes listed below will get you started.

Searching For and Printing Information
Within any web-page, use Ctrl-F to search for all occurances of any phrase.
(iPad users need the free iPad Google App, then touch the 3 vertical dots to FIND).
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List of ePC Articles Archived/Written by Cole
         (ePC means ePhotoCaption)

Categories: Book, Gen: Genealogy, Ham: Amateur Radio, IS: Information Science,
PDF: Portable Document Format, Poem

1. IS: Tips (by David KC COLE)
2. IS: Cole's Web-Based Images, Articles and Pages
3. Gen: Prebendal Manor, last home of James Edwin COLE
4. Gen: Elizabeth COLE
5. IS: PHP Code To Create A Thumbnail Image
6. IS: PHP Form to Upload an Image (& ThumbNail) to ePC using $_GET
7. IS: PHP Form to Upload a file to ePC using $_POST
8. Gen: The White Hart Public House (Innkeeper: John COLE in 1816)
9. Gen: List of WorldConnect Post-Em Notes by Individual (Person) # as of June 24, 2014
12. Gen: Maps of Carlsbad Springs
14. Gen: James BANKS - Abraham Window
15. IS: XLATE.BAS to fix GEDCOM accent errors
16. IS: iGalri To Do List
17. IS: List of Unusual iGalri.com Images
18. Gen: Alice GOULTON
19. Gen: Northern Quebec Evangelism
20. Gen: Kingsland Ancestors
21. IS: How to Low-Res a Photo
22. IS: Good Windows Applications
23. PDF: CCI 722 JukeBox Songs
24. Gen: The Cole Family History (by sussiestan)
25. Book: Coles of Devon: as of 1867
26. Gen: Mary COLE as WikiTree Cole-50
27. CCI Central Collegiate 1962 4a Grads
28. First Aid Kit
29. Gen: Minto United Church in Moose Jaw, SK
30. IS: Free Software
31. Gen: Glenalee Mobile Home Park at White Lake, ON
32. Gen: Our Royal Ancestors
33. Gen: Cole Family Genealogy
34. Gen: The Build-a-Home Game c1935
35. Gen: Waterend House Area (built in 1610)
36. Favorite Ottawa Geocaching Sites
37. Gen: St Peter's Church
38. Gen: Water End House Pictures
39. Gen: Descendancy:William I to Cole
40. PDF: Thesis
41. Gen: Hazel nee Goatcher Hibbard 100th Birthday
42. Small HVAC Notes.
43. IS: Raspberry NOOBS StartUp
44. Gen: Descendancy:Charlemagne to William I
45. IS: Linux ubuntu UNIX References
46. Bradenton Attractions
47. IS: Raspberry NOOBS start-up options
48. Book: Ancient Lady by Jessica nee Goatcher Godwin
49. PDF: Cole Family Tree in GEDCOM format
50. PAF v5.2 Software
51. HAM: Universal Software defined Radio
52. IS: Wolfram Programs on the Raspberry
53. Denisovans and the American Giant Mystery by Andrews
54. Poem: IF by Rudyard Kipling
55. IS: Micro OS for the Raspberry Pi ARM
56. Gen: Coles of Devon Errata
57. IS: m (Mathematica) Documentation
58. HAM: Software Defined Radio
59. My Bookmarks as of 2015 C Mar 15
60. IS: Raspberry Electronics Projects
61. Gen: McMurray Family on Passenger List
62. IS: 10 Web Search Tips (PDF)
63. IS: Raspbian GUI Software List
64. IS: Linux Debian Administrators Handbook (PDF)
65. Gen: COLE by Juliette Arden
66. Gen: Autobiography of Daisy nee Sullivan Goatcher
67. Books: My Favorite Free Books
68. Gen: Princess Helena Cole
69. Book: Princess Helena
70. Book: Cole connected to Domesday Book
71. IS: Linux on Your Chromebook
72. Gen: Cole's Memorials
73. IS: What is Wolfram|Alpha
74. IS: Mathematica Tips and Traps
75. IS: Useful Mathematica Functions
76. Gen: Zeals School 1876
77. IS: List of Source Icons
78. Films Previously Viewed
79. Gen: Roman Colchester
80. Gen: Goatcher Photo Archive
81. 50 Steps
82. Book: 50 Essential Historical Fiction Novels
83. IS: Windows 10
84. Vacation Essentials
85. Gen: Best Free Genealogy Software
86. Gen: Tristan's Web Page
87. IS: Linux (Unix) Equivalent of DOS Commands
88. Gen: Tasseography 101
89. Some Good Riddles
90. Gen: École Normale du Bon-Pasteur
91. Soupe Pour Maigrir (Slimming Soup)
92. Gen: Hannah Cole nee Bass
93. Grubs, Moles, Skunks & Raccoons
94. Gen: Pedigree of Sir William Cole b.1736
95. Gen: Sir William Cole, Provost of Fermanagh
96. Gen: Les Isles de la Madeleine
97. Gen: Descendance: Richard
98. Gen: Descendancy: Cole of Dunton/Dunston
99. Gen: La Famille Potvin
100. IS: UTF-8 with BOM
101. Why An Hour Has 60 Minutes
102. IS: The Joel Test
103. Gen: Family History Terms
104. Gen: The Seabrook Family
105. Book: My Google Books
106. IS: List of Useful UNICODE characters (soon)
107. IS: Raspberry Pi Zero - US$ 5
108. Gen: James Gould c1775 - After 1831
109. Gen: Col Arthur Gould
110. My Favorite Places on Google Maps
111. Gen: Lt. James Gould Sr. & His Ancestors
112. Gen: Descendance of Coles of Devon : AFN
114. Gen: Recent Gould/Payne Descendants
115. IS: AltGr Blue Keyboard Symbols
116. Gen: Michael [14] COLE b 1616 Issues
117. Gen: Bourchier Genealogy
118. tba

Source (archived as): media/dave/PKBack# 001/articles/

External References

Source 1. freefind Web page indexing by Dan Marshall
Source 2. LightShot Select and Print by Skillbrains
Source 3. Family Tree Searcher Enter Search Terms Once - Search Many Sites
Source 4. iGalri GalleryXSearch ColeXRichard Family Images by Keywords

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