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(1000x1000) ocr.jpg :::

Online OCR

Use the web to get text from a photo. Source= Online OCR |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) IMG_0979.JPG :::

Our grandkids at a 2017 Christmas party

L-R Tristan, Molly, Emma, Anna, Jacob, Malcolm.
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(1000x1000) VirtualKBD.jpg :::

Raspberry: Virtual Keyboard

1. Open terminal
Second you will need to update the repositories:
2. sudo apt-get update
An upgrade to the whole system isn't needed but it is recommended:

sudo apt-get upgrade
Now we can install the virtual keyboard:

3. sudo apt-get install matchbox-keyboard
Rebooting is recommended:

4. sudo reboot

Now you can access the keyboard:
5. Click on:
This will display the picture above)

If the keyboard isn't visible in the menu, you can enable it by going to:

6. MENU >> PREFERENCES >> Main Menu Editor

There you will be able to enable the keyboard.

If everything has gone perfectly you will now have an onscreen keyboard.
Source: StackExchange
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(1000x1000) Scan_17KNov04_04RR.jpg :::

Great West Auto Electric in Moose Jaw, SK

Site of the Great West Auto Electric
The caption of this photo on p58 reads "James Tuxford opened his first automotive garage in 1910 on a site immediately east of the present Salvation Army Citadel on High Street East. To its right [ to the right of the Canadian Garage ] was the First Baptist Church, build of native fieldstone in 1902". Source is the book: "all the moose . . all the jaw" by Leith Knight published in 1982 ( ISBN: 0-9691123-0-0 )
From c1936 to c1965, the Great West Auto Electric building was located on this site on the north side of High Street at 48 High St East, between the Salvation Army Citadel and the First Baptist Church. The First Baptist Church was demolished c1965 and the Great West Auto Electric expanded to replace the church.

First Garage in 1910: Canadian Garage Auto Livery and Accessories
Second Garage c1922: Great West Battery
Third Garage c1933: Great West Battery (owned by Nant and Cole )
Fourth Garage c1940: Great West Auto Electric ( name change only )
Fifth Garage c1965: Great West Auto Electric expanded East.
Sixth Garage c1976: Great West Auto Electric expanded North.
Garage moved c1998: from this site to 1708 Main St North.
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(1000x1000) 35Belvedere2016B.jpg :::

Home in Bath owned by Jessica nee Goatcher Godwin

The white (or beige) house in the right half of the picture is the house where Aunt Jess looked after the elderly ladies for many years. Photo by Googlemaps in 2016.
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(1000x1000) ColorTest.jpg :::

Color Test

Color Test
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(1000x1000) Scan_17J14_01.jpg :::

Jasmine nee Cole Strom and family

Christmas, 2006 L-R Kent Strom, Tyler Strom, Jasmine nee Cole Strom
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(1000x1000) FullSizeRender.jpg :::

Cole Family Thanksgiving 2017

L-R Charles Dufour, Barbara Cole, David Cole, Yvette Cole, Theresa Cole, Tommy Vavougios.
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(1000x1000) IMG_2700.JPG :::

Grandchildren 2017

L-R Back: Alexandria, Dimitri, Emma, Nicolas, Molly . Front: Jacob, Anna, Malcom, Tristan |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) IMG_20170626_131624.jpg :::

Radio c1930

The radio was used in their farmhouse by Philip R Goatcher and his wife Daisy nee Sullivan Goatcher. Their farmhouse was located on Range Road in Farmborough, QC, Canada. Farmborough was located a few miles south of the Rouen/Noranda airport c2010.
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(1000x1000) PCSU200UserMan.jpg :::

PCSU200 Oscilloscope

This USB module converts a computer into a 2 trace oscilloscope. This `dongle` has 2 input connectors and 1 output connector. The output connector provides various test signals. Order Velleman PN 2187454 from . Also see this User Manual
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(1000x1000) Prog1.jpg :::


This is a simple program in QB64. It needs the software in the Source below. So install the QB64 software, type in the program and run it. Ask me if you need help. Good Luck. Source |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) IMG_6738.jpg :::

Dave Cole`s Family Tree

This shows Dave`s parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.
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(1000x1000) Zeals_School.jpg :::

Zeals School

School near Bath, England that many Goatcher girls attended. Source: Wiltshire
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(1000x1000) Grandfather_Clock.jpg :::

Grandfather Clock

This shows how to adjust (ie regulate) the speed of a grandfather clock. It says a full turn equals a half a minute.
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(1000x1000) Scan_17J04_02.jpg :::

David & Barb Wright wedding

Wedding of David Wright and Barbara Zryd on June 8, 1968.
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(1000x1000) IMG_6742B.jpg :::

Relationship RICHARD / DUFOUR

A relationship exists between the Richard family and the Dufour family, albeit very distant.
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(1000x1000) IMG_6742.jpg :::

Tristan, Emma and Jacob

L-R Tristan, Emma and Jacob on Aug 19, 2017 at the Wedding of Jocyline Dramisino.
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(1000x1000) BoothNell_m_Cole.jpg :::

Nell Booth married Albert Henry COLE

This marriage of Nelly (Nell) Cordelia BOOTH (1890-1976) to Albert Henry COLE was in 1910 according to the British in Barnett, Middlesex according to the British Marriage index seen at FamilySearch. Source |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) p03dph55.jpg :::

Stephen Hawking

The following equations are perhaps as important as Stephen Hawking:
The Dirac equation
Riemanns formula
The Euler-Lagrange equation
The Yang-Baxter equation
Eulers identity
Bayess theorem
The wave equation
Einsteins field equation
The logistic map
A "simple" arithmetic progression
Hamiltons quaternion formula
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(1000x1000) iPad-1501521916.jpg :::


Dimitri when he was visiting his grandparents in 2017 |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Reddin.jpg :::

Reddin Family Names

Recent Reddin Family Tree Members as of 2017.
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(1000x1000) iPad-1500749497.jpg :::

Guy et Alain

Guy et Alain |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) IMG_2440.JPG :::

GSAC bridge club

Yvette ready to play duplicate bridge .
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(1000x1000) IMG_6716c.jpg :::

Richard - Marcoux connection

Yvette nee Richard Cole (who is the mother of Barbara Cole) has a common pair of ancestors with Robert Marcoux (who is the father of Guy Marcoux). The common pair of ancestors are Jeanne Theriot (1643-1726) and Jean Pierre Thibodeau (1631-1704).
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(1000x1000) QuadraticRoots.jpg :::

ax^2 + bx + c = 0

a x^2 + b x + c = 0
multiplying by 4a:
4a(ax^2) + 4abx + 4ac = 0
rearranging and subtracting 4ac:
4(a^2)x^2 + 4abx = -4ac
rearranging and adding b^2:
4(a^2)x^2 + 4axb + b^2 = b^2 - 4ac
(2ax)^2 + 2(2ax)b + b^2 = b^2 - 4ac
and because m^2 + 2mn + n^2 = (m+n)^2:
(2ax + b)^2 = b^2 - 4ac
taking the square root of both sides:
2ax + b = +-((b^2 - 4ac)^(1/2))
subtracting b:
2ax = -b +-((b^2 - 4ac)^(1/2))
dividing by 2a:
x = (-b +-((b^2 - 4ac)^(1/2)))/2a
which is the equation shown above.
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(1000x1000) IMG_2438.JPG :::

at Herbs

On July 3. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 05_04_2017-einsten.jpg :::

Albert Einstein

Top 10 Men in History

1. Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
2. Nikola Tesla
3. Leonardo Da Vinci
4. Isaac Newton
5. Jesus Christ
6. Galileo Galilei
7. Steven Hawking
8. Adolf Hitler
9. Charles Darwin
10. Benjamin Franklin

Source: Article
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(1000x1000) 2075018-3x2-940x627.jpg :::

Atomic Bomb at Hiroshima

The Americans dropped their first atomic bomb causing this blast over Hiroshima, Japan in 1945 in an attempt to end World War II.
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(1000x1000) Pleiades_Constellation.jpg :::

Pleiades Constellation

A photograph of the Pleiades ( Seven Sisters ) also appears in this collection.
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(1000x1000) Pleiades.jpg :::

Pleiades Constellation

The Pleiades Constellation ( M45 ) is also known as the Seven Sisters .
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(1000x1000) 95689315_beada1908f_o.jpg :::

Nebra sky disk

Made before 1600BC, depicts night sky with German annotations.
Found in 1999 near Nebra, Germany.
Source: Nebra disk
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(1000x1000) UFO_2017EMay29.jpg :::

UFO in 2017 in Canada

Best Ever Recorded Alien UFO Flight In Human History Filmed By Hundreds In US & Canada. Ovni
By Igor Kryan Published on May 29, 2017 It took this Alien UFO over 2 days in May 2017 to slowly fly from Nevada area 51 to North Pole. It was filmed in 4 US States: Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and 2 Canadian Provinces: British Colombia and Yukon. Most of the recordings were done in broad daylight.
Source: Utube UFO 2017 |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) ligo20160211_Tn.jpg :::

Gravity Waves

In 2015, gravity waves were detected for the first time. The news article in the web page cited below describes an enormous gravity wave that occurred. This gravity wave happened when two black holes merged billions of years ago. Travelling at the speed of light, these gravity waves were detected by two machines in the United States. These two machines were built to detect gravity waves. The power released by the merger of these two black holes was more than 50 times the energy of all the light being emitted in the universe. Keywords: Gravity waves, graviton, gravitation, black holes . Source: News Article
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(1000x1000) LigoCPEPoster16Xsml.jpg :::

Gravitation: from Newton to Einstein

The CPEP webpage provides up-to-date information about Physics, not just gravitation . Source: CPEP web site
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(1000x1000) 2014-fund-chart.jpg :::

Fundamental Particles in 2014

Also see Subatomic Particles. Today (in 2017), all subatomic particles are known to be composed of one or more of the Standard Elementary Particles: Quarks (u,c,t,d,s,b), Leptons (e,muon, tau, electron neutrino, muon neutrino, tau neutrino), Gauge bosons (Z, W, photon, g) and Higgs boson (which is a scalar boson). Anti-matter equivalents of each are known to exist, although some are their own anti-matter equivalent. How do photons, alpha particles, gravitons and baryons relate to this group?
Source: cpepweb
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(1000x1000) StndModelElemParticles.jpg :::

List of Subatomic Particles

Particles with Anti

Upsilon meson
B meson
Rho meson
J/psi meson

Charm quark
Down quark
Up quark
Top quark
Strange quark
Bottom quark

Up antiquark
Strange antiquark
Down antiquark
Charm antiquark
Bottom antiquark

Other Particles
Alpha particle
Higgs boson

Source: wikipedia

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(1000x1000) French test 12-03 pm.jpg ::: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Stellarparallax_parsec1.jpg :::


This photo shows what a Parsec is. A nearby star appears to have "moved" in 6 months when its position is compared to the distant (fixed) stars. A nearby star that `moves` 1/3600 of a degree is said to be 1 parsec away from the earth. (More specifically, a star 1 parsec away `moves` 2/3600 of a degree.) A parsec is roughly equal to 3 light years.
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(1000x1000) 10Power11B.jpg :::

100 Billion

100,000,000,000 or 100000000000
This huge number describes the universe as follows:
a) The total number of Galaxies.
b) The number of stars in the average Galaxy.
c) The age of the Universe (in Mercury years), since the Big Bang (the beginning of the Universe).
d) The width (diameter) of the Universe (in Light Years).
NB: 1 ParSec = 3 Light Years (Earth Years).
NB The number of Hydrogen atoms in a string that is 1 meter long.
NB The maximum number of people that could live on 10 planet Earths.
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(1000x1000) 10Power11.jpg :::

100 Billion

This huge number describes the universe as follows:
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(1000x1000) BridgeBids.JPG :::

Bridge Biddiing

The quick reference guide to bidding . . . without any conventions.
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(1000x1000) Pilsner.jpg :::

Pilsner Beer Label

Can you find the bird on this old Pilsner beer label ?
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(1000x1000) Tristan2017.jpg :::

Tristan Triple Champion in 2017

In 2017, Tristan won the Ottawa Grade 7 Mathematics championship and came in second in the Optimist Grade 7 Public Speaking contest. His hockey team, the Dukes, also won the city championship. Tristan scored one of the winning goals.
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(1000x1000) 20170416_131454.jpg ::: Three Coles in the kitchen: Yvette, Barbara and Theresa in 2017 |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) IMG_6569.jpg :::

Atomic Fisson

Atomic fission in nuclear power plants converts Uranium into Krypton and Barium.
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(1000x1000) iPad-1487999002.jpg ::: Duplicate bridge tally sheet. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) MacShortCuts.jpg :::

Mac Book Short-Cuts

Users who are new to the MacBook world will appreciate these 10 keyboard short-cuts. A link to many more short-cuts can be found at the end of the following web-page. Mac Short Cuts
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(1000x1000) iPad-1486074022.jpg ::: Our friends: Bruno Dufour et Lauretta Larouche |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) PlatosCave.jpg :::

Platos Cave

In Platos book The Republic, his Allegory of a Cave describes how an object that our mind knows or understands might be quite different from the actual object. Plato then extends this thought into what good government should be.

How a Mother Explained This to Some Teens.

How could I get teens excited about ancient Greek literature? Specifically, how could I help my 14 year old son who loves robots lots more than reading get Plato? As I sat on a back deck today, the sun beamed among the trees. I suddenly saw how to help get Plato’s cave.
I called the teens outside and told them to pull chairs into a line, facing the house’s outer wall. Then I told them their legs and necks were bound; the only thing they could see was the blank wall. Sunshine was behind them, but they could not see it. We could make shadows with the sun, onto the wall of the house, but shadows were different from the real thing. This was our version of Plato’s cave.

One girl was “set free.” She walked behind the row of chairs and could see the sunshine. I told her to note all the things she never saw because all she had known was a wall. Like the prisoner in a darkened cell, the sunshine would take some adjusting. After she had explained it, I told her to go back to her chair to sit with the others.

I asked her what it felt like to return to the chair to only see the wall. Depressing. I challenged her to explain what she had seen to those who had only seen the wall. She struggled to find words, and the teens played along as good skeptics. She was now the philosopher who had seen things the others never realized.

As a conclusion to the exercise, I noted Plato’s observation that if those who had always been chained got the chance, they would most likely kill the philosopher.

After the real live exercise of Plato’s allegory of the cave, the kids got it.

We sat in the sunshine after that, and I thought about how this applies to us. We think we know the whole universe, and then we see a light and realize we’ve gone from Kansas to technicolor Oz. If we then return to our old wineskins, we struggle to explain to those who’ve never seen the light what we’ve encountered.

Our challenge is to explain what the light is such that people will listen instead of kill us. Those ancient philosophers are more than just a bunch of dead Greek guys.

Are you in a cave? Have you turned around to see the light? If so, did you share what you saw with others? |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Cvrt2LowRes.jpg :::

Texting Low-Res Photos

On an iPhone, when you add a photo to an email, it queries you to choose the resolution. When texting, it sends the photo as-is which is often Hi-Res. So you must first convert the photo to Low-Res. Here is what you do.
crop to a small size, center the image then pinch image to have the full image again in the crop frame. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) ChurchRewards.jpg :::

Church Awards

c |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 220px-Nebra_Scheibe.jpg :::

The Nebra Sky Disk

The Nebra Sky Disk contains enough information to allow people to know when to plant crops. It was made c1600 BCE. More info
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(1000x1000) TutsDagger.jpg :::

King Tut`s Dagger

The Egyptian Boy King Tut had a Dagger made of non-rusting iron before iron was produced by man. The article in the source says that this iron probably arrived on earth as a meterite. Source
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(1000x1000) TomalesPoint.jpg :::

East Bay Walls

East Bay Walls (aka Berkeley Mystery Walls ) are stone walls or fences built years ago near San Francisco, California. The article in the source below compares many possible builders of these walls. One of these walls, crossing Tomales Point Trail (shown in the photo) is very straight and can be seen in the Google Satellite map. Source
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(1000x1000) WIN_20161204_023052.JPG ::: dave in 2016 |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) IMG_6011.JPG :::

Candle: on Earth, on ISS

The candle on the right is burning in no gravity (aboard the International Space Station)
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(1000x1000) StBarts_Wick.jpg :::

old St. Bartholomews church in Wick

This is the church cemetery where Jessica Godwin nee Goatcher is buried. Map
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(1000x1000) 1480112558754-2138019231.jpg :::

Our Florida Tree

This tree and BBQ are in our Florida back yard.
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(1000x1000) iPad-1479584089.jpg ::: Painting from Diane Candido |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) IMG_1434L.JPG :::

Sarasota Dog Races 2016

L-R Yvette, Gabrielle and Dave
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(1000x1000) KoldAdvice_2016J30.jpg :::


Author of Politics Plato (for COR)
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(1000x1000) Guide96.jpg :::

COR Guide 96

Source: Guide 96 Wild Attacks
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(1000x1000) hl5140-d.jpg :::

HL-5470DW Printer Driver

Download from
open your terminal app and run:
cd ~/Downloads
then install each driver package with:
sudo dpkg -i --force-all hl5470dwcupswrapper-3.0.0-1.i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i --force-all hl5470dwlpr-3.0.0-1.i386.deb
Your HL-540 printer should now appear in your system settings - printer configuration GUI.
/HL-540.txt |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) iPad-1474552512.jpg ::: Nick Alexandria and Dimitri in 2016 |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) SystemDef.jpg :::

Barbara`s TinyHP system specs

This tiny HP computer (with 2Gb of Ram) connects to a TV set via HDMI. It runs WIndows 8.
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(1000x1000) Grade7Math.jpg :::

Grade 7 Math Curriculum

Link |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Orban_William-w800-307x450.jpg :::

Dr. Bill Orban

In partial fulfillment of his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Science degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 1962-1966, David Cole wrote a mini-thesis. This mini-thesis reported on work that David did for Dr. Bill Orban. Dr. Orban created an exercise program called 5BX for the Canadian Department of Defence. The name 5BX was the acronym for `5 Basic Exercises`. In 1966, Dr. Orban was using the time taken to return the heart rate to normal as a measure of physical fitness. He had gathered a quantity of these statistics and he asked David Cole to analyze them. The analysis was probably to measure the time lapse for the heart rate to drop to 95% of its resting rate after exercise stopped.

Biography of Dr. Bill Orban |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) ColeDavidMScThesis.jpg :::

1971 M Sc. Thesis by David K C Cole

An approach to a federal system of computers; a thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in the Department of Computational Science [University of Saskatchewan] by David Kenneth Charles Cole.

Under the direction of his thesis supervisor, Blaine Holmlund, head of the Department of Computational Science, David wrote and defended his M.Sc. thesis.

The thesis was comprised of two main projects:
1. To transmit electrocardiograms of rural patients to the UofSask central IBM computer to be analyzed and diagnosed using techniques and software created at a university in St. Louis, MO, USA.
2. To create and/or implement serial electronics ports and relevant software to link the UofSask IBM 360 mainframe computer to 6 or 7 minicomputers located indifferent departments of the UofSask. Communication was via telephone lines and direct-coupled modems. The direct-coupled modems were developed with much assistance by David Dodds, a member of the Dept of Electronics in the College of Engineering.

U of Sask Source |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) WaterEndHouse2013.jpg :::

Water End House 2013

This is a photo of Water End House on WaterEnd Lane a few miles east of Wheathampstead as it appeared in Google Maps in 2016.
In the source below, David Thrale wrote:
The main source I have is the book Historic Sandridge Revisited, edited by Janet R Rose. Janet has contacted me (to see what she said, search here on her name. She is very helpful and certainly knows a lot more about this and has good contacts with other local historians. Anyway, on with what I can find. I believe that Waterend is (or was) a farm in (or next to) Sandridge, Hertfordshire. In addition to the stuff on that you have already seen, Janet's book says...
`In the County Record Office at Hertford the Manor Court records from 1238-1326 are lodged in wonderful condition, showing in Latin, some of the transactions of this area of Sandridge ... Most of these record copyholder transfers during the reigns of King John and Henry II. One of the copyholders was recorded as Thebride.`
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(1000x1000) WaterEndHouse.jpg :::

Water End House

This is a photo of Water End House near Wheathampstead. This plate (photo) is labelled `Trans. Herts Nat. Hist. Soc., Vol viii Plate vi` and named `Water End House, Near Wheathampstead.` on page xxvii in the book named Transactions of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society and Field Club 1894. Source
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(1000x1000) wmic10.jpg :::

Windows Software Info

Windows provides a database of information about the contents of the computer using a program called `wmic`. A list of all the software installed on Win-10 can be produced as follows:
Hold down the Windows logo key
Type R
In the new window, type the following:

cmd (followed by Enter)

Then, in the next new window, type (each followed by Enter i.e. ↵):

cd ..↵
cd ..↵
md Croot↵
/output:c:\Croot\Unsorted.txt product get name,version,installdate↵
cd Croot↵
sort  /R  <Unsorted.txt  >SortedInstallList.txt↵

Then exit↵
The sorted list of programs will be stored in a file named:
in a folder named Croot in the root of the C: drive.
The most recent installs will be listed first.
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(1000x1000) asr33.jpg :::

Dave`s First Home Computer `Terminal`.

Dave built a small home computer about 35 years ago (c1980). He used a teletype machine equipped with a paper tape reader as an input/output device and as external storage. His first programs were stored on paper tape. He programmed the game of Hangman for his 2 girls to play. Eventually he built electronics to store programs on tape cassettes using a tape player.
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(1000x1000) 300px-Mona_Lisa3.jpg :::

Mona Lisa

The world`s best painting; by Leonardo da Vinci.
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(1000x1000) IMG_5411R2.JPG :::

Pro-Painting Business Card

Pierre Beauchamp`s Pro - Painting business card in 2016.
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(1000x1000) b823b352790c3f849208ff93fdf8baa7.jpg :::

Canadian 2013 Secord Quarter

This somewhat rare two-headed coin has one head on each side. A less valuable version of this coin has a red Maple Leaf.
A similar $4 pure silver coin with a red Maple Leaf was also minted.
The War of 1812 was a fundamental turning point in Canada’s development as a nation; the stories and the heroes that arose from it have become enduring elements of the Canadian story.
The reverse image by Canadian artist Bonnie Ross features, in the foreground, a three-quarter profile portrait of Laura Secord set against an intricately engraved background comprised of the bilingual text “The War of 1812/La guerre de 1812.” This background is horizontally bisected by a polished silver band featuring the embossed word “Secord” in cursive lettering. Beneath this band is the engraved and painted Government of Canada War of 1812 logo composed of the date “1812” in stylized script laid over a red stylized maple leaf with ecru swords crossing behind it.
A Heroine’s Journey into Legend: Laura Secord (1775 - 1868) Like many of the “Late Loyalists”, Laura Ingersoll was born in the United States but emigrated to Canada. She did so in 1795, when her father, Thomas Ingersoll, moved 20-years old Laura, her four sisters, and her step-family from Great Barrington, Massachusetts, to the township of Queenston (now Ingersoll, Ontario) in the Niagara Peninsula. He did so to benefit from free settlement grants offered under Lieutenant-Governor Lord Simcoe.
Two years later, in 1797, Laura married James Secord. The young couple raised one son and six daughters together. James—a merchant by trade but also a sergeant in the local militia—was seriously wounded in the famous Battle of Queenston Heights in October 1812. Laura found and rescued her husband as he laid on the battlefield.
Famously, on June 20 or 21, of 1813, Laura overheard some American officers discussing their intention to ambush a British outpost at the DeCou House, near Beaver Dams and capture its commanding officer, Lieutenant James FitzGibbon. Early the next morning, Laura set out on foot to warn Lieutenant FitzGibbon who was roughly 30 kilometres (20 miles) away. She successfully delivered her message first to about 400 First Nations warriors, then FitzGibbon on June 22, 1813. On June 24, 1813, when American forces thought they had Beaver Dams, in their grasp, they were ambushed by the First Nations Warriors. FitzGibbon’s 50 British soldiers arrived in time to accept the American surrender.
But as Secord’s story was woven into the lore of the War of 1812, fascinating new and exotic fictions began to obscure the facts surrounding her trek. For example, it was claimed that she had made the journey barefoot, that she took a cow with her for camouflage, that she milked said cow as a “cover” when found by American sentries patrolling the region. Most scholars agree that it is unlikely that a pragmatic pioneer woman would have set out on a 30-kilometre quest without shoes (and sensible ones at that). As for the cow: it is not mentioned in Secord’s memoirs and is unlikely that in such a vast wooded region Secord would have encountered sentries.
Laura Secord did not receive public recognition until just before her death. In 1860, the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VII) visited Canada and learned of Secord’s journey. Upon his return to England, he sent Secord a reward of £100 and publicly lauded her contribution as a war hero. She died in 1868, at the age of 93, and was buried beside her husband in Drummond Hill Cemetery, Niagara Falls.
For more information and a photo of the other side see Source |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) canada-25-cents-2005.jpg :::

2005 Veterans Quarter

The 2005 Canadian Veterans Quarter has 2 heads on 1 side and 1 head on the other side: a coin with 3 heads. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 2-1945-canadian-victory-nickel.jpg :::

1945 Victory Nickle with Morse Code

The end of WWII was celebrated with a special coin: the Victory nickle containing a text message in Morse code around the edge. The message is `When we work willingly we win`.
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(1000x1000) InterNational_KB.jpg :::

US International Keyboard

Within igalri, the US International and French-Canadian Keyboards are described. The AltGr or Right-Alt key usually selects one of the symbols written in blue on the key. Source
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(1000x1000) FrCan_KB.jpg :::

French Canadian Keyboard

There are various multi-lingual keyboards. Within igalri, the French-Canadian and US International keyboards are mentioned. Source: Source
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(1000x1000) iPad-1464325392.jpg ::: TV ad for |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) RolandVDrums.jpg :::

Virtual Drums

Al Redmond`s virtual drums by Roland. Source
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(1000x1000) IslamicState2016.jpg :::

Islamic State ( IS )

BBC wrote this article describing the Islamic State as of April 27, 2016. Source: BBC: IS
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(1000x1000) StanleysR90.jpg :::

Maple Syrup

Jacob, Emma and Tristan at Stanley`s Olde Farm for maple syrup in 2016.
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(1000x1000) BridgeWinners.jpg :::

Tournament Winners

Yvette and Dave won the Ross GSAC Bridge Tournament in March 2016.
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(1000x1000) iPad-1459021199.jpg ::: Dimitri with farm animals |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Syria2016C.jpg :::


Map of areas of control within Syria as of Mar 15 2016 by the BBC. Source:BBC News
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(1000x1000) iPad-1458320652.jpg ::: Our new photo of our new chandelier in 2016 so I normally wouldnt use that night but Ive |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) iPad-1458320065.jpg ::: Green biscuit |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) IMG_0265.JPG :::

My MacBook

This is the Apple MacBook that Dave Wright gave me in March 2016.
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(1000x1000) PinkCotton.jpg :::

Pink Cotton Candy

Jacob can eat 6 of these at a time !
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(1000x1000) IMG_0119A.JPG :::

Cotton Candy

Jacob can eat 6 of these.
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(1000x1000) IMG_0119.JPG :::

Cotton Candy

Jacob can eat 6 of these at a time !
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(1000x1000) Friel2016B07.jpg :::

Hockey Fans

L-R: Tristan, Malcolm, Emma, Jacob, Anna, Molly
photo: 2016 B Feb 07.
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(1000x1000) iPad-1454872091.jpg ::: Our back yard |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Yo.jpg :::


The word Yo might be derived from the Spanish word Yo meaning `I` and the first two letter of the English word `You`. Those who think that `Yoists` are anti-religion will find that `Yoists` are only against religions that are against other religions. Beware! More info is Here |DKC$date-up2
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Young or Old?

To make her spin, click HERE |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) WebCtrl.jpg :::

Web Shortcuts

This is a list of web browser shortcuts . . . such as Ctrl-F5 to refresh your browser.
Visit here for More
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(1000x1000) Tesla_Model_S.jpg :::

Electric car - charging up

This is a Tesla Model S at a charging station. Apparently there were 6000 charging stations in the USA in 2012.
More info: Tech Republic article |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Bali29.jpg :::

Sanur, Bali $60 / day

Has a private pool and is close to beach.
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(1000x1000) GreenlandGISP2.jpg :::

Global Temperatures

Global Temperature changes from Greenland Core Samples
Keywords: Climate Change Warming CO2
For more see Source
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(1000x1000) Keigwin.jpg :::

Climatic Periods (Ages)

IACE - Iron Age Cold Epoch 900BC-300BC
RWP - Roman Warm Period 250BC-400AD
MWP - Medieval Warm Period 925AD-1200AD
LIA - Little Ice Age 1400AD-1850AD
Source: Wikipedia Climate Periods
Science: keigwin 1996
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(1000x1000) Growth40yrs.jpg :::

Investment Of $10 K

Growth : This graph shows how $10,000 grew if invested 40 years ago.
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(1000x1000) 533680-catherine-patterson.jpg :::

Cathy Patterson - Obituary

We are sad to announce that our friend, Cathy Patterson, wife of Bob Patterson died Dec 30, 2015. For more information see Obituary |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) AirDrop.jpg :::

AirDrop stuff between Apple devices

It is possible to send photos and other items between Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods. First both devices must turn on both Bluetooth and WiFi, even though a nearby WiFi router is not necessary.
Then select a photo and click on the Upload icon (the Square with an Up-Arrow). Then select who to send it to, from the list of devices that are in range.
For more info Click Here |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) MeanSeaLevel.jpg :::

SLR Sea Level Rise

This graph of Mean Sea Level as measured by satellite shows the sea to be rising each year . . . but rising considerably less each year.
But the vertical motion of the continents must also be considered before comparing Sea Level Rise to CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Rise. Conclusion: CO2 Rise has no effect.
Source 2012
Source 2015 |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 2391RueLaMarcheJonq.jpg :::

Maison de Blandine Richard

2391 rue Lamarche, Jonquiere, QC. Tel 418-548-6379
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(1000x1000) leonardo.jpg :::

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Among many other things, he painted the `Mona Lisa` which is possibly the best painting ever created. He is considered by many to be one of the most talented and intelligent people of all time. The term Renaissance Man (someone who does many things very well) was coined from Leonardo`s many talents and is today used to describe people who resemble da Vinci.
Source |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Win10.jpg :::

Windows 10 Issues

Unusable Software:
Geany : Install from Usitility
FileZilla: Use CoreFTP instead
LightShot: Install in Chrome
$Games: Use Big Solitaires

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(1000x1000) iPad-1448592263.jpg :::

Vic Cole to England

In Sept. 1920, Victor Cole and his sister Gladys were taken to Engand by their mother. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Map-of-human-migrations4.jpg :::

Map of Human Migrations

A global mapping model of human migration, based from divergence of the mitochondrial DNA (which indicates the matrilineage).[35] Timescale (ka) indicated by colours. Trellis of intermingling populations for the last two million years. A `trellis` (as Milford H. Wolpoff called it) that emphasizes back-and-forth gene flow among geographic regions.[36] Different models for the beginning of the present human species. Source: Wikipedia |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) FlDrv_Dec2015.jpg :::

Flash Drives Dec 2015

They include my memory cards eg Pi.
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(1000x1000) godmode2.jpg :::

GodMode for MS Win 10

To turn on God Mode, create a new folder on your desktop--or anywhere youd like--and name it: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. Dont include the final period. The resulting folder will contain 270 items, representing virtually every configurable option in Windows -10.
Source: PC mag
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(1000x1000) water-end1830.jpg :::

Water End House by Buckler

COLE at WaterEnd Lane near St Alban`s. Water End Farm, Sandridge by Chris Reynolds. Posted: 27 Jun 1999 6:00AM GMT Classification: Query: Surnames: COLE, SMITH. Did you know that the vast timber barn from the farm was removed to the center of St Albans and is now a restaurant. I know because my great great grandfather, Dolphin SMITH, farmed at Water EndFarm, Sandridge, before James COLES, and I am very interested in the village. It may help you to know that there was a James COLE (born about 1803 at Pilloxhill, Beds) at Fairfold Farm, Sandridge, between about 1835 and 1843, and that he later moved to Row End Farm, Flamstead, where he was at the time of the 1851 census.
Site by Chris Reynolds
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(1000x1000) Pi_uSDHS.jpg :::

uSDHS mem. card for Pi

A Raspberry Pi computer has its operating system stored on a tiny micro-SDHS memory card. Memory cards usually have a lock switch so that the data on the card cannot be changed. To program it, put this card into the memory card adapter shown in the photo.
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(1000x1000) CoombesChurch.jpg :::

Parish Church in Coombes, West Sussex, England

This is the church where my ancestor William James GOATCHER was christened on 31 JUL 1825.
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(1000x1000) RootswebFreepages.jpg :::

Rootsweb Freepages FTP

Find: Uploading web account pages
FTP server:
Host Type: Automatic Detect
Anonymous User: Off or Unchecked
UserID: account name
Password: case sensitive

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(1000x1000) CitizenKane.jpg :::

Best Movies

10. The Godfather Part II (Francis Ford Coppola, 1974)
9. Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942)
8. Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960)
7. Singin’ in the Rain (Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly, 1952)
6. Sunrise (FW Murnau, 1927)
5. The Searchers (John Ford, 1956)
4. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968)
3. Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958)
2. The Godfather (Francis Ford Coppola, 1972)
1. Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, 1941)

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(1000x1000) Richard_Camille.jpg :::

Camille RICHARD Deces 26 oct 2011

La MAISON FUNÉRAIRE LEBLANC, vous informe du décès le 26 octobre 2011 de Monsieur Camille Richard, il était âgé de 92 ans et résident de Havre-aux-Maisons, aux Iles-de-la-Madeleine. Il était lépoux de Madame Willina Thériault et le père de: Yves (Emilie), Lise (Nelson), Gilberte (feu Benoit), Benoit (Betty), feu Micheline (Jean), Réal (Susan), Carole (Marc), Huguette (Daniel), Mario (Sylvie), Réjean (Jacqueline), Jeannot (Line), Lynda (Léon), Guylaine (Alain). Il laisse aussi dans le deuil: 20 petits-enfants, 6 arrière-petits-enfants, neveux, nièces, parents et amis. La famille recevra les condoléances au salon funéraire de Cap-aux-Meules, mardi le 01 novembre 2011 de 14h00 à 17h00 et de 19h00 à 22h00. Le service religieux de Monsieur Camille Richard sera célébré, mercredi le 02 novembre 2011 à 14h00 à léglise Ste-Madeleine de Havre-aux-Maisons et de là au cimetière de lendroit. Mercredi le 02, jour des funérailles, le salon ouvrira à 11h00. Direction des funérailles Entreprises funéraires membres de la CTQ Maison funéraire Leblanc 720, chemin Principal Cap-aux-Meules, Québec Canada G4T 1G7 Tél. : 418-986-2615 Téléc. : 418-986-2888
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(1000x1000) Arseneau_Julienne.jpg :::

Julienne Arseneau Avis de deces

La Maison Funéraire Harry Leblanc & Fils Inc., vous informe du décès le 08 avril 2009, de Madame Julienne Arseneau, elle était âgée de 95 ans et résidente de Havre-aux-Maisons, aux Iles-de-la-Madeleine. Elle était lépouse de feu Monsieur Cyrille Turbide et la mère de: feu Georges, Gisèle, Jacques, Colette, Yvon. Elle avait aussi: 11 petits-enfants et 9 arrière-petits-enfants. La famille recevra les condoléances au salon funéraire de Cap-aux-Meules, dimanche le 12 avril 2009 de 19h00 à 22h00. Le service religieux de Madame Julienne Arseneau sera célébré, lundi le 13 avril 2009 à 11h00 à léglise Ste-Madeleine de Havre-aux-Maisons et de là au cimetière de lendroit. Lundi le 13, jour des funérailles, le salon ouvrira à 09h00. Les dons reçus seront remis à la Fondation Santé de lArchipel.
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(1000x1000) William_Segar_Garter_King_of_Arms.jpg :::

Sir William Segar, Garter

Sir William Segar, Garter, wrote the oldest known Cole family tree book. This book was named `The Genealogie or Pedegree of the right Worshipfull and worthie Captaine Sir William Cole of the Castell of Eneskillen in the Countie of Firmanaugh in the Kingdome of Ireland, Knight.
Find the book here: www Genealogy or pedigree of the .... Sir William Cole... written in 1630 by Segar, William, Sir, -1633
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(1000x1000) IdentEnglish3.jpg :::

Book: Identifying the English

This book, by Edward Higgs, on page 72, describes the gradual adoption of surnames in England around 1100 AD. Find the book: Here
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(1000x1000) ColeOfEneskillen.jpg :::

Book: Cole Of Eneskillen

This book written by Sir William Segar in 1630 is a very old COLE family tree. Source: www Genealogy or pedigree of the .... Sir William Cole...of Eneskellen... written in 1630 by Segar, William, Sir, -1633
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(1000x1000) LED_bulb.JPG :::

LED bulb for use above garage doors

This LED bulb works with automatic light sensors. It cost about $12 at Home Depot.
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(1000x1000) 37381506_124303091993.jpg :::

James William GOULTON tombstone

Birth: Apr. 27, 1818 Selby North Yorkshire, England
Death: Feb. 26, 1906 Essex, England
The inscription is:
WILLIAM JAMES GOULTON late of Selby Who died in London on February 26th 1906 in his 88th year and was interred in this grave with his wife and mother.

On the other side it reads;

Harriet wife of W.J.Goulton late of Flaxley Lodge who died December 20th 1862 aged 45 years. Also their sons Joseph and Albert who died in infancy and Robert who died January 21st 1858 aged 9 years Also of Mary relict of William Goulton, late of Stainer Hall who died Dec 27th 1871 aged 83 years (mother of W.J.Goulton)

William James GOULTON was the great-grandfather of Marion Isabel GOATCHER.
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(1000x1000) IMG_4956.JPG :::

L-R George & Jennie Robson

Our friends, George and Jennie at their 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in 2015 at their daughters farm in Ancaster, Ontario.
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(1000x1000) IMG_20150826_130900.jpg :::


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(1000x1000) space-elevator-close-up.jpg :::

Thoth Space Elevator

A 20 km Elevator to assist launches into orbit.
Read More
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(1000x1000) Canker.jpg :::

Canker Sores

There’s good news and bad news about curing a canker sore. The good news? You probably have something in your home that can help the canker sore heal faster. The bad news? You’re still going to have a canker sore for a few days. What are they?

Canker sores are not contagious and are completely different than cold sores. Theyre usually found on the inside of the lip, cheek, or tongue, making it incredibly painful to eat, drink, and talk.
A sure-fire way to zap that canker sore and have it heal quickly is to purchase an over-the-counter topical medication. Products with Benzocaine will cover the sore so it won’t get infected. Products with Xylocaine have a local anesthetic to dull the pain and make eating and speaking easier.
But if you don’t want to leave the house, here are a few handy tips on how to cure your canker sore with items you probably already have in the kitchen.


Aloe juice.

Squeeze a little of the juice from a live aloe plant leaf over the canker sore several times a day to help it heal more quickly.


Rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water. If you’ve got a high pain threshold, apply a little salt directly to the canker sore with a cotton swab. It will hurt a lot at first, but it does help. (Note: eating salty chips does not work as an alternate solution.)

Hydrogen peroxide.

Mix one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of baking soda and two ounces of hydrogen peroxide in a glass and rinse your mouth four times a day. You can add a little water to dilute the taste. DO NOT SWALLOW.

Baking soda.

If the recipe with hydrogen peroxide is too intense for you, try mixing one tablespoon of baking soda with warm water and swishing it around in your mouth. Or, make a paste with baking soda and a little bit of water and apply it directly to the canker sore with a cotton swab.


Got a well-stocked spice rack? Add three teaspoons of sage leaves to one pint of boiling water. Steep in a teapot for 15 minutes. Let it cool and rinse your mouth with it several times a day. DO NOT SWALLOW.


Apply a small piece of ice or rinse your mouth with ice water for a short-term numbing effect.


Taking aspirin will certainly help with the pain, but so will breaking an aspirin in half and holding it on the canker sore.


Like salt, this is a heck of an initial OUCH, but applying a little bit of lemon juice directly on the canker can reduce the lifespan of the sore. Leave on for one to five minutes, and enjoy your dance of pain.
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(1000x1000) scan0024Pasteur.jpg :::

Graduées de l`École Normal du Bon Pasteur en 1965

GàD Devant: ?, Louise Hervey, Lise Cossette, ?, ami de, Ghislaine Guilmond
GàD Arrière: ?, Susanne Pouliot, Lise Cailette, Céline Reynald, ?, ?, ?
GàD Coin: ?,ami d`elle
Manquante: Yvette Richard |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) riddles.jpg :::


What am I?
I will help you with your writing,
Probably through me you will see,
But if you want to ship me,
Youll put me right inside of me.

I wear many different hats you know,
In construction plus Im tracing,
I also do work for the board,
Lots of kids use me for a racing.

You can fold me, tear me,
Rip me without using all your might,
But be careful how you touch me,
I may give you my famous bite.

Answer: Translate the Indonesian word: kertas
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(1000x1000) AtomicTable.jpg :::

Atomic Table for Riddle

Still not as easy as 1, 2, 3 or learning the alphabet.
The group of elements you see below are quite unique for sure,
Though this is true, I do tell you, there shouldnt be just four.
If you solve this without a hint, perhaps you have a gift,
But if you need, go ahead indeed, so that you find the fifth!

Strontium (38)
Iron (26)
Polonium (84)
Mercury (80)
Hint In Junior High, our Periodic Table squeezed THREE details into each little box. In the group, I only gave two.

Answer:See letters 1 and 3 at the source

Source:More Puzzles |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) MarshallsKids.jpg :::

Marshall and Amanda`s Kids in 2015

Christine`s grandchildren.
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(1000x1000) FirstFellows.jpg :::

First Fellows of the Royal Society

Isaac Newton was the 15th scientist to become a fellow of the British Royal Society.
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(1000x1000) PieOS.jpg :::

Pie Chart of Operating Systems

In March 2014, the OS pie was divided up as shown. Windows is king and Linux is the pauper. Of course, the non-PC gadgets (e.g. iPads, cell phones etc) were excluded.
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(1000x1000) JessFord.jpg :::

Jessie Goatcher on a Fordson Tractor

In 1992, at age 100, Jessie was reunited with a Fordson tractor. At age 24, while Jessica Godwin (nee Jessie Goatcher) was in the Women`s Land Army in England during WWI, she drove a Fordson tractor (like the one in the photo) to plow farmers` fields. She was able to plow 1 acre in less than an hour.
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(1000x1000) Goatcher_Doris_2004.jpg :::

Doris nee Goatcher Redmond c2004

Doris Goatcher was taught how to read tea-leaves by Sarah Jane nee Goulton Goatcher in Montreal around 1930-1945. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) SearsPartsDirectCanada.jpg :::

Sears Parts Canada

For Kenmore Freezer Parts Web Site: Click Here
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(1000x1000) Windows10.jpg :::

Windows 10 at last

For a review of its 10 best features Click Here
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(1000x1000) iPad-1438045085.jpg :::


This is Tristan holding a water snake that he and his grand-pa caught in 2015. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Pluto2015A.jpg :::

Pluto on July 13, 2015.

Pluto nearly fills the frame in this image from the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) aboard NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, taken on July 13, 2015 when the spacecraft was 476,000 miles (768,000 kilometers) from the surface. This is the last and most detailed image sent to Earth before the spacecraft’s closest approach to Pluto on July 14. The color image has been combined with lower-resolution color information from the Ralph instrument that was acquired earlier on July 13. This view is dominated by the large, bright feature informally named the “heart,” which measures approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) across. The heart borders darker equatorial terrains, and the mottled terrain to its east (right) are complex. However, even at this resolution, much of the heart’s interior appears remarkably featureless—possibly a sign of ongoing geologic processes. Credits: NASA/APL/SwRI

On July 14, 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft will pass very close to Pluto and will take pictures of it.

To view a video of this journey go to: Video about Pluto and the New Horizons spaceship |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) magicJack.jpg :::

Magic Jack

Very recently MagicJack introduced new feature -SMS option for the same price as main service (as the second line). .......................... My question is : - what is the reason to buy this option from MagicJack, while there is a lot softwares on Google Play Store offering the same service for free or for 2.- dollars per year ?! - Heywire , TextMe , Textra SMS, text+, Now SMS, and many, many more. Some of these programs have ability to make a calls.- Youll get regular phone number for free. MagicJack - get reel !!

MagicJack for Canada |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 417MiniStorageFK.jpg :::

417 Mini Storage at Greely

(613) 304-2054 From Orleans, take Innes E to Frank Kenny. Turn Right going South, across the 417 at exit 88. Turn Right (West) onto Burton Rd. Storage is at 146 Clement which is also Enterprise St. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) ArabicNumerals.jpg :::

Evolution of the Digits

Our so-called arabic numerals were actually derived from those used in India (including the invention of zero).
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(1000x1000) iPad-1432928957.jpg ::: Tristan and snake Tristan and water snake that he caught |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) iPad-1432928922.jpg ::: Tristan and snake Tristan and his friend Will |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) iPad-1432928882.jpg ::: Tristan and friend Tristan and his friend William (right to left ) taking a selfie |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) HelenAndrews.jpg :::

Helen Vavougios née Andrianopoulos or Andrews

Helen Vavougios (née Andrews ou Andrianopoulos) À l’hôpital Saint-François d’Assise, le 11 mars 2011, à l’âge de 86 ans, est décédée dame Helen Andrews, épouse de monsieur George Vavougios. Ils se sont mariee le 28 février,1957. Elle était née le 25 août 1924 ou 1925. Elle demeurait dans le ville de Québec. La famille recevra les condoléances au Complexe funéraire Lépine Cloutier à 1025, route de l’Église Québec (Sainte-Foy) G1V 3W1 Le lundi 14 mars, de 19h à 22h Le mardi 15 mars, de 10h à 11h30 Jour des funérailles la famille recevra également les condoléances à compter de 12 heures en l’église Orthodoxe de l’Annonciation, 17, boulevard René Lévesque Est, Québec. Le service religieux sera célébré à 13 heures, et de là au cimetière Mount Hermon. Elle laisse dans le deuil, outre son époux, ses enfants, Marina (Alain Rousseau) et Tommy (Thérésa Cole); ses petits-enfants, Eleni, Antony, George, Nicolas, Alexandria et Dimitri; son frère, Peter Andrews; ses belles-sœurs, Aliki et Dora; sa grande amie Connie Markos qui l’a accompagné jusqu’à la fin. Elle laisse également dans le deuil ses neveux, nièces, cousins, cousines et ami(e)s. Vos témoignages de sympathie peuvent se traduire par un don à l’église Orthodoxe de l’Annonciation, 17, boulevard René Lévesque Est, Québec (Qc) G1R 2A3. Pour renseignements : (418) 529-3371 Télécopieur : (418)767-2309 Courriel : La famille accueillera parents et amis au :  1025 route de lEglise, Québec Heures des visites lundi le 14 mars 2011 19:00 à 22:00 mardi le 15 mars 2011 10:00 à 11:30 Service funéraire Les funérailles auront lieu le 15 mars 2011 13:00 à ladresse suivante: église Orthodoxe de l’Annonciation, 17, boulevard René Lévesque Est, Québec. La famille recevra également les condoléances à léglise à compter de midi..

Source: Obituary |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) queen1.jpg :::

Black Chess Queen

For an easy Chess game go to Kid Chess |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Arthur_Stanley_Eddington.jpg :::

Arthur Stanley Eddington

Eddington number From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about astrophysics. For the measure in cycling, see Arthur Eddington#Eddington number for cycling. Arthur Stanley Eddington (1882–1944) In astrophysics, the Eddington number, NEdd, is the number of protons in the observable universe. The term honors the British astrophysicist Arthur Eddington, who in 1938 was the first to propose a value of NEdd and to explain why this number might be important for cosmology and the foundations of physics. Contents [hide] 1 History 2 Recent theory 3 See also 4 References 5 Bibliography History[edit] Eddington argued that the value of the fine-structure constant, α, could be obtained by pure deduction. He related α to the Eddington number, which was his estimate of the number of protons in the universe.[1] This led him in 1929 to conjecture that α was exactly 1/137. Other physicists did not adopt this conjecture and did not accept his argument. In the late 1930s, the best experimental value of the fine-structure constant, α, was approximately 1/136. Eddington then argued, from aesthetic and numerological considerations, that α should be exactly 1/136. He devised a "proof" that NEdd = 136×2256, or about 1.57×10^79. Some estimates of NEdd point to a value of about 1080.[citation needed] These estimates assume that all matter can be taken to be hydrogen and require assumed values for the number and size of galaxies and stars in the universe.[2] Attempts to find a mathematical basis for this dimensionless constant have continued up to the present time. In the 1938 Tarner Lecture at Trinity College, Cambridge, Eddington averred that: I believe there are 15 747 724 136 275 002 577 605 653 961 181 555 468 044 717 914 527 116 709 366 231 425 076 185 631 031 296 protons in the universe and the same number of electrons.[3] This large number was soon named the "Eddington number." Shortly thereafter, improved measurements of α yielded values closer to 1/137, whereupon Eddington changed his "proof" to show that α had to be exactly 1/137.[4] Recent theory[edit] The most precise value of α (obtained experimentally in 2012) is:[5] alpha^{-1} = 137.035,999,174(35). Consequently, no one maintains any longer that α is the reciprocal of an integer. Nor does anyone take seriously a mathematical relationship between α and NEdd.

Source:WikiPedia |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) WittelsbachGraffDiamond.jpg :::

The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

How many atoms are there in a diamond? Naturally, it depends on the size, or more specifically the mass, of the diamond. Lets consider a particularly interesting example, the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond: [shown above]. One diamond, but how may atoms? This famous diamond has a mass of 6.21g (31.06 carats), and like all diamonds is made up almost entirely of carbon atoms. So, how many carbon atoms does it contain? This is where the concept of a mole of substance comes into play. The amount of a pure substance is expressed by the SI base unit of the mole. One mole of any pure substance contains around 6.02214078 x 10^23 particles of that substance. Lets just look at that number again. Written out fully it is: 602,214,078,000,000,000,000,000 This is known as Avogadros number, and we will round it here to 6.022 x 10^23. So, by definition, 1 mole of carbon will contain 6.022 x 10^23 carbon atoms. Likewise, one mole of gold will contain the same number of gold atoms, and a mole of oxygen will likewise contain the same number of oxygen atoms. But, of course, gold atoms weigh a lot more than oxygen atoms so we now need to consider the molar mass (which is related to, and very close to, the atomic weight of a substance). The molar mass is the mass of one mole of any particular substance. In SI units a mole is defined by the amount of carbon atoms there are in 12g of carbon-12 (the nucleus of a carbon-12 atom contains 6 protons and 6 neutrons, hence carbon-12). This is one of the reasons why a diamond, being composed almost entirely of carbon atoms, was chosen as the main subject of this page. So we now have all of the information we need to calculate the number of atoms in the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond. We know that it has a mass of 6.21g. We also know that the molar mass of carbon-12 is 12g, that is, 1 mole of carbon-12 has a mass of 12g. And finally we know how many atoms there are in a mole. The first thing to do is to calculate how many moles of diamond we have: Amount of substance: 6.21g/12g = 0.5175 mol We can now simply multiply this by Avogadros number to find the number of atoms in the diamond: 0.5175 x 6.022 x 10^23 = 3.116 x 10^23 atoms Writing that out fully we get: 311,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms One thing is very clear from such calculations - atoms are very, very small! |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) EulersEquation.jpg :::

Euler`s Equation

In mathematics, Eulers identity (also known as Eulers equation) is the equality e^{i pi} + 1 = 0 where e is Eulers number, the base of natural logarithms, i is the imaginary unit, which satisfies i^2 = −1, and π is pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) George.JPG :::

George in 2014

George Vavougios beside his painting. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) IMG_0152 (2).JPG ::: | |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 1430009066320.jpg ::: 2015 Theresas Chesterfield |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) StHelensChurchWheathampstead2011.jpg :::

St Helen`s Church in 2011

This view of St Helen`s Church in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England is courtesy of Google Maps. The street-view photo was taken in July 2011. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) WmJamesGoatcherb1825.jpg :::

William James GOATCHER

William James GOATCHER (1825-1895) was born 31 JUL 1825 in Coombes, , Sussex, Eng. His first wife was Jane Martha Mercer whom he married on 22 AUG 1847 in St Nicholas in Brighton, , Sussex, Eng. They had five children. His second wife was Sarah Jane GOULTON whom he married about 1879 in Worthing, , Sussex, Eng. They had 7 children who survived infancy. One of their children was Philip Richard GOATCHER, the grandfather of David KC COLE. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) SarahJaneGoulton.jpg :::

Sarah Jane nee GOULTON

Sarah Jane nee GOULTON GOATCHER (1853-1946) was born in England, married William James GOATCHER around 1879 in Worthing, England, was widowed in 1895, emigrated to Canada in 1910, lived with her daughter Annie GOATCHER in Montreal until she died in 1946. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) iPad-1429543916.jpg :::

jacob playing checkers

Jacob learning how to play checkers in 2015. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) ChriswBlake.jpg :::


Our Florida friend from England, Chris Wise, on his birthday, with his first grandson, Blake. Photo taken on Apr 16, 2015. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) URC1994a.jpg :::

United Reform Church c1996

The United Reform Church in Wheathampstead is the church where James William COLE and his wife Sarah Ann nee Booth COLE are buried. Their daughter Edith Sarah BOOTH is also buried there. The address of this church is BrewHouse Hill, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England. It is located at the corner of Church St. and Wick Ave, 1 block southwest of St Helens Church which was the church of the parents of James WIlliam COLE. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) PartialPrntScrn.jpg :::

Print Screen

Using Ubuntu, it is easy to do a partial screen capture (similar to PrintScreen ie Screenshot by LightShot under Windows). Just install Shutter, then type Shift-PrtSc, then use the "+ cursor" to draw a rectangle, then the small window shown above will appear. Here you can alter the Name and Save in folder before you click on Save. Then click on Menu>File>Print to print it. This is less user-friendy than LightShot, but it will get the job done. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) HibbardFamily.jpg :::

Hibbard Family

Middle Row: Phyllis HIBBARD
Front Row:Murray HIBBARD, Vernon HIBBARD
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(1000x1000) FamIMG_4867.jpg :::

Goatcher Family photo c1943

L-R Back Row: Victor COLE, Tom REDMOND, Patrick SHOWERS, Joe SHOWERS
Center Row: Marion nee GOATCHER COLE, Doris nee GOATCHER REDMOND holding Hazel REDMOND, Hazel GOATCHER, Irene nee LAWN SHOWERS holding Joey SHOWERS, Marjorie SHOWERS
NB Irene and Joe SHOWERS and all their 3 children are in the photo.
NB Daisy`s 2 children: Margaret and William James (Jim) are missing.
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(1000x1000) GreenwichPark.jpg :::

Right Ascension

To find a specific star in the sky, you must know where to look. If you need to ask an astronomer or look up the star`s position, the answer will be two numbers, the Right Ascension and the Declination.

If a person lives on the Equator, the Declination of a star would be the angle between the star and where the Equator would be overhead (if it were drawn in the sky). If the star is in the North, the angle would be positive; a negative angle is for a star in the South part of the sky. For someone living in Canada or Scotland, the Declination is similar to the angle that the star is up from the most southerly point on the horizon. (This oversimplification gives the right idea).

But the Right Ascension is an even more interesting number. When a star rises (over the Eastern horizon), it is said to be ascending. For someone who lives in London, England, the Right Ascension is the number of hours since dawn when the star rises each day. Consider the last star that rises before sunrise on Mar 21. The Right Ascension would be 0 hours for that last early morning star in the East, seen in London. Stars that rose an hour earlier would have a Right Ascension of 23 hours etc. The photo above shows a sunrise on Mar 21 for someone in Greenwich, England.

On Mar 21, each year, the exact position of the rising Sun has a Right Ascension of 0 hours and a Declination of 0. Of course, the builders of Stonehenge (located not too far from London) knew all this thousands of years ago. The Prime Meridian located at the London Observatory, in Greenwich, England is the line of 0 degrees Longitude. It defines the beginning of Global Time Zone 0 called Greenwich Mean Time. It also defines the Right Ascension of 0 hours. Its a pity that the center of nearby Stonehenge, only 77 miles away (1° 49` 34.28`` W) was not chosen to be the Prime Meridian.

The point in the night sky with a Right Ascension 0 hours and a Declination of 0 degrees is near the Westmost fish in the constellation of Pisces. (Each fixed star has an permanent Right Ascension and Declination. The extremely slow movements of stars relative to each other in the night sky cause tiny changes in their Right Ascension and Declination that were only noticed over the centuries.)
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(1000x1000) NetgearWINDR3400.jpg :::

Router Name and Password

If you dont know the name and password for the wireless router that you are using, just look it up like this, using Windows-7:
1. Start up Windows
2. Google something to make sure that you are connected
3. Click on the Wifi icon on the bottom row
4. Select the row that says "Connected"
5. Right-Click your mouse
6. Click on "Properties"
7. Click on the Security tab
8. Click on "Show Characters"

You should now see your router name(SSID) and your password.
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(1000x1000) PhilipHazel.jpg :::

Philip and baby Hazel Redmond

Philip Goatcher holding his grand-daughter Hazel Redmond who was born on Mar 29 1943. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) PICT0008.jpg :::

The cottage built by J.Earl Nant

Earl built this cottage named Sleep Hollow at Buffalo Pound lake near Moose Jaw, SK. Vic Cole had a cottage beside it. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) PICT0002B.jpg :::

Lil and Andy Boys in 2006

Andy and Lil were living in Saskatoon, SK when this photo was taken. They have since moved to Vancouver island in BC. Andy was a high school and university friend of Dave`s. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) PICT0007.jpg :::

1937 Grade 12 graduates

The 1937 high school graduates from Oxford High (in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada) included Victor COLE and J.Earl NANT. Unfortunately this photo is of very poor quality. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) JessHary.jpg :::

A day out in Clevedon, , England

L-R: Jessica Godwin (nee Goatcher) and her good friend, Harry Elkins. (On the back of this photo is the only known mention of Harry`s surname.) |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) MarionCole.jpg :::

Marion Cole

This photo was taken before 1987 (before her sister Margie died). |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) NoFear.jpg :::

Bridge Cheat Sheet

This Five Card Majors Reference Sheet can be downloaded from: this PDF |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) mPi.jpg :::

Learning m

This web page is a good introduction to m (Mathematica) as installed on the Raspberry Pi 2 B.
WorkBook |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 0xb62188.jpg :::

SN 1006 supernova remnant

SN 1006 was a supernova, widely seen on Earth beginning in the year 1006; the Earth was about 7,200 light-years away from the supernova. It was the brightest apparent magnitude stellar event in recorded history, reaching an estimated 7.5 visual magnitude (over ten times as bright as Venus). First appearing in the constellation of Lupus between April 30 and May 1, 1006, this "guest star" was described by observers in China, Japan, Iraq, Egypt, and Europe,and possibly recorded in North American petroglyphs.

Another supernova remnant, SN 1056 (M1: the Crab Nebula) is perhaps even more well known because it is in the Messier list of astronomical objects.

The most powerful exploding stars in the universe are supernovas, which are bright enough to momentarily outshine their entire galaxies. One type of star explosion, known as a Type 1a supernova, occurs when one star pours enough fuel onto a dying companion star known as a white dwarf to trigger an extraordinary nuclear explosion. SN 1006 was a Type 1a supernova.

For more info about it, go to SN 1006
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(1000x1000) hands-typing.jpg :::

Linux Command Line Editing

New Linux Users should read this article about efficient use of the command line: Here |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Listen2UTube.jpg :::

Download mp3 from YouTube

To download a YouTube video as an mp3, just copy the URL (web page address) of the YouTube video and then go to: ListenToYouTube , paste in the URL and then click on DownLoad.
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(1000x1000) tini-03j100009_thn40bbc56710.jpg :::

Jessie, Les, Gladys, Victor COLE

L-R Back: Jessie C., Les C., Front: Gladys C., Victor C., COLE cousins, Date: 1920. This photo was taken when Florence nee Kingsland COLE visited England in 1920. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) YoLinux.jpg :::

Equivalent Dos Cmds in Linux

Tutorial showing Linux commands for Windows Dos users. See: YoLinux
(You may need to search for "Linux/UNIX for Dos Users")
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(1000x1000) GPIO.jpg :::

GPIO Circuitry for the Pi 2

Many different devices can be connected to the Raspberry Pi 2 via its GPIO connector. For more info:
Here |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) eLinux.jpg :::

eLinux Raspberry Pi

The Raspbian OS for the Raspberry Pi is based on Linux. Much related information is available at:
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(1000x1000) arstechnica.jpg :::

Technology News

arstechnica provides up-to-date technical news snippets: many small news clips vs news articles at slash-dot. More - Here |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) bbc.jpg :::

BBC`s Micro Bit computer

The BBC is planning to give every grade 7 school kid a small computer in the fall of 2015. For more info: go Here |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) iPad-1426181039.jpg :::

images oldest sculpture

Zoomorphic Lion Man.
Löwenmensch figurine, from Hohlenstein-Stadel, Germany, now in Ulmer Museum, Ulm, Germany, the oldest known zoomorphic statuette, Aurignacian era, 40,000 BC-30,000 BC
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(1000x1000) IX0001A.jpg :::

Answer [1]

Answer[1] R i d d l e : Why would the Devil order three and a half pies plus a fifth of a pie (with D V I L X C written on the pieces) from a baker with the highest cooking degrees in Rome?

Answer: ask "Calculate Degrees[3.5 pi + pi/5]" and evaluate DCLXVI (each letter less than M in Roman Numerals), also see Revelation 13:18.
bad image
(1000x1000) IX0001.jpg :::


Why would the Devil order three and a half pies plus a fifth of a pie with D V I L X C written on the pieces from a baker with the highest cooking degrees in Rome?

Answer: search for Answer[x] where x=1

(c) Copyright 2015 David KC Cole (
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(1000x1000) Cassini2.jpg :::

Cassini Swing Bys

Trajectory of the Cassini rocket via numerous planet swing-bys to Saturn. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) ChromeLogo.jpg :::

Exporting Chromium BookMarks

It is not a simple matter to export Chromium Bookmarks from its BookMark bar.
See How to Export BookMarks
It says to look here: `C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Chromium\User Data\Default` on a Windows OS.

On Ubuntu OS, do this
Exporting Google Chrome [Ed. NOT Chromium] BookMarks from old comp. open up Chrome, hit the shift,ctrl, and B keys all at once, to open the bookmark manager. When that pops up, click on tools along the top, and choose "export bookmarks". navigate it to your desktop, click "save" to save the bookmarks.html file to your desktop.
Exporting Google Chromium BookMarks from any Linux PC:
open up Chromium, hit the shift,ctrl, and B keys all at once, to open the Bookmark Manager Menu Line. When that appears, Right-Click on menu bar, and choose "BookMark Manager". When it appears, Click on "Organize". Then click on "Export Bookmarks to an HTML File...". Then choose the folder where you want to put it., and click "save" to save it.
Then copy the bookMarksDate.html file to an external drive, a thumb drive, or even email it to yourself. When you install Chrome on the new computer, repeat everything above, but this time choose "import bookmarks" and have it load the bookmarks.html file. This method pretty much works the same on every browser, and every browser can load that file.

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(1000x1000) NetSurf.jpg :::

NetSurf : a new Web Browser

NetSurf is one of the newest and best web browsers. It works under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

1. Save any web page (incl. images)
2. Search text within a web page
3. Review your browsing history
4. Disable Pop-Ups
5. Turn off advertisements
6. Select all,then copy
7. Print a web page
8. Show cookies
9. Very Fast
10. But `Poor Java support`

NetSurf Home Page

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(1000x1000) SkinnerBox.jpg :::

JeffSkinner`s Raspberry Advice

At his site, Jeff Skinner describes a good set of software that can be used when using a Raspberry Pi computer and Linux Ubuntu. He even describes how to use a combination of Raspbian and Windows to best use a Raspberry Pi.
JeffSkinner Site
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(1000x1000) Synaptic.jpg :::

Synaptic for Ubuntu Software

Synaptic enables Ubuntu users to search for various software applications. Just Hit the Alt key and then type `Synaptic` into the HUD which is the box that will appear in the top left corner of the screen.
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(1000x1000) Cole2_LibrOfCongress.jpg :::

Cole 2 in Library of Congress

Second part of Cole Genealogy information on page 255 in American and English Genealogies (published in 1919) in the Library of Congress book in the US Library of Congress.
Source |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 03j100013.jpg :::

Charley Retires from Zion Church in 1958

L-R: [COLE, Charles (b.1884 d.1966], [COLE, nee Kingsland, Florence (b. 1880 d.1975)],[COLE, Victor;Vic Charles (b. 1918)], [COLE, Charles;Chuck (b. 1950)], [COLE, David K.C. (b. 1944)], [COLE, nee Goatcher, Marion Isabelle (b. 1922)], Photo Date: 1958
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(1000x1000) Cole_LibrOfCongress.jpg :::

Cole in Library of Congress

First part of Cole Genealogy information on page 254 in American and English Genealogies (published in 1919) in the Library of Congress book in the US Library of Congress.
Source |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Skeleton2.jpg :::

Human Body Parts

Click on the Source below interactively explore the parts of the human body or skeleton.
Healthline Source: Human Body Parts Use Firefox if Chromium does not work and produces Error message: `This plug-in is not supported`
Use a PC or a Laptop instead of an iPad or a Tablet.
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(1000x1000) WolframMlogo.jpg :::

Wolfram Demonstrations Project

To see bones of the body / skeleton: Click on Source then search for `3D Skeletal Anatomy of the Torso`.
Or search for ...Arm or ...Foot.
Source: Wolfram Demonstrations Project
Use a PC or a Laptop instead of an iPad or a Tablet.
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(1000x1000) infinity.jpg :::

Wolfram Constants

Wolfram Constants
(constants in the Wolfram or Mathematica language)

In the
Wolfram language, various constants can be entered and used in calculations. All known mathematical formulae can be entered and calculated in the Wolfram language answer engine. Some examples of constants and formualae are:

Pi (π) — pi=3.14... (entered as Esc p Esc)
E (epsilon) — exponential constant E=2.718... (entered as Esc ee Esc "exponential ")
Degree (°) — conversion factor from radians to degrees (entered as Esc deg Esc)
GoldenRatio — golden ratio phi=1.618...
EulerGamma — Eulers constant y=0.577...
Catalan — Catalans constant C=0.916..
Glaisher — Glaishers constant A=1.282...
Khinchin — Khinchins constant K=2.685...
ChampernowneNumber — Champernowne numbers
StieltjesGamma — Stieltjes constants
Imaginary i I (i) =(-1)^(-1) (entered as Esc ii Esc)
(where Esc is the Escape key)
Infinity (rotated 8) (entered as Infinity)

e.g. 1/Infinity when entered returns 0.
e.g. series 1/n^2 when entered as Sum[1/n^2,{n,Infinity}] returns (π^2)/6

Stephen Wolfram (born 29 August 1959) is a British computer scientist, entrepreneur and former physicist known for his contributions to theoretical physics; his pioneering work on knowledge-based programming; as the CEO of Wolfram Research and chief designer of Mathematica and the Wolfram Alpha answer engine; and as the author of the book: A New Kind of Science [ISBN:1579550088].

/WolframConstants.txt |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Sentinel.jpg :::

Sentinel Management

Sentinel Management provides administration services for Parc Anderson Park. Their address is:
2446 Bank St.
Suite 707
Ottawa, ON
K1V 1A4

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(1000x1000) 71eUeKLf+4LSL1500.jpg :::

Diet with Dr Oz

Pure Garcinia Cambogia ( $19.00 / 180 capsules)

Recommended by Dr. Oz. 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA, Extra Strength, 180 Capsules, All Natural Appetite Suppressant, carb blocker, and Weight Loss Supplement. ***Pharmaceutical Grade*** from Amazon USA |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) AlterationsBrad.jpg :::

Clothing Alterations in Bradenton

To enlarge the list Click Here |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) NFC.jpg :::

NFC = Near Field Communication

By Oct 15, 2015, many merchants will be accepting cash payments via smart phones such as the iPhone6 . This is called NFC and uses RFID technology.

For more information, click HERE or HERE
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(1000x1000) MOHU.jpg :::

HD TV Antennas

MOHU lists the names of channels available by US zipcode.
See List |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) HowToKodi.jpg :::

Install Kodi on Windows

How to install Xbmc/Kodi on a Windows PC by The Geekazoid 1 month ago 93,449 views This is a video tutorial showing how to install and fully configure Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) on a Windows based PC. OFFICIALHD

YouTube |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 81395_990x742-cb1404316803.jpg :::

Digging Denisovan Fossils

The Denisovan fossils were found in this cave in southern Siberia, where Russian student Zoya Gudkova takes a break from digging. Neanderthals and modern humans also lived there tens of thousands of years ago.
Source: National Geographic Article |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) WolframAlphaPro.jpg :::

The Wolfram Alpha Pro Engine

Do calculations, Ask questions about world data, etc here: Wolfram Alpha Pro
Just type your request in the box.
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(1000x1000) WolframIntro.jpg :::

Wolfram Language Intro

For a video about the Wolfram Language, click on the yellow block (shown above) at this page (spoken by Stephen Wolfram himself.) |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 1745-04.jpg :::

Raspberry Pi Books etc

Adventures in Raspberry Pi and other books. Source: Adafruit |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) windows_10_not9.jpg :::

Windows 10 (not 9)

If you’re wondering why the new version of Windows is 10 instead of 9, a note posted to Reddit could provide an answer. Reddit user cranbourne claims to be a Microsoft developer, and cites rumors that early testing with the name “Windows 9″ revealed problems with code from third-party developers used as a shortcut to detect when apps are running on Windows 95 or 98. You see, the shortcut was written to check for versions that start with “Windows 9″ to catch 95 and 98 in one swing. A simple search reveals just how many apps are guilty of this, so it’s entirely possible that Microsoft went with Windows 10 to avoid breaking all of them.
Source: Ref: Venture Break |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) windows-10-720x479.jpg :::

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft to deliver free upgrades to Windows 10.
By: Nick Statt/CNET on January 21, 2015
The company hopes to encourage customers to embrace its new operating system by offering a free refresh for multiple devices.

Microsoft will offer free upgrades to Windows 10 -- the next version of its operating system -- first for Windows 8.1 users and then for Windows 7 users, the company announced Wednesday.
In the first year the software is available, the company will upgrade any devices running Windows 8 to Windows 10 for free, according to Terry Myerson, Microsofts executive vice president of operating systems. The free upgrade will also apply to Windows 7 devices and Windows Phone 8.1 devices.
The free upgrade is only available for the first year. Microsoft has yet to announce the softwares price for the upgrade after that one-year window.
"We think of Windows as a service," Myerson said during Microsofts Windows 10 unveiling event in Redmond, Wash. "Now developers can target every single Windows device."
The move is likely designed to convince consumers that Windows is worth the effort. Windows 10 is an attempt to wipe the slate clean after missteps with Windows 8, including a new start menu that attracted complaints from PC users, who sorely missed the traditional menu.
More than half of all desktops in the world still run Windows 7. Almost 20 percent still run Windows XP, a 14-year-old operating system. Windows 8.1 has yet to reach 10 percent.

Source: cnet Article |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) NewHorizonsReachesPluto.jpg :::

See Pluto on July 14, 2015

This is an old photo of Pluto. The New Horizons spacecraft's closest approach to Pluto will be at 7:49:59 a.m. EDT (11:49:59 UTC) on July 14, 2015, which is a Tuesday.
More Info |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) DomesdayBook.jpg :::

Cole in The Domesday Book

Quoted from The Domesday Book: William, King, greetes Walkesein, Bishop, and Hugon de Port, and Edward Knighte, Steward, and Algesime and Symon and Allfus, Porveiour, and Cole and Arderne and all the Barons in Hampshire and Wiltshire friendly-and Know ye that I give unto St. Peter and Walcholyne Bishop [Ed. there appears to be an omission here] with all the convent to be as free as Bishop Alsyme was in the days of King Edward, and to hold and enjoy all the privileges greate and small and I give commaundment that noe man for me or any other withstand or deny them the same, or disquiet that which I doe graunt in any wise unto St. Peter or Walcholyne Bishop or any of his successors. Source: page 1 of "The Genealogy of the Family of Cole" by James Edwin Cole published in 1867 ISBN: 1141224526. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) RaspPi2.jpg :::

Raspberry 2 Wired

This is the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with all its wires and software. The wires connect the keyboard, the mouse, the Internet, the TV and the power supply. The Raspbian software in the MicroSB memory card is so small that you can hardly see it. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) MyRaspberryPi2B.jpg :::

My little $59 PC

Its a " Raspberry Pi 2 Model B " computer with a 4 core chip and 1 GB of ram.

The actual PC is the tiny Electronics Board just behind the keyboard. Notice the red raspberry in the center of the TV. My laptop is only there because I was following the setup instructions on it. Of course, its a fast little machine.

I downloaded the Raspberry software from the UK and copied it into the MicroSD 16 GB camera memory chip. I was also able to use the little PC to read a normal flash drive.

It can play music by uploading the mp3 file to the Google Drive on the "cloud". Then Google can be used to play the music through the speakers on the TV. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Gould_X_Hopkins.jpg :::

Arthur Gould X Nancy Hopkins

Mildred Larine Gould (28 May 1887 - 3 July 1982) daughter of Arthur Gould and nancy Hopkins. She was buried at Mulgrave, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Source: Gittens |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) iPad-1424445878.jpg ::: Two pictures on the wall |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) BurningAnIso.jpg :::

Burning an Iso using Ubuntu

To burn a copy of a a DVD (e.g. so that it is bootable) using UBUNTU follow these steps:
1. Insert the blank DVD into the DVD drive.
2. Select the iso file
3.Right Click on the iso file.
4. Click on "Write to Disk".
5. Follow the instructions. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 81jAvKyrRZL.jpg :::

SD card vs MicroSD card

Here’s a 64 gigabyte micro SD card, along with its standard SD card adapter. To use a micro SD card in a device that takes standard SD cards, you just slide the micro SD card into the adapter’s card slot, then insert the adapter into your device the same as you would any standard SD card.

You can buy micro-to-standard SD card adapters and USB plug-in adapters on their own, but plenty of micro SD cards come bundled with adapters, too.

Buy a 16 Gigabyte MicroSD card at Best Buy for $25 for your Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

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(1000x1000) 3013_Hazels_and_John_My_birthday_and_Baptism_ 009.jpg :::

Bob North and Al Redmond

Robert (Bob) North and Al Redmond in 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 3013_Hazels_and_John_My_birthday_and_Baptism_007B.jpg :::

Barbara North and Doris North

Barbara North wishing Doris nee Goatcher Redmond North a happy birthday in 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) CharlesDrakeAnd Wife.jpg :::

Charles Drake and wife

Charles DRAKE and his wife Hanna Mary nee GOULTON |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Q2686B.jpg :::


bad image
(1000x1000) 504_47th_AveDrW_Bradenton.jpg :::

504 47th Ave Dr W

Sold in Jan 01/02/2015 for $54,600. See Here |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) BradentonHomesGraph.jpg :::

Bradenton Home Prices

A graph of Home Prices 2005 -2015 by Zillow. Graph viewed on 2015 Feb 11. Site:Bradenton Home Prices Graph |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Raspbian.jpg :::

Raspbian OS

Raspbian is one of the Operating Systems contained in the free NOOBS software for the $35 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1 Gigabyte) PC. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Raspberry2ModelB.jpg :::

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Invoice

This is the invoice for the $35 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1 Gigabyte computer (MCM SKU 83-16530). To run this PC, a $10 power supply and a 16 Gig Camera memory are also needed. To operate it, just:
- connect a TV into the HDMI port
- plug in a USB Keyboard
- plug in a USB mouse and
- plug in an Ethernet Lan cable.
View on YouTube |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Q2686.jpg :::


bad image
(1000x1000) HomeInVeroBeach.jpg :::

Beach Home in Florida

This is an aerial view of a lovely home in Vero Beach, Florida . |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) TaxiDriver.jpg :::

Taxi-Driver in Jamaica

This taxi driver showed us some of the sights while we were on holidays in Jamaica in 2015. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Heather.jpg :::

Heather Redmond

Heather nee Redmond. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) DotMarHaz.jpg :::

3 Goatcher sisters

L-R Doris Verona (Dot) nee Goatcher Redmond North, Marion Isabelle nee Goatcher Cole, Hazel Winnifred nee Goatcher Hibbard. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) MarJimJessDorHaz.jpg :::

Jessica`s 100th Birthday

L-R Marion nee Goatcher Cole, William James (Jim) Goatcher (partially hidden), Jessica nee Jessie Goatcher Godwin, Hazel nee Goatcher Hibbard in 1992. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) DotJimMarion.jpg :::

Doris, Jim and Marion Goatcher

Photo of Doris Verona (Dot) nee Goatcher Redmond North, William James (Jim) Goatcher, Marion Isabelle nee Goatcher Cole |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) bearbrookchurch.jpg :::

Bearbrook Church

Bearbrook Church is an old church located close to Carlsbad Springs, ON, Canada. More information:Bearbrook Church 2015 (pdf) . |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) UnitedReformedChurchWheathampstead.jpg :::

United Reformed Church in Wheathampstead

This is the church where James Cole and his wife are buried.
DC0001 Gravestone reads
In Memory of James William Cole Who died July 5, 1923 aged 72 years resting also Edith Sarah eldest daughter of the above who died April 6, 1930 also Sarah Ann, Loving Wife and mother of the above who fell asleep July 1939 Aged 84 years Buried at United Reform Church Wheathampstead, Hertford, Eng. (corner of Wick Ave and Church Street) /DC0001
DC0304 From the series of "Hertfordshire Monumental Inscriptions" for Wheathampstead (1944) At the United Reformed Church ILMO James William Cole/ who died July 5th 1923/ aged 72 years/ "Resting"/
also/ Edith Sarah/
eldest daughter of the above/
who died April 6th 1930/ aged 50 years/
"Thy will be done"/
also Sarah Ann loving wife/
and mother of the above/
who fell asleep July 5th 1939/
aged 84 years.
At St Helens Church Leslie W Cole/
15.5.1903 - 18.2.1982/
Stella O Cole/
6.1.1902 - 6.3.1983/
"Reunited [Leslie W. COLE is the grandson of James William COLE] /DC0304
bad image
(1000x1000) PaigeGraduation.jpg :::

Paige`s Graduation

L-R Paige McGrath, Sheri nee Redmond Pelligrino, Mike Pelligrino. c 2014 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) HibbardHazel100thBirthdayInvitation.jpg :::

Hazel Hibbard turns 100

This is a photo of the invitation that was sent to friends and family to invite them to attend her 100th Birthday celebration. Hazel was born on Feb 5, 1915 in Cowansville, Missisquoi, QC, Canada. She was born soon after her parents had returned from western Canada. Her parents, Philip Goatcher and Daisy nee Sullivan Goatcher had been invited to return to Cowansville to join Charles DRAKE and his wife on their farm.
But, in her autobiography Daisy wrote:

Soon after Margaret was born, Philips uncle [Charles DRAKE] and aunt wrote to us asking us to go back East and [asked] Philip to run the farm as uncle was sick. So we said "Yes we would if they sent us the fare" which they did. Margaret was walking by this time, but when we got back Aunt Mary [the wife of Charles DRAKE] was so disappointed that I was again expecting as she thought I would be able to help on the farm. After Hazel was born, uncle decided to sell the farm and when he did Philip got work on a farm at $30.00 a month with rooms for us to live in. After a while Philip decided to go back west and borrowed the money for our transportation from a gentleman farmer as uncle [Charles DRAKE] would not lend us the fare.

In those days, life was very hard. . . for many reasons. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0165.JPG :::

Redmond / North Wedding

L-R Hazel Redmond, Doris nee Goatcher Redmond North, Betsy Redmond. Her two daughters were her bridesmaids at the wedding of Doris nee Goatcher Redmond to Alex North. It was the second marriage for both the bride and the groom. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 167182_490736856883_612546883_6641521_1143811_n.jpg :::

War Time Photo

L-R Hazel nee Goatcher Hibbard, Doris nee Goatcher Redmond North, Thomas Redmond (in the army uniform), Sarah Jane nee Goulton Goatcher, Annie E. Goatcher. This photo was taken in front of 6555 Christophe Colomb St. Montreal, QC, Canada during World War II. This photo comes from the collection of Doris North who says that she is the woman in the black sweater. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0158R.JPG :::

Canada`s Wonderland

L-R Barbara Cole, Sheri Redmond, Al Redmond, Yvette nee Richard Cole at Canadas Wonderland in Toronto, ON, Canada c1987 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0156.JPG :::

The Redmonds

Thomas (Tom) Redmond and Doris nee Goatcher Redmond in front of their house in Noranda, QC, Canada c1957. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0155.JPG :::

Baby Allan

Allan Redmond, son of Doris nee Goatcher Redmond and Thomas Redmond c1951 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0154.JPG :::

Doris and Allan

Doris nee Goatcher Redmond with her son Allan R. in front of the woodpile at the Goatcher homestead in Farmborough, QC, Canada c1950. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0153.JPG :::

Sheri`s bowling team

Sheri Redmond is middle girl with her bowling team-mates in St. Albert, AB, Canada in 1980 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0152.JPG :::

Hooked Rug Wall Hanging

This hooked rug of a happy couple was a Christmas gift from Patrick McGrath to Allan and Barb Redmond c1972 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0150.JPG :::

Promotion of Movie

Allan Redmond dressed up as a Mexican to promote the movie: `Second Fiddle to a Steel Guitar` 1965 in Noranda, QC, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0149.JPG :::

Hazel and Allan in 1958

Hazel Redmond and Allan Redmond with the family`s first new car in 1958. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0148.JPG :::

Father and Son

L-R Tom Redmond and son Allan R. c1949 in their back yard in Noranda, QC, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0147.JPG :::

Grannie and Al as a baby

L-R Daisy nee Sullivan (Grannie to Al) Goatcher, Allan Redmond in front of the house at the Goatcher homestead in Farmborough, QC, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0146.JPG :::

Tom Redmond

Tom Redmond carrying a telephone pole at Farmborough, QC c1952 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0145.JPG :::

baby Allan Redmond

Allan Redmond c1951 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0144.JPG :::

Allan Redmond

Allan Redmond in Noranda, QC, Canada c1957 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0143.JPG :::

Gold miners in Noranda, Quebec

L-R ?, ?, ?, Tom Redmond at Nornada Mines c1955 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0142.JPG :::

Sheri and Heather

L-R Sheri Redmond and Heather Redmond in St. Albert, AB, Canada c1976 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0141.JPG :::

Bertha McGrath

Bertha nee Ullrich McGrath c1975 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0140.JPG :::

Successful Deer Hunt

Tom Redmond (holding child) and his friends returning from a successful deer hunt. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0139.JPG :::

Barbara Redmond

Barbara nee McGrath Redmond 1991 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0138.JPG :::

Allan Redmond c1966

Allan Redmond when he was playing in the `Evils` band in high school. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0137.JPG :::

Redmond House in Noranda

This is the first house bought by Allan Redmond and Doris nee Goatcher Redmond in 1959 after the death of Tom Redmond. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0136.JPG :::

Unknown woman and Allan Redmond

Photo taken in Bowmanville, ON, Canada c1969 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0135.JPG :::

Christmas at the Hopwoods

L-R Back Row: Barbara nee McGrath Redmond, Allan R.; L-R Front Row: Marilyn H., Tom H.; Christmas c1969 in Oshawa, ON, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0134.JPG :::

Thurman House c1995

This house resembles the Goatcher homestead house that was built c1939 on Range Road near Farmborough, QC, Canada. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0133.JPG :::

Doris and son Al Redmond

L-R Doris (Dot) nee Goatcher North and son Allan (Al) Redmond.
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0131.JPG :::

McGrath siblings

L-R Barbara nee McGrath, Jerry McGrath c1968 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0130.JPG :::

Redmonds visiting Alex and Doris North in Arizona

L-R Back Row: Allan R., Barbara nee McGrath R.. L-R Front Row: Heather R., Sheri R. at Mesa AZ, USA in Christmas c1983. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0129.JPG :::

Wedding: Barbara McGrath and Allan Redmond

Wedding on July 25, 1970 in Oshawa at Grace Lutheran Church. Daisy [Grannie] GOATCHER nee Sullivan is in the middle. (The best day of Al`s life.) Pastor Fiess married both mother [Bertha nee ULLRICH McGrath] and daughter but not on the same day. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0127.JPG :::

Patrick McGrath

Patrick McGrath is the father of Barbara nee McGrath Redmond. Photo taken 1962 in Kingston, ON, Canada. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SCAN0119.JPG :::

Wedding: Doris Redmond and Alex North

L-R Back Row: Doris nee Goatcher N., Alex N., Betsy nee R. Foster, Allen R., Hazel nee R. Hopwood, Marilyn nee Hopwood Hruby, Robert (Bob) North; L-R Front Row: Tom Hopwood; Date: June 6, 1970 in Ajax, ON, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) scan0003.jpg ::: pic of a cd |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1423171047.jpg :::

The back yard at the Redmond house.

In 2015 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1422996685.jpg ::: Poinsettias in 2015 okay |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) RaspberryPi.jpg :::

WebBrowsing PC for $35

Let’s get the good stuff out of the way above the fold. Raspberry Pi 2 is now on sale for $35 (the same price as the existing Model B+), featuring: A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU (~6x performance) 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM (2x memory) Complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 1 Because it has an ARMv7 processor, it can run the full range of ARM GNU/Linux distributions, including Snappy Ubuntu Core, as well as a watered down version of Microsoft Windows 10. More info at: Raspberry Pi. Ship to USA at MCM Electronics |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) GRANTGinger.jpg :::


Ginger and Rick GRANT live in the Toronto area. Ginger was a good friend of Gladys PAUL. Rick was Alb PAUL`s nephew. Rick was the son of Lily PAUL and Sparky GRANT. Lily PAUL was Alb PAUL`s sister. I wish I had a photo of Ginger and/or Rick. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) IsAdarkerThanB.jpg :::

Puzzle # 1

Is square A really darker than square B? Go to the site underlined below. Print out the image. Then cut out squares A and B. Then interchange them and place them back in the printed page. Print This |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) BrimleyHannah1760.jpg :::

BrimleyHannah b.1760

Family Search has a birth record that shows a Hannah Brimley who is the daughter of Elizabeth ? b.1734 and George Brimley, but my source (Leland Jones) cites a different Hannah Brimley. This Hannah`s mother is Elizabeth Willmott b.1730 and father is John Brimley, not George Brimley. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ProxyErrFix.jpg :::

Possible Fix for Proxy Error

Click to Read the Fix |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) KimoneStewart.jpg :::

Kimone Stewart in 2015

Photo (in January 2015) of Kimone Stewart who lives in Colegate, Jamaicam WI, which is near the city of Ocho Rios. Photo taken by David Cole on holidays in Jamaica. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ProxySetting.jpg :::

Proxy Setting Message

Proxy Setting Message URL |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ProxyErr.jpg :::

Proxy Error Jan 27 2015

Proxy Error Jan 27 2015 at Hendricks |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) JamSandCastle4a.jpg :::

SandCastle hotel in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

This is where Dave and Yvette stayed on holidays in Ocho Rios in Jamaica in January 2015. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Jamaique055.jpg :::

Dave and Yvette in Jamaica

Dave and Yvette Cole went fish watching in a glass-bottomed boat near Negril Beach in Jamaica in 2015. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1421609293.jpg :::

Dave and Yvette at Negril Beach, Jamaica

On holidays in 2015. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1421432072.jpg ::: Our friends, Bruce and Connie Weber, at White Sands in jamaica |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) tini-77370007.jpg :::

Dave, Al and Barb in Kingston

David Cole, Al Redmond and Barb Redmond nee McGrath on a weekend holiday in Kingston, ON. Photo by Yvette Cole. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) HPIM5234.JPG :::

Coles at St. Armand

Yvette and Dave COLE at St. Armand Circle in Sarasota, Florida on holidays in 2009 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) HPIM5375.JPG :::


Pelicans lined up for some scraps of fish in Sarasota harbor in 2009. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) h_HPIM6361.JPG :::

Parker, AZ

The palm tree and the normal tree are in front of the house on the hill where Yvette RICHARD and Dave COLE were staying on holidays in Parker, Arizona, USA. 2010 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) HPIM6289.JPG :::

Coles at Rocky Point

Yvette COLE nee RICHARD and Dave COLE eating supper at Rocky Point (Puerto Punasco) on holidays in northern Mexico on Valentines day in 2010 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) WhiteSandsNegril.jpg :::

White Sands Hotel - Negril

This is where Dave and Yvette stayed on holidays on Negril Beach in Jamaica in January 2015. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 640px-Obelisk_Central_Park.jpg :::

Cleopatra`s Needle

Cleopatra`s Needle is the popular name for each of three Ancient Egyptian obelisks re-erected in London, Paris, and New York City during the nineteenth century. It is known that the FreeMasons arranged the transportation of the obelisk to New York. William H. Vanderbilt, the son of a FreeMason, paid for it`s transportation. The obelisks in London and New York are a pair, and the one in Paris is also part of a pair originally from a different site in Luxor, where its twin remains. Although all three needles are genuine Ancient Egyptian obelisks, their shared nickname is a misnomer, as they have no connection with Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt, and were already over a thousand years old in her lifetime. The London and New York "needles" were originally made during the reign of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Thutmose III. The Paris "needle" dates to the reign of 19th Dynasty Ramesses II and was the first to be moved and re-erected as well as the first to acquire the nickname, "L`aiguille de Cléopâtre" in French. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1420875947.jpg :::

Moon Landing

The first moon landing was on July 20, 1969 at 20:18 London time. This time was apparently chosen so that the Moon was very close to the constellation of Orion when viewed from the earth. This picture of the stars shows Orion in the middle. The moon is the large white circle just above Orion`s shield. This photo shows where the moon, the stars and the planets were around 20:18 on the day of the moon landing.
Many Apollo astronauts were FreeMasons. A family member of a FreeMason was also on the scheduling team. So they scheduled the moon landing to honor Orion. This reminds us of the Egyptian masons who located their 3 main pyramids in the shape of Orion's belt. The Apollo logo on their uniform clearly shows 3 stars (like Orion`s belt) which create the horizontal bar of the A.
More information about the FreeMasons in NASA can be found here.
bad image
(1000x1000) RodandReel.jpg :::

Rod and Reel Pier

In 2011, Chuck Cole and Maureen Ireland and Dave and Yvette Cole saw hundreds of fish being caught by the netful on this pier. This pier is at 875 North Shore Drive (about 5 blocks NW of the City Pier on Anna Maria Island in Florida).|DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 1024px-Barnenez_front2.jpg :::


The Cairn of Barnenez (also: Barnenez Tumulus, Barnenez Mound etc.; in Breton Karn Barnenez; in French: Cairn de Barnenez or Tumulus de Barnenez) is a Neolithic monument located near Plouezoch, on the Kernéléhen peninsula in northern Finistère, Brittany (France). It dates to the early Neolithic, about 4800 BC; it is considered one of the earliest megalithic monuments in Europe, as well as the oldest building in the world. It is also remarkable for the presence of megalithic art. Wikipedia article |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) DVD_Logo.jpg :::

To play all DVDs

Under ubuntu,
To play DVDs for all regions:
1. Start up the terminal, then enter:
2. sudo apt-get install libdvdread4
3. sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/
4. exit
bad image
(1000x1000) CouchTuner.jpg :::

Using Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner enables you to watch episodes of TV series. To use it:
1. Go to CouchTuner
2. Select the name of show the right pane. The Mentalist
3. Click on episode, the left pane.
4. Click on name beside "Watch it here:"
5. Click on "VK-Mobile" or "YouWa".
6. Wait for picture to appear.
7. Click on Triangle in a circle to play
8. Click on Square in 4 corners for fullscreen.
...(NB. Esc will exit fullscreen.)
NB Never enter Credit Card #.
That`s all it takes.

bad image
(1000x1000) Windows7.jpg :::

Installed Software List

To create a sorted list of all software installed in a Windows 7 PC:
Hold down the Windows logo key
Type R
Type the following:

cmd (followed by Ctrl-Shift-Enter)

Then type (each followed by Enter i.e. ↵):

/output:c:\Unsorted.txt product get name,version↵
cd ..↵
cd ..↵
sort <Unsorted.txt >SortedInstallList.txt↵

Then exit.
The sorted list of programs will be stored in a file named:
in the root of the C: drive.
bad image
(1000x1000) Tichborne_dole.jpg :::

The Ticheborne Dole

The Ticheborne Dole is celebrated each year on Lady Day which, for taxation purposes was the official start of each year.
The Ticheborne Dole originated when Lady Mabel Ticheborne ne Lamerston, on her deathbed, asked her husband to look after all the nearby poor people. He said that he would donate each year, as much grain as was grown in a certain portion of their farmland. But to define this amount of land, she would need to crawl around it before she died. So she did, but then she didn`t die immediately. So, each year, at Alresford, the poor line up to be given a specific amount of bread or grain on Lady Day at the Ticheborne farm. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) CharlesI.jpg :::

Charles I

Charles I was executed on Jan 30 1648/9. In England, between 1100 and 1751, the beginning of each new year was always January 1, known as New Years Day. But, during this period, for taxation purposes, each new year began on March 25, also known as Lady Day. So there was always some ambiguity about a date during this early part of the year. Charles I was executed on Jan 30, 1649 AD. But official government records might record this date as Jan 30, 1648. To avoid all misunderstandings, an historian could write: `Charles I was executed on Jan 30 1648/9`. Segar published his book Genealogy of the Family of Cole in 1630. On page 29 line 14 he wrote `Thomas, baptised 15 January, 162½`. Such dates can also be written using normal keyboard character as `Thomas, baptised 15 January, 1621/2`. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) WilliamHenryPlayfair.jpg :::

William Henry Playfair (1759-1823)

William Playfair is probably most known by genealogists for his book "British Family Antiquity" (fo. London 1810 or 1811). In a small part of this 9 volume tome, Playfair made liberal use of Sir William Segar`s Book "The Genealogy of the Family of Cole" originally published in 1630. Segar`s book was updated and published by James Edwin Cole in 1867 with title "The GENEALOGY of the family of COLE of the County of Devon, England" and assigned ISBN: 1141224526.

Playfair cycle
The following quotation, known as the "Playfair cycle," has achieved notoriety as it pertains to the "Tytler cycle":
:...wealth and power have never been long permanent in any place.
...they travel over the face of the earth,
something like a caravan of merchants.
On their arrival, every thing is found green and fresh;
while they remain all is bustle and abundance,
and, when gone, all is left trampled down, barren, and bare.
bad image
(1000x1000) Cole_m_Booth.jpg :::

James Cole m. Sarah Ann Booth in 1878

James William Cole married Sarah Ann Booth in 1878 in Barnet, Middlesex, England. Source coordinates are Volume: 3A, Vol: 223, Page: 362 in the Marriage Registry of England and Wales. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Johnson_Herbert.jpg :::

Herbert E. Johnson m. Florence A. Kingsland 1904

Family Search contains a British marriage record that shows Herbert Edward Johnson married Florence Annie Kingsland in 1904 in Barnet, Middlesex, England. Source coordinates are Volume: 3A Page: 690 Line Number: 292. The source is the England and Wales, Marriage Registration Index, 1837-2005. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) FamilySearchLogo.jpg :::

LDS Family Search web site c2015

The LDS Family Search web site (operated by the Mormons) contains much genealogical information.
AMonst other historical information, this site correlates actual government and church records with family trees that have been compiled over the ages. A monumental attempt has been made to identify each person (past and present) with a unique identification. Users of the site can link these individuals into any family tree that they choose. Portions of these family trees can be viewed and copied into any users own family tree. Because anyone can add and link information as they wish, many errors exist. But the best (the more valid) information is indeed found and used by serious users. When a new individual is added, the system makes a serious effort to identify existing identical individuals that already exist. If multiple parents, spouses or children exist for an individual, a user can select the preferred information. If none of them are preferred, new information can be added. Links to actual government records can be attached to the individuals and families. Living persons and confidential information is kept secure. This Family Search site is a major improvement over the LDS site that existed between 1990 and 2005. This presentation of this information is very good, but it takes considerable effort to load all of the information from a computerized family tree (usually in GEDCOM format) into the Family Search site.
bad image
(1000x1000) henry1a2.jpg :::

Henry I (1070-1135)

The descendancy from Henry I to Theresa COLE and her sister, Barbara COLE, is through the following family names:
De Caen
.De Grey
...Le Despenser
....De Courtenay
.................Cole (requires password)
The underlined web links above are to the specific branches of our family tree. This complete descendancy can be found at the LDS Family Search site which requires a userid and password. To see the Family search ID Numbers FS ID #s Contact the webmaster, David Cole, for more information. The web link to Henry I (at top) contains pictures of many British monarches.
bad image
(1000x1000) PicoBorg.jpg :::

PicoBorg to control small motors

Source: PicoBorg Circuit |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1419275466.jpg :::

Jacob Xmas 2014

Barbara,s son Jacob. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) airprint.jpg :::

Apple Airprint Printing

It is possible to print directly from an iPad. For a list of Airprint printers: Click Here |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SpeedTest_at_902pm.jpg :::

Internet Speed Testing

It is possible to do a test of the speed of your internet (cable) data. A Ping speed of 20 ms is normal, but does not tell all. This photo shows the results of our internet from who rent their cable from Rogers. We are paying for 25 Mbps Download and 2 Mbps Upload. But we actually got 9 Mbps Download and 5 Mbps Upload during this test. The Download speed was less than 50% of what we were supposed to get.

To do your own speed test, click Here and then click on BEGIN TEST. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) IMG_2315.JPG :::

Cocktails au Chateau Frontenac 2014

Arriere (GaD): Christianne St-Jean, Helene Hickey, Yvette Cole
Centre (GaD): Dan Hickey, Wilder Nino, Angelica Sanchez, David Cole
Devant: Maurice St-Jean |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) AirFareWatchdog(001).jpg :::

Check AirFares

Click AirFareWatchdog. It permits you to compare the lowest fares from many different fare-checkers including

Travelocity and Spirit are not included and must be checked separately. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Oct_10_2014_my_Birthday_021.jpg :::

Birthday Bouquet

Doris North nee Goatcher received this lovely floral arrangement for her birthday on Oct 10, 2014. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Xmas_Cactus.jpg :::

Christmas Cactus

Doris North had this Christmas cactus in December 2014. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) P1010060F.jpg :::

Halloween 2014

L-R Emma and Jacob Marcoux on Halloween 2014. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) PB030058.JPG :::

Defiant 1000 663 364 1800w Light Sensor

Home Depot 030878498326 Lite Cntrl $14.49. PN K242593 in Defiant Package # 1000 663 364. This Light Sensor may replace those used to control exterior garage lamps at pAp. It is similar to PN GE 18290 and PN K4321 X (which was originally installed). The latter says "mount with leads down". The Defiant model is a little larger than the K4321 X. Wiring: White:neutral, Black:120v, Red: to bulb. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) pokerhands_big.jpg :::

Best Poker Hands

When playing poker, the different types of hands rank in the order shown. Note that Four-of-a-Kind beats a Full-House. Likewise, a Flush beats a Straight. In both cases, the one nearest the beginning of the alphabet is best. Another way to remember is that these three are in order: Straight-Flush > Flush > Straight. When wild cards are allowed, 5 of a kind beats a Royal Flush. These rules hold whenever poker hands are compared using playing cards. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Benjamin.jpg :::


Benjamin is the first grandson for Maureen Ireland. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) LeahAndAnna.jpg :::

Leah & Anna

These girls belong to Curtis COLE and Allison COLE nee Spencer. This picture was taken in October 2014. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) tombstone.jpg :::

John Anderson (1856-1935)

This is the tombstone of Norm Andersons grandfather at the Ramsayville Cemetery. His father, mother and grandfather and grandmother and others are also buried there. Ramsayville is now a suburb of Ottawa, ON. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) PA160047.JPG :::

pAp Rat and Mouse poison

Wilson 15 x 60g packs of poison at Canadian Tire for $17.99. Wilsarin kills rodents within 3 to 8 days. Simply break open a bag and leave it where rodents can eat it. The poison can also be thrown around in attics. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) PA270056.JPG :::

pAp live mouse trap

CatchMaster Mouse Inn from Canadian Tire $2.99. This inexpensive trap catches mice. It is a small green plastic box with a lid that closes trapping the mouse. It comes with some sleeping tablets, to use as bait. But if mouse poison is used, the dead mouse can be easily disposed of. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) PA270057.JPG :::

Tomcat pest poison

Home Depot Tomcat $14.98 8 x 28 gram green mouse killer blocks. A black bait box is included. The blocks are too big for a mouse to steal, but a rat might take the block and hide it somewhere. Putting the block in the black box makes it too big to be moved. The box also makes it safe to keep it out of the mouths of dogs, cats and children. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) PA180049.JPG :::

pAp Bromone pest poison

Coop 382-2032 rat & mouse poison $11.99 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) PA260055.JPG :::

pAp Garage Light sensor

1800W max. Works with LED, incandescent, flourescent, halogen, mercury vapor, sodium vapor and metal halide. The photo shows the packaging for Part Number: GE 18290. The photo of the part is PN K4321 X which was originally installed. The GE PN was available at Home Depot but has been discontinued. The replacement part sold by Home Depot is Defiant 1000 663 364 which sells for $14.49. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 1952ColeGrandparentsHazelCharityVernDavidColeRalph.jpg :::

Visit to Sarnia by the Coles in 1952

L-R: Charley Cole, Florence nee Kingsland Cole, Hazel nee Goatcher Hibbard, Charity nee Frakes Hibbard (holding Vernon Hibbard), David Cole, Ralph Hibbard.
Charley and Florence often took the train from Moose Jaw, SK to spend the summer in Mimico, Toronto, ON to visit their daughter, Gladys nee Cole Paul. Between 1952 and 1956, their grandson, David sometimes accompanied them. To permit David to visit with his Aunt Hazel and Uncle Ralph and family, the three of them would go to Sarnia for a week-long visit. Apparently, they also went to visit Ralphs mother, Charity in the summer of 1952. I wonder who took the picture? |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) KBshortcuts.jpg :::

Keyboard Shortcuts for Ubuntu 14.4

Ubuntu version 14.4 (nicknamed Trusty Tahr) provides many Keyboard shortcuts. To see them, hold down the Super key (with the Microsoft logo on it). Clicking this key is NOT enough. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) all3eng.jpg :::

Speed Reading

You can speed read text at least 10 times faster if you learn how to speed read. A good site to learn how to do this is at: Here |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0036.jpg :::

Ancestors` Birth Dates

This typewritten letter from Annie GOATCHER lists the birth dates of those ancestors that were in her family. The date of the letter is January 29th 1973. Those mentioned are: William Goacher, Sarah Jane Goulton, Harriet Mary Goatcher, Annie Elizabeth Goatcher, Daniel Goatcher, Philip Goatcher, Jessie Goatcher, William Goatcher
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan009AP.jpg :::

Family of Albert and Gladys Paul

(L-R) Albert (Alb) PAUL, Gladys (Glad) PAUL nee COLE, Donald (Don) PAUL, Keith PAUL c1949 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0034MC.jpg :::

Marion Goatchers Birth Certificate

Marion Isabelle Goatcher (28 Jan 1922 - Sept 7 2008)
Marion was born in Regina, SK, Canada and died in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada. Her residence during her childhood years was mainly Montreal, QC, Canada. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0035.jpg :::

Birth Certicate of Victor Cole

Victor Cole (1 Dec 1918 - 9 Apr 2010)
This Birth Certificate contains a transcription error. It erroneously says that his birth date is 1 Dec 1919. This is clearly impossible because the certificate was dated 28 May 1919. His date of birth is actually 1 Dec 1918. He was named Victor because he was born around the end of World War I. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0031.jpg :::

James Banks (1766-1858)

David COLE`s great-great-great-great-grandfather, James BANKS, who died on Aug 10,1858 in Selby, Yorkshire, England. He is buried in the churchyard of Selby Abbey in Selby.
A photo of his tombstone is also included in this collection.
This is said to be a photo of a painting of him. Repository: the original photograph is in the archives of David Cole. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SpringStreet.jpg :::

Spring St. (1 m W of Boundary Rd)

The Spring House located where Spring St. meets Russel Rd. is all that is left of the popular mineral springs that gave Carlsbad Springs its name. The mineral springs were located south of where Spring Street meets Russel Road in the lop left corner of the map. The exact location of the springs was under the second `s` of the name of Russel Road where it crosses Bearbrook Creek, near Spring St. The mineral springs were approximately in the center of the first `U` in the creek, just left of the small bridge. A picture of a bridge across Bearbrook Creek at this site, around 1920 is available at: Dominion House . Russel Road (and the bridge across Bearbrook Creek) is immediately in front of Dominion House hotel at the back of the photo. The small bridge in the foreground is for mineral spring visitors to cross Bearbrook Creek. The small round buildings are the spring houses where visitors could sit and chat and drink the spring water. More information about Carlsbad Springs is available at History . Boundary Road crosses Russel Road at the right side of this map.|DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) SpringHouse.jpg :::

Spring House at Carlsbad Springs

The Spring House is the small building at the left of the road. This view is where Spring Street meets Russel Road (the green street sign says `Spring St`). This photo was taken from the bridge where Russel Road crosses Bearbrook Creek, about 1 mile west of Boundary Road which is the center of the town of Carlsbad Springs. More information about these mineral springs is available at Maps of Carlsbad and Carlsbad History . |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 943Henry.jpg :::

943 Henry St., Moose Jaw

This house in the North West section of Moose Jaw was David Coles third home in Moose Jaw. While living there, he attended William Grayson school and Central Collegiate Institute high school. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 1138Monk.jpg :::

1138 Monk Ave., Moose Jaw

Between 1950 and 1966, this was David Cole`s home in Moose Jaw. Being located in the North West section of Moose Jaw, he attended King George and Queen Elizabeth schools. David`s high school was Central Collegiate Institute (CCI). David studied at the University of Saskatchewan between 1962 and 1966. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Spread_and_evolution_of_Denisovans.jpg :::

Denisovans, Neanderthals and Humans from Africa

In 2008, Denisovans were added to the list of species that fathered modern human beings. This map shows the migration of human ancestors from their origins in Africa.
For more information: Click Denisovans and Human Evolution |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) AndersonPark2Carlsbad.jpg :::

Map from Anderson Park to Carlsbad Springs

Parc Anderson Park is the small figure 8 in the bottom left corner. Carlsbad Springs is in the top right corner.
For more maps of Carlsbad Springs: Click Here |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Second-schoolhouse-N18-1908-Carlsbad.jpg :::

2nd Schoolhouse in Carlsbad Springs

Second Schoolhouse, S.S. No. 18 Gloucester, circa 1908 – Courtesy of the Gloucester Historical Society
James Forsythe donated land for the first school on the Russell Road at Carlsbad Springs at the end of the 19th century. A second school was built 150 feet east around 1910. Mary Boyd’s grandfather, Charles Frederick Cameron, went to the first school, and her parents, Barclay Boyd (seated first on right) and Melba C. Cameron (back row fourth from right), went to the second school. The schoolhouse was torn down in the 1960s. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) IMG_1894.JPG :::

Spring House c2005

As of 2014, this small hut at the heritage site is all that is left of the various buildings located at the springs in Carlsbad Springs about 100 years ago. These springs were at the height of their popularity around 1920. The springs attracted visitors from Ottawa and Montreal until around the second World War. One of the favorite lodgings was the Dominion House at Carlsbad Springs. A photo of the Dominion House hotel and its grounds is also available at this iGalri site.
This small building can be found just south of Russel Road, about 1 mile west of present-day Carlsbad Springs. The building houses a small bench along one wall. In the middle of the building is a round hole about 20" in diameter, where spring water could be dipped for drinking. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Dominionhotel.jpg :::

Dominion Hotel in Carlsbad Springs

In the 1920s, many people visited the springs at Carlsbad Springs (15 miles south of Ottawa). Many stayed at the Dominion Hotel.
For more information, go to History of Carlsbad Springs |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) De.jpg :::


This picture of a perfect circle can be used to see if your screen displays a circle in correct proportions. Proper screen settings should produce a perfect circle. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Mom_andAuntHazel.jpg :::

Hazel and Doris

Hazel nee Goatcher Hibbard and Doris nee Goatcher North in September 2014 at the 90th birthday party celebration for Doris in Toronto. ( Doris is Auntie Dot to David Cole.) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) DandYatMacchuPicchu.jpg :::

David & Yvette in Peru

David COLE and Yvette COLE visiting Machu Picchu, Peru on holidays in 2014. DYMP |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Huacachina.jpg :::

Huacachina near Ica, Peru

This oasis is situated near the Nazca lines in Peru. David COLE visited it in 2014. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) MRichardTrophy.jpg :::


An annual award presented to the player finishing the regular season as the NHLs goal-scoring leader.

A gift to the NHL from the Montreal Canadiens in 1999, the Maurice << Rocket >> Richard Trophy honors one of the games greatest stars. During his 18 year career with the Canadiens from 1942-43 to 1959-60, Richard was the first player in NHL history to score 50 goals in a season and 500 goals in his career. He played on eight Stanley Cup champions and led the League in goal scoring five times.

Trophée presentée annuellement au joueur qui termine la saison regulière au rang des buteurs de la LNH.

Le trophée Maurice << Rocket >> Richard qui rend hommage à l`un des plus grands joueurs que le hockey ait connu, a été présenté à la LNH en 1999 par les Canadiens de Montréal. Au cours de sa carrière de 18 saisons avec les Canadiens de 1942 à 1960, Maurice Richard est devenu le premier joueur de lhistoire du circuit à inscrire 50 buts en une saison et à atteindre la marque de 500 buts de carrière. Il a pris part à huit conquêtes de la coupe Stanley et mené la Ligue au chapitre des buts à cinq reprises. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) NathalieStephanie.jpg :::

Nathalie et Stephanie

Nathalie Hebert et sa fille Stephanie Arseneault en 2014. Le père de Stephanie est Gilles Arseneault. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Chalet_B_de_Castors.jpg :::

Chalet Barrage de Castors

Un chalet dans le nord du Quebec à côté d`un barrage de castors. (A chalet in northern Quebec beside a beaver dam.) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1409115801.jpg ::: The Machu Picchu compass. It points to the Southern Cross. The small compass points south also. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1409100316.jpg ::: A llama at Machu Picchu in Peru in 2014. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1409100036.jpg ::: Our guide, Eddy, telling us about the schoolroom at Machu Picchu, Peru in 2014 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1409099770.jpg ::: Machu Picchu 2014 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Frakes-91-1.jpg :::

Hibbard Family with Grandmothers

Back row (L - R): Hazel nee Goatcher Hibbard, Charity nee Frakes Hibbard, Daisy nee Sullivan Goatcher
Front row (L - R): Phyllis Hibbard, Murray Hibbard, Vernon Hibbard
photo taken c1962 at 135 Grey Crescent, Sarnia, ON, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Les Cole grave.JPG :::

Tombstone of Leslie (Les) COLE

Marion COLE nee Goatcher and Victor (Vic) COLE visiting the grave of Vics cousin: Les COLE and his wife Stella COLE nee Seabrooke. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) scan0025C.jpg :::

Ancestors of Anne COLE

Sarah Ann nee Booth Cole (b.1855), Madge nee Cole Clark (b.1886), Jeanette nee Dowson Cole (b.1881), Jessie Cole (daughter of Jeanette and William Cole (b.1881)) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) scan0018G.jpg :::


Le chien à la famille Noël en 2004 devant leur chalet. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) CactusLookout.jpg ::: [

Cactus Lookout

This site named Cactus Lookout was hidden in 2008 by colemole, a member of the COLE family, Im sure. Unfortunately, as of 2014, the box has disintegrated and needs to be replaced.]
bad image
(1000x1000) jamesbanks_tstone.jpg :::

James BANKS (1766-1858) Tombstone

His gravestone lies outside the largest stained glass window. As you approach Selby Abbey from the main street (in Selby, Yorkshire, England) the gravestone is on the left hand side of the abbey. It lies approximately 75 feet to the left of the main left wall of the abbey. The full text of the inscription on his gravestone is:

`Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Banks wife of James Banks Dishturner who departed this life the 8 day Dec 1810 aged 42 years. Also Sarah daughter of the above died 6 of September 1799 aged 1 year. Reader take care for thou must shortly be Mouldering in the dust like me. Also Mary Banks Wife of the Aforesaid James Banks who departed this life the 3 day of Dec 1852 aged 85 years. Also the above named James Banks of Selby who died August 10 1858 Aged 93 years.`

After a few years, the gravestone becomes covered with grass which must be removed to see the inscription. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) BaHboard.jpg :::

The BUILD-a-HOME game

This Monopoly-like game was designed, built and delivered to 1000 homes . .. around 1935 (during the depression years). It was Vic COLE and Earl NANT who did this. To learn more about this game Click here |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) woodturner.jpg :::

Mr. James Banks, wood turner

bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0030T.jpg :::

Julienne, Lydie, Emeralda Arseneault

GaD: Julienne Turbide nee Arseneault (b. 1913 a Havre-aux-Maisons, I-M, QC, Canada - 2009 a Havre-aux-Maisons, I-M, QC, Canada)
Lydie Richard nee Arseneault (b.31 juillet 1911 a Havre-aux-Maisons, I-M, QC, Canada - 21 oct 2004 a Arvida, Jonquiere, QC, Canada.)
Sr. Emeralda Arseneault (b. 3 juillet 1905 a Havre-aux-Maisons, I-M, QC, Canada- 8 mai 2000 a Montreal, , QC, Canada)
Trois des filles d`Azade Arseneault et Julienne-Anna Arseneault nee Theriault |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0029F.jpg :::

HICKEY family in Moncton

L-R Back: Daniel H., Helene H. nee Richard, Eric H. Chantale H.
Front: Jean-Pierre H.
in Moncton, NB. c1984 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0029.jpg :::

HICKEY family in Moncton

L-R Back: Daniel H., Helene H. nee Richard, Eric H. Chantale H.
Front: Jean-Pierre H.
in Moncton, NB. c1984 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0028W.jpg :::

50th Anniversary: Vic and Marion COLE

L-R: Front: Victor (Vic) C., Jessica Godwin nee Goatcher, Marion C. nee Goatcher
Middle: Yvette C. nee Richard, Jeannette C. nee Ireland, Barbara C., Christine C.
Back: David C., Chuck C.
Vic Cole and Marion Cole nee Goatcher were married on 12 June, 1943. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0028.jpg :::

50th Anniversary: Vic and Marion COLE

L-R: Front: Vic C., Jessica Godwin nee Goatcher, Marion C. nee Goatcher
Middle: Yvette C. nee Richard, Jeannette C. nee Ireland, Barbara Cole, Christine C.
Back: David C., Chuck C.
Vic Cole and Marion Cole nee Goatcher were married on on 12 June, 1943. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0027W.jpg :::

Wedding: 1996: James REDDIN and Valerie PEDERSEN

James Richard REDDIN and Valerie PEDERSEN were wed on the sixth of July 1996 in Pembroke, ON, Canada.
Valerie Reddin nee Pedersen is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pederen. James Reddin is the son of James REDDIN and Gabrielle RICHARD. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0026F.jpg :::

Wedding: 1996 Reddin and Pedersen

L-R Gabrielle Richard, Valerie Lin P., James Richard R., Lydie Richard nee Arseneault, Angela Arseneault nee Richard, Helene Hickey nee Richard, Yvette Cole nee Richard, Rolande Richard, Blandine Richard, Therese Richard
the 6th of July, 1996 in Pembroke, ON, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0025F.jpg :::

Familles: Arseneault et DeChamplain

GaD: Devant: Hugo A., Lucille A. (avec infant:?), ?(avec infant:?), Gilles A. (avec ?)
Arriere: Helene Saucier, Blandine A., Guy DeChamplain, Lydie A., Alain A., ?, ? |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0025.jpg :::

Familles: Arseneault et DeChamplain

GaD: Devant: ?, Lucille A. (avec infant:?), ?(avec infant:?), Gilles A. (avec ?)
Arriere: Helene Saucier, Blandine A., Guy DeChamplain, Lydie A., Alain A., ?, ? |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0024B.jpg :::

Mariage: Helene et Alain

Mariage: Helene SAUCIER et Alain ARSENEAULT en 1986 a Arvida, QC |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0024.jpg :::

Helene et Alain

Mariage: Helene SAUCIER et Alain ARSENEAULT en 1986 a Arvida, QC |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0021F.jpg :::

Familles Richard et Arseneault

au mariage de Lucille ARSENEAULT et Guy DeChamplain c1983 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0021.jpg :::

Familles Richard et Arseneault

en 1983 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0022H.jpg :::

3 Scary Kids

L-R Emma M., Jacob M., Tristan M. on Hallowe`en 2012 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0022.jpg :::

3 Scary Kids

L-R Emma M., Jacob M., Tristan M. Hallowe`en 2012in Ottawa |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0023.jpg :::

Yvette COLE nee Richard

on holidays. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0020E.jpg :::


Rolande RICHARD, fille d`Elphege R. et Lydie R. (nee Arseneault) c1957. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0020.jpg :::


Rolande RICHARD, fille dElphege R. et Lydie R. (nee Arseneault) c1957. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0019D.jpg :::

4 generations

GaD Lucille Arseneault, Lydie A., Hugo DeChamplain (bebe), Blandine A (nee Richard) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0019.jpg :::

4 generations

GaD Lucille Arseneault, Hugo DeChamplain, Lydie A., Blandine A (nee Richard) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0018C.jpg :::

Les Arseneaults

GaD Julienne A., Gilles A., Sr. Emeralda A., Lydie A., Blandine A.a Arvida, QC c1985 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0018.jpg :::

Les Arseneaults

GaD Julienne A., Gilles A., Sr. Emeralda A., Lydie A., Blandine A.a Arvida, QC c1985 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0017M.jpg :::

Mariage: Guy DeChamplain et Lucille Arseneault

GaD Charles-Henri DeCh., mere DeCh., Guy DeCh, Lucille A., Roch A., Blandine Richard, Dan Hickey a Arvida, Quebec, en 1983 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0016.jpg :::

Yvette Richard

Marie-Louise Yvette Richard a graduée de l`école normale en 1965. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0015T.jpg :::

Des Richards

L-R Jacques R., Yvette R., Elphege R. c1975 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0014B.jpg :::

George Vavougios

George when he was a baby |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0014.jpg :::

George Vavougios

George when he was a baby |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0013.jpg :::

Elphege RICHARD (1908-1986)

after he lost his left leg |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) PipervilleToBridge.jpg :::

StrandherdArmstrong Bridge to Piperville

Trace a straight line from the Bridge (bottom left) to Parc Anderson Park (top right). Guess where all future traffic will come. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) DisablediPad.jpg :::

iPad is disabled

If you set up a passcode on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and you or someone else then enters the wrong passcode too many times, your device will disable itself temporarily. Learn what to do if you have forgotten your passcode, or if your device displays a message saying its disabled.

[Someone on the web said:] If you enter the wrong passcode six times in a row, youll be locked out and youll see this message:

I had an iPad that had a passcode entered too many times, resulting in it displaying the message ‘iPad is disabled – Connect to iTunes’. This was a student iPad and since they use Notability for most of their work there was a chance that her files were not all backed up to the cloud. I really wanted to just re-activate the iPad instead of totally resetting it back to our default image.

Through some trial and error (and a little sheer luck), I was able to reactivate the iPad without loosing any data. Note, this will only work on the computer it last synced with. Here’s how:
1. Configurator is useless in reactivating a locked iPad. You will only be able to completely reformat the iPad using Configurator. If that’s ok with you, go for it – otherwise don’t waste your time trying to figure it out.
2. Open iTunes with the iPad disconnected.
3. Connect the iPad to the computer and wait for it to show up in the devices section in iTunes.
4. Click on the iPad name when it appears and you will be given the option to restore a backup or setup as a new iPad (since it is locked).
5. Click `Setup as new iPad` and then click `restore`.
6. The iPad will start backing up before it does the full restore and sync. CANCEL THE BACKUP IMMEDIATELY. You do this by clicking the small `x` in the status window in iTunes.
7. When the backup cancels, it immediately starts syncing – cancel this as well using the same small `x` in the iTunes status window.
8. The first stage in the restore process unlocks the iPad, you are basically just cancelling out the restore process as soon as it reactivates the iPad.

If done correctly, you will experience no data loss and the result will be a reactivated iPad. I have now tried this with about 5 iPads that were locked identically by students and each time it worked like a charm. Apple Support Community |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) MintoMJ.jpg :::

Minto United Church in Moose Jaw, SK

This is the church where David COLE went to Sunday School and then taught Sunday School as an adolescent in the 1950s and 1960s. His parents were members of Minto. More info: Minto Church History |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) pyramids.jpg :::

Bucket List for Dave COLE

Long ago, I made up a list of my choices of the 70 wonders of the modern world. Beware: many of them are technical. I now realize that this was my own bucket list. To see my list: Click Here
bad image
(1000x1000) Prt_Scr.jpg :::

Print Screen key

To print a screen window to the printer: 1) Alt-prt sc 2) Start WordPad 3) ctrl-V 4) Print].
Or, better still: Download LightShot from then hit the PrtScr key. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 4180157_sta.jpg :::

St. Johns Anglican Church

This photo is of St. Aidan (formerly St. Johns) Anglican Church, Easter 2010. During the 1960s, Rev. Reginald Wright was minister of St. Johns. He was the father of David JR Wright, a 1962 graduate of Central Collegiate Institute (CCI) and a friend of David KC Cole. More photos: CCI Alumni |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 2055477_sta.jpg :::

Temple Gardens Dance Hall in the 40s

In the late 1930s, during the depression, Vic COLE and Earl NANT rented Temple Gardens for many teenage dances. More photos: CCI Alumni |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) slowUploads.jpg :::

Slow Photo Uploads?

If you are plagued by slow photo uploads to the web, learn what you can do. If your photos take more than 1 minute to upload, convert them to photos that appear just as good, but take less than 30 seconds to upload. Usually the cause is high resolution images that have been taken with an expensive 20 Megapixel camera or a scanner. Instead of paying for faster bandwidth, just reduce the size of your photos. Learn how to downgrade your photos to low resolution versions: Lo-Res Your Photos |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0012C.jpg :::

First-Aid Kit

To see a list of items to put in your First-Aid Kit: Click Here. The source for this first aid information is "The Family Emergency Handbook 2003 ISBN:1-59060-244-7. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 119.JPG :::

Tristan, the Geocacher

Geocaching is a new hide-n-seek game that uses GPS devices to find the hidden cache. You choose where in the world you wish to find the hidden "treasure". Then go to Geocaching. Then type in a nearby postal code. Choose a treasure site. The site will tell you its co-ordinates (latitude, longitude). Then use your GPS to get close to it. Then you search for the treasure box. When you find it, you write your name in the log book in the treasure box. Beginners should look for the easy sites; those marked `Beginner` or those with a low level of difficulty.|DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0011.jpg :::

William James GOACHER? & Sarah Jane GOACHER nee GOULTON?

Marion COLE nee Goatcher (1944-2008) kept this photo near to her. The two persons named above are Marion`s paternal grandparents. Sarah Jane GOULTON was a tea-leave reader. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 02760030.JPG :::

Maison de Blandine RICHARD à Arvida en 2004

This is the house where Blandine ARSENEAULT nee Richard and Roch ARSENEAULT raised their family. Ceci est la maison où Blandine ARSENEAULT née Richard et Roch ARSENEAULT ont élevé leurs famille à Arvida, QC, Canada. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 4GenColeRich.JPG :::

4 Generations RICHARD / COLE

Barbara C., Yvette C. nee Richard, Lydie R. nee Arseneault. Yvette is holding Tristan Ellis Cole MARCOUX on her lap. Photo taken in 2004 in Arvida, QC, Canada. This is a photo of 4 generations of the same family. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 02760084.JPG :::

Blandine RICHARD en 2004

Blandine RICHARD est née le 25 Nov 1935 à Havre-aux-Maisons, I-M, QC, Canada. Blandine est la veuve de Roch ARSENEAULT. Elle demeure toujours dans le ville d`Arvida, QC où elle a élevé sa famille. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 02760055R.jpg :::

Gabrielle RICHARD en 2004

Photo prise au cours de golf d`Alcan pres de la Rivière Saguenay à Arvida, QC en 2004. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0010.jpg ::: L-R Back Row: Unknown (possibly Art WOOLGAR), Charles Percy COLE
Front Row: Unknown (possibly Art`s brother), Victor Charles COLE (probably), Gladys Kathleen COLE. This photo was probably taken c1922 in Moose Jaw. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ThePauls.jpg :::

The PAUL family c1951

L-R: Albert William P., Gladys Kathleen P. nee COLE, Donald P., Keith P..
The photo was taken in front of their home in Mimico, ON, Canada circa 1951. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Emeralda.jpg :::

Soeur Éméralda ARSENEAU

Elle était née le 3 juillet 1905 a Havre-aux-Maisons, Iles-de-la-Madeine. Elle est décedée le 8 mai 2000 à l`Infirmerie N.-D.-de-B.-S. et sa sépulture est à la Cimetièer Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, Montréal, QC. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) FamRichard1939.jpg :::

La Famille RICHARD en 1939

GaD Arrière: Lydie R. nee Arseneault, Elphège R.
Devant: Blandine R. Rolande R., Thérèse R.. Ils sont dans la rue devant leurs maison à Arvida, QC en 1939. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) EnfRichard.jpg :::

Les enfants de la famille RICHARD

GaD: Rangé arrière: Angela, Yvette, Gabrielle, Hélène, Rolande, Blandine, Thérèse
Devant: Jacques. Photo des sept soeurs et un frère prise en 1955 dans le salon sur la rue Marquette, Arvida, QC. (English: seven sisters and one brother) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Coles2006.jpg :::

Coles 40th Wedding Anniversary

David COLE and Yvette COLE nee Richard celebrated 40 years of marriage on Nov 20, 2006 in Montreal. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Pattersons.jpg :::

Bob PATTERSON and Cathy PATTERSON nee Lewry

Our friends, Bob and Cathy grew up in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada. They both graduated from CCI (Central Collegiate Institute) high school in the 1960s. They still call Moose Jaw home but they spend summers at Regina Beach and they go to Mesa, AZ in the winter. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Scan0006B.jpg :::

Mariages des Isles de la Madeleines

This book would be of interest to every genealogist with ancestors in the Madeline Islands. It even contains marriages of the Acadian ancestors of those who were married in the Madeline Islands. It lists all marriages of the major Acadian families between the dates: 1794 to 1900. This book was compiled and revised by Rev. Dennis M. Boudreau. He has arranged the marriages chronologically by family name with a great index to the generation numbers. It has ISBN: 1-929920-25-3 and was published in 1980,1984 and 2000. In addition to the marriage information, some historical data is also included. The name of the book is in french, but most of the text in the book is in English. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) TheresaTommyWedding.jpg :::

Wedding: Tommy VAVOUGIOS and Theresa COLE

Tommy and Theresa are still wearing the tiaras after their Greek Orthodox wedding on 26 Jul 1997 in Quebec City, QC, Canada. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) TherTom_wParents.jpg :::

Wedding: Theresa COLE & Tommy VAVOUGIOS with Parents

(L-R) Back Row:Marion C. nee Goatcher, Vic C., David C.
Front Row: Barbara C., Yvette C. nee Richard, Theresa C., Tommy V., Helene V. nee Andrianopoulos, George V. on 26 Jul 1997 in Quebec City, QC, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Theresa_and_Coles.jpg :::

Theresa COLEs Wedding Day

L-R: Barbara C., Yvette C. nee Richard, Theresa C., David C. on 26 Jul 1997 in Quebec City, QC, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) CCI4aRight_M.jpg :::

CCI 4a Grads 1962 (right page)

1962 Moose Jaw Central Collegiate Institute (High School) 4a Grad Photos from right page of yearbook: Outlook.
Click here for HiRes Photos. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) CCI4aLeft_M.jpg :::

CCI 4a Grads 1962 (left page)

1962 Moose Jaw Central Collegiate Institute (High School) 4a Grad Photos from left page of yearbook: Outlook.
Click here for HiRes Photos.|DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ArtsUofS.jpg :::

College of Arts & Science - U of S

In 1972,David COLE graduated from the College of Arts & Science at the University of Saskatchewan (UofS) in Saskatoon, SK, Canada with a M.Sc in Computer Science. He also worked for the U of Sask Main Computer Center where he worked for Norm GLASSEL and was in charge of the System Programming Group. The 360 IBM computer there was running MVS with HASP. David was the first to link the various campus mini-computers to the IBM 360. He worked for Blaine HOLMLUND and taught Systems Programming in the Dept of Computer Science. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) EngineeringUofS.jpg :::

College of Engineering, UofS

This is the Engineering building at the University of Saskatchew in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. In 1966, David COLE graduated from the College of Engineering with a B. Eng. in Electrical Science. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Dodds.jpg :::

David Dodds

David Dodds is a member of the Dept of Electrical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Dave Dodds is a friend and former classmate of David COLE. They graduated with a B.Eng in 1966. Other members of their graduating class included: Andrew BOYS (Andy), Erwin GRUENING, Paul DENNIS, Hugh WOOD and 4 or 5 others. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 450270550_226a63353f_m.jpg :::

Central Collegiate in Moose Jaw

This high school, also known as CCI (Central Collegiate Institute) was built before WW II. Christine COLE and David COLE both graduated from CCI. Click Here for CCI History |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) ePC_Articles2.jpg :::

ePC Articles by COLE

This is a list of short web page articles written (or copied) by David COLE. Their topics include Genealogy, Ancestors, Hints & various lists such as Jukebox Oldies.
Click on ePC Articles |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) IMG_20140712_103241.jpg :::

Andrew WRIGHT and Amy BEAVEN 2014

Andrew and Amy in Ottawa, ON on July 12, 2014 celebrating the birthday of his sister, Christine WRIGHT. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) RochBlandine_M.jpg :::

Arseneault m. Richard, Arvida, 1957

Front Row: A, B, C, D, E etc
Row 2: F, G, H, I, J, etc
Row 3: K, L, M, N, etc
Back Row: P, Q, R, S, T.
Photo taken on 1957 by Unknown
Source: Lydie Arseneault
version hi-res |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) IMG_20140712_095314.jpg :::

Barb WRIGHT nee Zryd and son Andrew WRIGHT

Dave and Yvette COLE played bridge with Barb and Dave WRIGHT for many years in Regina, SK. Barb and both Daves attended CCI high school in Moose Jaw, SK in the early 1960s.
Photo taken in Ottawa, ON, Canada in July 2014 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) IMG_20140712_103619.jpg :::

Wrights and Coles in 2014

(L-R) Front: David COLE and David WRIGHT
Back: Yvette COLE nee Richard and Barb WRIGHT nee Zryd.
Barb and both Daves attended CCI high school in Moose Jaw, SK in the early 1960s. The COLEs, the WRIGHTs, the SPLETTs and the PENTLANDs played bridge monthly in Regina, SK between 1975 and 1995. Photo taken in Ottawa in July 2014. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) islandora-754-med.jpg :::

Zion Church (gallery view)

Zion church ( in Moose Jaw, SK) is where Charles Percy COLE was the caretaker for many years ending circa 1957. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Missy_THM.jpg :::


Barbara`s dog, Missy, was the family dog in her parents home . . . and then in her own home. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Taos_New_Mexico.jpg :::

painting by Marion COLE nee Goatcher

This painting, by his mother, hangs in the kitchen of David KC COLE in Ottawa, ON, Canada.
To view more paintings go to Marion Gallery |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Marion_Cole_1997_VS.jpg :::

Marion COLE nee Goatcher

This is a photo of Marion COLE, working on a painting in 1997 on the porch of their double-wide home in Mesa, FL, USA. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) RochBlandine1Meg.jpg :::


Marriage le 25 MAY 1957 à Arvida, , QC, Canada
GàD Devant: Fidèl Richard, sa femme, Exilda Arseneault nee Boudreau, Elphège R., Blandine nee R., Roch Arseneault, Firmin Arseneault, Lydie R. nee Arseneault, Angela R.
bad image
(1000x1000) RichardElphege.jpg :::

Elphege RICHARD (1908-1986)

Elphege RICHARD (15 Aug 1908 à Havre-aux-Maisons, I-M, QC, Canada - 28 Apr 1986 à Arvida, , QC, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) WrightsColes4.jpg :::

CCI high school friends (since 1958)

L-R: David WRIGHT, Theresa COLE, Barb WRIGHT nee Zryd, Yvette COLE nee Richard, Christine WRIGHT, Richard WRIGHT (baby in highchair), Barbara COLE.
Photo by David COLE in July 1977. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) WrightsColes.jpg :::

CCI high school friends (since 1958)

L-R: David WRIGHT, Theresa COLE, Barb WRIGHT nee Zryd, Yvette COLE nee Richard, Christine WRIGHT, Richard WRIGHT (baby in highchair), Barbara COLE. Andrew WRIGHT was not yet born.
David COLE took this photo in July 1977. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ColeBarbaraAge6.jpg :::

Barbara COLE

Barbara COLE on TV in Regina, SK at the age of 6 1/2. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ArsenaultAlcide.jpg :::

Alcide Arsenault

A la douce mémoire de
époux de Graziella Arsenault
décédé à l`Hôpital Notre-Dame de la Garde
le 12 mars 1952
à l`âge de 26 ans
Alcide était le fils d`Azade Arseneau ( 9 avr 1876 - 28 juin 1959 ). |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ArseneaultRoch.jpg :::

Roch Arseneault

Roch Arseneault (7 mai 1933 à Havre aux Maisons, QC - 20 août 1985 à Arvida, QC) a marié Blandine Richard. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) FamRichard1966.jpg :::

La Famille Richard - 1966

Arrière: Rolande, Hélène, Blandine, Jacques, Thérèse, Angela
Devant: Elphège, Lydie (née Arseneault), Yvette, Gabrielle
aux noces d`Yvette le 5 novembre 1966 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Richard7cdec1948.jpg :::

7 Filles à Elphége Richard c Xmas 1948

(G a D) Arriere: Thérèse, Blandine
Centre: Rolande, Hélène
Devant: Gabrielle, Angela, Yvette
devant leurs maison à Arvida, QC, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ArseneauAzade.jpg :::

Azade Arseneau
(9 avr 1876 - 28 juin 1959)

Azade Arseneau
époux de feu Anna Thériault
décédé au Havre aux Maisons
Iles de la Madeleine
à l`âge de 83 ans et 3 mois.
R.I.P. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Gen4_Theriault.jpg :::

Theriault - 4 Generations

Devant (GaD) Francois-Etiene THERIAULT (26 dec 1827-c1920), Alexandre (Alec) THERIAULT (1853-1932)
Arriere (GaD) Julienne-Anna THERIAULT (21 mar 1882 - 27 juin 1938), Emeralda ARSENEAU (3 juil 1905 - 8 May 2000) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ColeVictor2.jpg :::

Victor Cole (1918-2010)

One of his favorite saying was "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)" In his senior years, Vic was a member of Minto United Church at 1036 7th Ave NW, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 4C4, Canada |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ImmaculeeConception.jpg :::

Graduées en 1960

Finissantes à lInstitut Familial de l`Immaculée Conception.
---1ère rangée:. Thérèse Bergeron, Jonquière--Evelyne Gauthier, Chicoutimi.--Soeur Marie-Jules, directrice,--Soeur Marie-Blanche de Castille,--Louise Ménard, de Chicoutimi-Nord---Gisèle Desrosiers, St-Honoré.
2è rangée:. Monique Gaudreault, Jonquière,--Hélène Richard, Arvida-- Andrée Gauthier, Arvida,---Bernadette Lévesque, Isle-Maligne.
Source: ici |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) PICT000540c54b806.jpg :::

The COLE`s house c2000

This was the house of David COLE and Yvette nee RICHARD from 1993 to c2007.
The address of the house was 53 Westpark Drive, Blackburn Hamlet, Ottawa, ON, Canada. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 03j100003S.jpg :::

Annie (nee SMALL) KINGSLAND (1862-1926)

KINGSLAND, nee SMALL, Annie G. (b. 1862 in Plymouth,, Devon, England - 1926 Cannington, , , England)) (Grandma Kingsland to Victor C COLE). Photo Date: Jan 1, 1918. Annie KINGSLAND was the great-grandmother of David KC COLE. She was born with the name Annie SMALL.
Shirley (nee Sydenham) Jarvis says that Annie Small lived at 17 Ship Street. Then Annie Small moved to 35 Newcastle St., Isle of Dogs, Christchurch.
Annie was buried in grave number 211195 on Hermit Rd in Cannington in East London, Eng. /DC0164.
DC0069 The 1881 census indicates that Annie was born in Plymouth, Devon, Eng. IGI records list an Ann SMALL (b. 20 May 1862 in Liverpool, Lancashire, Eng.). She is the daughter of George SMALL and Isabella ?. Plymouth is due South of Wales and Liverpool is due North of Wales, so these two people named Ann SMALL are probably not the same person, even though they were born in the same year.....DC0001 /DC0069
For more info see Family tree |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 03j100008.jpg :::

Sarah Ann BOOTH, great-grandmother of David KC COLE

COLE, nee BOOTH, Sarah Ann (b. February 18, 1855 in Willey, Leicestershir, England - 5 Jul 1939 in Wheathampstead, Sandridge, Hertford, England), (Grandma COLE to Victor COLE and Gladys COLE). Sarah Ann nee BOOTH COLE was the mother of Charles (Charley) Percy COLE, grandfather of David KC COLE.
View in Family Tree |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 03j100006.jpg :::

William COLE (b 1881-?), wife, sisters & gdaughter

Left, [COLE, Jessie, (b. 1883) his sister], [COLE, nee DOWSON, Jeannette (Auntie Nett), his wife], [CLARKE, nee COLE, Margaret, (b. 1886) (Auntie Madge), his sister], [COLE, William (b. 1881) (Uncle Will)], [HELEN, Jeanette, his granddaughter],Right. William (Will) COLE was the brother of Charles Percy COLE (b. 13 May 1884 in Sandridge, Hertford, Eng.) who was the grandfather of David KC COLE (b 1944 in Montreal, QC, Canada). Will`s sisters were also David`s grandfather`s sisters.|DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 03j100016.jpg :::

Charley and Florrie COLE

COLE, nee Kingsland, Florence (b. 1880 d. 1975)], [COLE, Charles;Charlie Percy (b. 1884 d. 1966 ). Charley was known by many Moose Jaw citizens as the caretaker or janitor of Zion United church in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) wedding 15 may 1999 40.jpg :::

Wedding: Guy MARCOUX and Barbara COLE (1999)

This is a picture of the members of the RICHARD family who attended the wedding on May 15, 1999.
(L-R) Blandine R., Rolande R., Jacques R., Angela R. Guy MARCOUX, Barbara COLE, Yvette R., Gabrielle R., Thérèse R. (NB Hélène R. was living in Moncton, so she is missing.) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ND_Stones_Grad_Years.jpg :::

ND Graduation Stones

In the 1980s, David and Yvette COLE and their two girls (Theresa and Barbara) sometimes visited the USA (from Regina, SK) to go shopping in Minot, North Dakota. On the way along highway 52, near Baden, ND they would look for the graduation years written in white stones on the sides of hills. Due to the inclination of the hills, these numbers can be read from overhead as well as from the road. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Cole_Family2.JPG :::

Vic and Marion COLE`s Family c2005

(L-R) Back Row: Chuck C., Jeannette nee IRELAND C., Christine nee C. WARD, Mike WARD, Yvette nee RICHARD C., David C.
(L-R) Front Row: Victor C., Marion nee GOATCHER C. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) scan0012.jpg ::: Military Cross (instead of a headstone) for Thomas (Tom) REDMOND who was born on 29 June 1921 in Montreal, QC and died in 1959 in Noranda, QC. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) scan0009b.jpg :::

David and Yvette

David COLE and Yvette RICHARD in 1965 (before they were engaged). |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Brimley_Charles2.jpg :::

Charles BRIMLEY marriage record

BRIMLEY_Charles.jpg: Record of Marriage of Charles BRIMLEY to Sarah Mercy TWITCHELL on 4 Nov 1846 in Willington, Bedfordshire, England Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) EgliseSt-Jacques.jpg :::

Église St-Jacques

(St. Jacques parish church). Elle est située à Arvida, QC, Canada). Photo en juillet 2004 par David COLE.
David Kenneth Charles COLE et M-Yvette Louise RICHARD se sont mariés dans cette église le 5 novembre, 1966. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Cole_Charles_Percy2.jpg :::

Charles (Charley) Percy COLE

(1884-1966). In Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Charles married Florence Annie KINGSLAND by whom he had 2 children: Gladys and Victor. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) jukebox.jpg :::

CCI 722 JukeBox

Do you remember the JukeBoxes in the booths at the 722 cafe near CCI (Central Collegiate Institute)? For a long list of "Oldies" Click Here |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) $_35.jpg :::

Trailer for sale

NO, the price isn't $35,000.
See full add at KiJiJi Please note that the position shown on the KiJiJi `View Map` is wrong. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ColeCharlesFlorenceVictorMarion.jpg :::

COLE Headstone

Cole, Charles Florence Victor Marion
Keywords:Charles Cole & Florence Kingsland, Victor Cole & Marion Goatcher
Charley was the first to be buried here.
Look for Cole in Block 20 at Source: Saskatchewan Genealogical Society |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Sullivan_Daisy_c1925.jpg :::

Daisy Sullivan in 1925

The photo says that it was taken in 1925, but I believe that this photo was taken around 1942. I have heard that Daisy often washed her long hair on the nearby shore of the Kinogevis River close to their homestead in Farmborough. Daisy nee Sullivan Goatcher was the wife of Philip Goatcher. Daisy`s autobiography can be seen here. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Goatcher_Philip_b.jpg :::

Philip Goatcher c1915

A very young Philip Goatcher. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Goatcher_Philip.jpg :::

Philip Goatcher

Philip Richard Goatcher, an evangelist for the Church of Christ, is remembered for his evangelism in the article at NORTHERN QUEBEC EVANGELISM - 1935 to 1950s. GOATCHER is sometimes spelled GOACHER. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1404417017.jpg :::

Big foot

Canadian monster, Bigfoot: I`m awesome. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Goatcher_Phillip_and_Daisy.jpg :::

Philip & Daisy

Happy Days for Philip GOATCHER and Daisy (nee SULLIVAN) GOATCHER. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) P4270102.JPG :::

Emma`s Confimation

in 2014 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Suggested.jpg :::

Search Phrases
Click Here

bad image
(1000x1000) MySundial.jpg :::

Our SunDial

This sundial is in our back yard. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) GlenaleeSign.jpg :::

Glenalee RV park

The Glenalee Mobile Home park at White lake is a popular weekend destination for many Ottawa residents. The mobile homes and trailers are right beside the lake, where residents enjoy fishing, boating, swimming and campfires. For directions to Glenalee: Click Here |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1403533861R.jpg :::

Tristan and Jean-Luc

A picture of Tristan and his friend Jean-Luc in 2014. Awesome! |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) M1.jpg :::

The Crab Nebula (M1)

The Crab Nebula is the first spectacular "star" that astronomer Messier added to his list of stars that were `non-comets`. He was one of the first persons on planet Earth to use the newly invented telescope, in 1771. But the Chinese and some Amerinds had actually seen the creation of the Crab Nebula in the year 1054.
For more information about Messiers list and the constellations in the Zodiac, go to my web site: ZodiacEtc. My fable or little story (Fable in English or Fable en français) was written to help remember the names of all the signs of the Zodiac. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ColeTree.jpg :::

Family Tree of David KC COLE

Most family trees on the web don`t show the names of living people for privacy. But the family tree shown is different because it shows the names of living persons. For a usable version of my living persons family tree, click here. For a usable version of my full (non-living persons) family tree, click below.
Full Tree: David Cole in WorldConnect |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Memoirs_Cover_Jess.jpg :::

Memoirs of an Ancient Lady

Jessica Godwin (nee Jessie Goatcher) published her `memoirs` (ISBN:1 872795 64) in 1992 on her 100th birthday. See more information about Jessica`s book ...Ancient Lady.
bad image
(1000x1000) Goatcher_Jess.jpg :::

Jessica Godwin - Birthday

Jessica Godwin (nee Goatcher) Birthday party - 100 years old Jessie GOATCHER (1892 - 1998). GOATCHER is sometimes spelled GOACHER.
Jessica, her mother and some of her descendants were tea-leave readers:

Miss Goatcher is the lady`s name.
On contractor work she gained some fame
By climbing hedges smashing gates
And by the tea-leaves telling fates.
     Source:Ancient Lady p28

bad image
(1000x1000) Lydie.jpg :::

Lydie Richard (nee Arseneault)

Lydie Arseneault (31 juillet 1911 - 21 octobre 2004) photo prise en juillet 2004 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) photo_3.jpg :::

Doris and Sheila

Doris North (nee Goatcher) and Sheila Hambridge at the Highland Games at Coburg in 2014. (Photo by Al or Barb Redmond) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 2tGlad&Alb&AuntJess.jpg ::: ( L to R ) Gladys Paul (nee Cole), Albert Paul, Jessica Godwin (nee Goatcher) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 131.JPG :::

Helen Vavougios (nee Andrianopoulos)

(August 25, 1924 - March 11, 2011). She married George Vavougios in February 28,1957. Our friend, Helen, was buried in Quebec City. This is her headstone. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Cole_CharlesP_TombSt.jpg :::

Cole Grave in Moose Jaw

Buried under this headstone are: COLE, Charles Percy; COLE, Florence A. (nee KINGSLAND); COLE, Marion I. (nee GOATCHER); COLE, Victor C. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) rogers_logo.jpg :::

Rogers Gbytes Usage

Go to (the link below)
Sign in
Select `My Rogers`
Select `Products & services`
Select `Internet`
Select `Usage Details`
select `Daily` |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) parcAndersonParkE.jpg :::

Parc Anderson Park

This aerial view of the pAp condo group shows the full extent of pAp. The sewage (septic) system of pAp is simply described in the two drawings that follow:
Drawing 1
Drawing 2
bad image
(1000x1000) Bastian_C.jpg :::

Live Traps

Carl Bastian has had success using humane traps to capture small outdoor pests. He has "caught and released" many pests without killing them. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1403829808.jpg :::

Pest Control

Dave Cole uses these products to catch pests (various sizes of mice). Fortunately there has been no sign of any rats. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) FamilySearch.jpg :::

LDS Family Search

This site is the best free genealogy search site. You must sign up before you can search it. The Mormons have put together a lot of genealogy information. It is worth contributing information to their growing `1 world tree`.
Go to:My Oldest Known COLE Ancestor
Then click on `Tree`.
Then click on `View: Traditional`. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) cern.jpg :::

Cern Accelerator

The Cern Accelerator is a huge donut shaped machine that makes small particles go .99999999 times the speed of light. Scientists use it for important experiments to learn more about what is inside tiny atoms of material.
Cern Accelerator |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Al_at _NiagraFalls.jpg :::

Niagra Falls

Al Redmond with Sheila Hambridge at Niagra Falls in June 2014 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1402866758R.jpg :::

Tristan Marcoux

Tristan is awesome, says he. |DKC$date-up2 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Theresa_and_Family.jpg :::

Theresa COLE and Family

L-R back row: Tommy Vavougios; middle row: Nicolas V, George V. Theresa Cole; Front Row: Dimitri V., Alexandria V. Source: Johanne Bonneau 2014 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) up2iGal.jpg :::

Link File Error

IE and other programs say `What do you want to do with Internet Explorer.lnk`.
Solution: Malware Tips:Use Option 1 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Burgundy_Pool.jpg :::

Burgundy Unit 1 Pool

This is the pool at our condo in Bradenton, Florida. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Chankillo.jpg :::

Chankillo, Peru

The ancient `13 Tower` observatory in Peru.
Source: Chankillo Project |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 555Amp.jpg :::

Simple Music Generator

This simple electronic circuit generates music when you wave your hand.
I can help you make this project.
Watch Video
Hila Road |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Marcoux_Chantal.jpg :::

Chantal Marcoux

As of 2014, Chantal Marcoux and Gus live in Orleans, a suburb of Ottawa. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) gnomon.jpg :::


The triangle on a sundial is called a gnomon.
Create a right-angled triangle with the angle (shown in the picture) equal to your latitude. Attach it vertically to a Sundial (which is made of some heavy material).
This sundial is designed to work at latitudes close to 45 degrees, i.e. Ottawa. To set up your sundial, find a place with as much exposure to the sun as possible. Mount the sundial on top of a post , use a level to make sure the face of the sundial is level. Fasten the dial in place (with one screw) with the gnomon facing north (The gnomon is the angled piece that casts the shadow). If you can find Polaris, the north star, point the gnomon of your sundial at Polaris.
Rotate the sundial until it agrees with the time shown on your watch. Fasten the sundial in place with a second screw. This watch shows eight in the morning, the sundial is set with the edge of the shadow along the 8:00 AM line. Your sundial works best when set to standard time, not daylight saving time. If your sundial is set to standard time you will have to add one hour to the time during summer months.
Source:Sundial Construction |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) MySQL_icon.jpg :::

MySQL wildcard syntax

SELECT `object` FROM `userData` WHERE `object` LIKE ``Ubuntu%.jpg``
SELECT `id`,`object` FROM `userData` WHERE `id` BETWEEN "1" AND "100"
Source:StackOverflow |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Ubuntu_14o04.jpg :::

Ubuntu Notes

1. Line Spacing in LibreOffice Writer
- normal text settings: Ctrl-Right Mouse Key
- paragraph settings: Format-Paragraph-Indents&Spacing
Source: Buy it for £5.04 |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Drake_Tree.jpg :::

Family Tree for Sir Francis DRAKE (1540-1596)

Two Margaret COLE ancestors! His paternal grandmother was Margaret COLE (1476-9 Nov 1554). Her parents were John COLE (c1383-c1473) and Agnes Fitzwarine (c1387-1 Dec 1433).One of his great-great-grandmothers was Margaret COLE (b.c1433). . . Not True!
Source: DRAKE Tree |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Ubuntu14o04.jpg :::

ubuntu version 14.04 LTS

Available Now! Contact WebMaster below for a free DVD.

WebMaster: David @
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(1000x1000) GooglePhotoCarShadow.jpg :::

360 degree Camera Car

A snapshot of the shadow of the `Google Camera Car` that is photographing the full 360 degree scene around it as it drives along. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Tulips.JPG ::: At the Ottawa tulip festival in 2014
Back: David COLE, Yvette COLE
Front: Alexandria VAVOUGIOS, Dimitri VAVOUGIOS |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) UbuntuLinux.jpg :::

Ubuntu / Linux Features

Ubuntu is an inexpensive computer operating system much like Windows, but it offers many important differences.

1. No viruses
2. Totally Free
3. If Windows fails, ubuntu will
    a) access the Web
    b) get files and music from the hard drive
4. Faster than Windows
5. Can read & write all versions of Windows Office documents
6. No Driver CD's are necessary
7. Upgraded every 6 months
8. Bug support is available
9. Will work even if the hard drive fails
10. Works on new and old PCs
11. Can run from a USB stick (flash drive)
12. Accesses the Windows Hard Drive without passwords
13. Supports all Google software eg Gmail
14. Runs on the cheap $35 Raspberry Pi 2 computer that surfs the Web using a TV set.
15. With the Raspberry Pi and Linux, both Mathematica and Wolfram run for free.
16. With the Raspberry Pi, a cheap TV provides a huge desktop for programming.

1. Some learning is necessary
2. The following are not supported:
    a) Revenue Canada software
    b) Magic-Jack phones
    c) Legacy (genealogy ssoftware)
    d) Canon MF3010 printer
    e) Adobe Flash Player
    f) Libre Office photos to MS docx & rtf
    g) Rewritable CDs
    h) DoubleDown Casino
    i) Chromium updates
    j) BASIC-256
    k) MS QBasic
    l) Irfanview

Click here to order an Ubuntu DVD
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(1000x1000) Basic256.jpg :::

Game Programming for Kids

This programming language, Basic-256 is designed for kids. It's easy to read and easy to learn. But the best thing about Basic-256 is that it teaches you how to program computer games. Just start reading Chapter 1 then Chapter 2 etc. You should also download the Basic-256 program so you can start programming the sample programs. Then you can program the example programs. Its fun and easy. It's all free, unless you want to get the book in paper format. Here are the sites where you can get more information. Read the Book, Download the Software, Language Documentation. HAVE FUN |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) TheRocket.jpg :::

Rocket Richard

Maurice RICHARD and Yvette (nee RICHARD) COLE are 3rd cousins.
Their common ancestor is Damien RICHARD. The descendancy to Maurice is: Damien>Onesime>Henri>Onesime>Maurice(the Rocket). The decendancy to Yvette is: Damien>Theophile>Donat>Elphege>Yvette. The Rocket was probably Canada`s most famous hockey player . . . until Gretsky arrived. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Eclipse1979.jpg :::

Total Eclipse of the Sun 1979

On Feb 26, 1979 Theresa COLE and Barbara COLE went with their father, David COLE, to view the eclipse of the sun. They skipped school and saw the total eclipse north of Assiniboia, SK, Canada at 11:39:47. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) QuarterFarthing.jpg :::

Rare Quarter Farthing UK Coin

Year 1839. Value was 1/16 of a penny. It was minted in Ceylon and was valid British currency. Some people called it a `mote`. Rare UK coins |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Leah_Cole_May_2014.jpg :::


Leah, daughter of Curtis COLE and Allison COLE nee Spencer in May 2014. Curtis was born in Moose Jaw, Sask., the son of Charles (Chuck) Philip COLE and Jeannette nee IRELAND COLE. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) OldBritishCoins.jpg :::

Old British coins

They were used until 1971.
Top Row: Penny (1d), half-Penny, Bottom Row: Half-Crown (2s/6d), Florin (2 shillings), Shilling (1s), Sixpence (6d), Thrupence (3d).
Years ago, other coins were also in use: the Guinea (21 Shillings), the Crown (5 Shillings), Farthing (1/4 of 1d) and Half Farthing (1/8 of 1d)
(Until Decimalization, 1 British pound = 20 Shillings, 1 Shilling = 12 pence.)
In addition to the 1, 5 and 10 Pound (£ or L) banknotes, a 10 Shilling note was also in use until decimalization in 1971.
All of these non-decimal coins (except the farthing) were still in use when David Cole visited England in the summer of 1964. Some old coins remained in use after decimalization.
More coin info. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 2Rules.jpg :::

There are two Rules for Success

1) Never tell everything you know. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) sky1944I16.jpg :::

Planet Locations on David Cole`s birthday: 1944 Sep 16

All of the major objects in our Solar System (even the dwarf planet, Pluto) were overhead around noon when David was born.

In Virgo: Venus, Mars, Neptune, Sun
In Leo: Moon, Jupiter, Mercury
In Cancer: Pluto
In Gemini: Saturn
In Taurus: Uranus
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(1000x1000) commissaire.jpg :::

Décès de l`ancien commissaire scolaire Marcellin Noël

Marcellin Noël a occupé le poste de commissaire scolaire du Quartier 14, dans l`est du Plateau, de 1987 à 2003. Il est décédé le 7 avril, à l`âge de 61 ans. Marcellin Noël (Photo d`archives) Cofondateur du MÉMO (Mouvement pour une école moderne et ouverte), il fut parmi les quatre premiers commissaires élus de cette jeune formation politique, en 1987. Il a été réélu jusqu`en 2003. Son parcours au sein du milieu politique scolaire fut pour le moins singulier. Après sa réélection, en 1999, il démissionne du MÉMO avec quatre autres commissaires dissidents. Leur défection entraîne la défaite du MÉMO. Une coalition prend alors la tête de la Commission scolaire de Montréal où la présidence du comité exécutif est assumée par Marcellin Noël, pendant quatre années. Robert Cadotte, ancien commissaire scolaire, rappelle que sous la gouverne de Marcellin Noël, 16 des 19 promesses électorales du MÉMO furent réalisées. Les dissidents, dont il faisait partie, reprochaient au MÉMO de ne pas appliquer son programme tel qu`adopté avant les élections. «Marcellin a beaucoup travaillé aux relations de travail auprès de tous les syndicats de la commission scolaire. Le président de l`Alliance des professeurs de l`époque avait même cité en exemple la commission scolaire lors d`une négociation. Cette déclaration avait été encadrée par Marcellin», se souvient-il. «Dans sa volonté de prévenir la violence à lécole, il a réussi à rassembler tous les employés de la commission scolaire, du concierge au directeur d`école, au Centre Bell. Une première qui, à ma connaissance, na pas eu son pareil en Amérique du Nord», souligne M. Cadotte. M. Noël avait aussi invité tous les employés de la commission scolaire à emboîter le pas dans une vaste campagne environnementale. Pour l`occasion, des personnalités du milieu artistique comme Sol, Gilles Vigneault et Richard Desjardins, y avaient participé. En 2002, une lettre envoyée aux journaux, faisant état du port de l`uniforme dans les écoles publiques, avait suscité beaucoup de réactions. Sans imposer le port de l`uniforme aux écoles, il croyait fermement que l`uniforme pouvait réduire le taxage et éliminer une certaine forme de discrimination, basée sur la marque des vêtements que les élèves portent. C`est sous la gouverne de M. Noël que la CSDM a pu surmonter le problème de surpopulation des écoles. Deux nouvelles écoles furent construites en plus de l`ajout de 45 nouvelles classes. «Plusieurs dossiers majeurs se sont réglés grâce à l`apport de Marcellin Noël», insiste M. Cadotte. À l`élection scolaire de 2003, il fonde le Collectif pour la réussite et l`épanouissement de l`enfant (CRÉE). Sa formation ne fait élire que 3 commissaires sur 21. M. Noël n`est pas réélu. À cette occasion, il affirmait: «Après avoir siégé comme commissaire scolaire pendant 16 ans, je suis heureux d`avoir pu servir comme j`en ai eu l`occasion. Merci à la population qui, à quatre reprises, ma fait confiance». Il s`est retiré de la vie publique par la suite. Il occupait la vice-présidence du syndicat des employés de l`UQAM. Il consacrait beaucoup d`énergie à l`aide aux employés aux prises avec des problèmes de toxicomanie. Décès du commissaire scolaire |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Waste_2014_Jul_to_Dec.jpg :::

Garbage Day 2nd Half

Ottawa 2014 garbage collection schedule 2014 Jul to Dec (July to December). Garbage Day second 6 months. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Waste_2014_Jan_to_Jun.jpg :::

Garbage Day First 6 Months

Ottawa 2014 garbage collection schedule 2014 Jan to Jun (January to June) |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) BurgundyCondos.jpg :::

Bradenton woman`s murder result of `burglary gone horribly bad`

MANATEE — Helen Van Orden, 79, was a part-time housekeeper at Emeritus at College Park, a senior-living residence on 26th Street West in Bradenton. After working from 8 a.m. to noon every weekday, Van Orden, who lived in Towanda, Pa., and Norwich, N.Y., before moving to Florida with her now-late husband, William, would go right home to her small apartment at Burgundy Condominiums on 46th Avenue Terrace West and walk her diabetic pug, Lucy. Then, she relaxed and waited for her 61-year-old son, Charles, who lives off Cortez Road and has been on disability since 1981, to call to check on her, as he did precisely at 9 p.m. every night. But all of that is over.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office detectives believe Richard Wayne Matthews Jr., 32, who lists his residence as homeless, murdered Helen Van Orden in her apartment in what sheriff’s office spokesman Dave Bristow on Sunday called: “a burglary gone horribly bad.” Charles Van Orden, 61, said he believes his mother may have been murdered Thursday for her credit cards, purse and 2000 silver Dodge Strata. Charles Van Orden went to her apartment Friday afternoon and discovered his mother’s body. “I saw a pool of blood behind her head and I called 911,” Van Orden said. Charles Van Orden’s sister, Mary Ann Layhew, who lives in Whitfield Estates and is a debt collector for Vengroff Williams Inc., was as crushed as her brother Sunday. “This is senseless,” Layhew said. “Maybe she had $30 in her purse.”

Layhew said she believes there was a connection between her mother and Matthews. “The connection to this guy was that he was associated with friends of my son, Nathan Cory Martin, who has passed away,” Layhew said. “I believe Matthews stayed in an apartment in Burgundy II and he must have seen my mom come and go and recognized her from the days when Nathan was alive. I think he thought of her as an easy mark.” Charles Van Orden said his mother was “sweet” and made delicious meals of roast beef and mashed potatoes. Layhew said: “Our mom was a go-getter, She didn’t let anything get by her. She stayed busy. She was very active. She never let grass grow under feet.” Van Orden said he took Lucy to an animal shelter. “I can’t afford her care,” he said. Layhew said her mother will be buried Saturday at Manasota Memorial in Oneco at a time to be set. The man charged with Helen Van Orden’s murder has multiple felony convictions, including dealing in stolen property in 2001, according to Manatee County Court records. Among Matthews’ roughly 30 separate cases from 2001-14, which include many minor legal run-ins, are several probation violations and a felony battery charge in 2012, court records reveal. In the Van Orden case, Matthews has been charged with non-premeditated murder, motor vehicle theft and burglary with assault and battery, according to the sheriff’s office’s jail website. Van Orden’s autopsy revealed she died as a result of “homicidal violence,” according to Matthews’ arrest report. The arrest report also states Matthews told three people he murdered Van Orden and two of the three gave authorities sworn statements. Ronald Ellison told the sheriff’s office Matthews, who is his godson, called him around 8 a.m. Friday to ask for a ride. Matthews reportedly told Ellison: “He had killed a lady at the Burgundy Apartments and that he had stolen her car and credit cards,” the report states. Working on another tip, authorities captured Matthews Saturday night in the 5200 block of U.S. 41, Bristow said Sunday. Matthews was incarcerated late Saturday and is being held in the Manatee County jail with no bond, according to the sheriff’s office’s jail website. Van Orden was found on her living room floor, according to the arrest report. Marks were found on her consistent with a tennis shoe. A large blue T-shirt was found under her body. The Stratus was ditched sometime Friday and found Saturday at Midway Apartments in the 300 block of 57th Avenue Drive East, Bristow said. Charles Van Orden said he is extremely angry at Matthews. He would like to confront him in court. “I would ask: ‘Why did you do a heinous thing like this?’” Van Orden said. “I would also say: ‘I want you to get everything you deserve.’” Read more here: Bradenton Murder |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) iPad-1398983156.jpg ::: That is a photo of us and our friends discussing a possible trip to Peru. (L-R) Mari-Jeanne, Yvette, Suzanne, Gabriel, Marielle, Lorraine. May 2014 |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) iPad.jpg :::

iPad Settings, Hints & Advice

1. set Brightness to lowest value that is bright enough
2. set Auto-Brightness On (with lowest acceptable value in a dark room)
3. Set Reverse Text On when reading text eg via google
4. Set Siri On
5. Set AutoLock to 15 minutes (Not to "Never")
6. Set Location Services off
7. Set EQ (i.e. sound equalization) off
8. Back Up your data before replacing your iPad for another iPad
9. Turn off WiFi when not in use
10. Enable both French and English keyboards
11. When writing text:
a) use speech to text (for French and English)
b) let the iPad insert all accents
c) let the iPad insert apostrophes eg cant
12. Bookmark your favorite internet sites
13. Upgrade your applications every few days (IOS upgrade also)
14. Power it Off when recharging
15. Close all open applications when not in use (eg while recharging)
16. Always unplug the power cord carefully. Yanked cords will be damaged. /iPadUse.txt |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) minecraft.jpg :::

minecraft works on Ubuntu 14.04

Earlier this month Canonical released a new, long term support, version of its popular operating system (OS), Ubuntu. Nicknamed Trusty Tahr, Ubuntu 14.04 comes pre-installed with tons of great software, but even more is available through the handy Ubuntu Software Center which users will find in the applications launcher. Popular video game Minecraft is also available for install on Ubuntu 14.04. Users will need to launch the Terminal application to install the popular game, but a simple copy and paste can handle that. In order to install Minecraft it should be noted that installing software on Linux can be tricky and systems with slight variations in hardware and software will have different experiences. It is advised to make sure that all vital information is backed up prior to installing the game. It’s never too soon to backup vital data to a cloud or on an external hard drive. The developer notes that users who had difficulty running Minecraft with OpenJDK 7 will also have problems with this installation. However, he also notes that most problems arise from not having OpenJDK 7 installed. To check if a system has OpenJDK 7 installed, open the Synaptic Package Manager and search for JDK. To install it, check its box and click ″apply″ in the graphical menu.
for more information click here: minecraft under ubuntu |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) North_America.jpg ::: Map of North America from the General Gazetteer published in 1782. Note that western Canada is labelled "Parts Unknown". A picture of the title page of this book is also included in this gallery. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) GeneralGazetteer1782.jpg ::: Title page of the General Gazetteer published in 1782.
This ancient book contains examples of the extinct "long S" character that looks like an "f". But the right-side of the dash on "f" is always missing when it is a "long S". Look for the words "Defcription" on line 6 and "alfo" for "also" farther down. More information about the "long S" character also appears in another picture in this gallery. The original price of this book was 7 shillings in England. It was published in MDCCLXXXII, which is 1782 in Roman Numberals. A different picture in this gallery is a map of North America, but the western part of Canada is labelled "Parts Unknown". The photographic quality of the scan of this page is very poor. This book is in David Cole`s personal library. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) VictorCharlesCole.jpg ::: Victor Charles COLE of Moose Jaw, SK, Canada (c2005). Victor first worked at Great West Auto Electric then as manager of the Moose Jaw Bowling Center. His son, Chuck COLE, followed Victor as bowling manager. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Marion_2002.jpg :::

Marion COLE nee Goatcher in 2002

This is her 80th Birthday party with all the family members, spouses and grandchildren who were living in Moose Jaw, SK with her at the time.
L-R: Cody WARD, Jasmine C.,Jeannette C. nee Ireland, Charles C., Mike WARD, Marshall WARD, Christine WARD nee Cole, Mathew WARD, Victor COLE, Marion COLE nee Goatcher. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) ChrisWard.jpg ::: Christine Ward nee Cole
AllStar Awards and Graphics
943 Henry St.
Moose Jaw, SK
S6H 3H1
Tel: (306) 630-7009
Christine specializes in the production of all types of engraved trophies, plaques and other awards.
>. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) AED.jpg ::: Eldon Hymers (centre-left) and his wife Terry (centre) pose with Christine Ward (right), the first responder who helped to save Hymers life, and paramedics Mike Slater (far right) and Greg Bishop (far left). Hymers is holding an Automated External Defibrillator — the exact kind of device used to save his life. Full Article |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) RoverAndVic.jpg ::: Rover, his 3 legged pet dog, and Victor C. COLE (in his Kinsmen Club jacket) atop a hill at Buffalo Pound Lake, Northshore c1964 |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) CaptionHints.jpg :::

Creating Better Captions

The following hints can improve your captions:
1. Type "`" instead of an apostrophe. It is usually in front of the "esc" key.
2. Insert <$br> for a line feed, instead of the Enter key. (But remove the $ after each "<").
3. In case you need characters with accents, here are some accented characters to copy and paste: "°àâäçéèëêîïñôöûùÀÉÊÎÔ".
4. Make a title by enclosing the first phrase between <$h3> title phrase <$/h3>. (But remove the $ after each "<"). It will produce

title phrase

5. You can include a hyper-link similar to the following:
<$A href=""> LDS Books<$/A>
. (But remove the $ after each "<").This will appear as: LDS Books
bad image
(1000x1000) typistU.jpg ::: Any special character can be typed if you know its 4 digit Unicode value. To type a Unicode character (examples: long S- U+017F, left arrow- U+2190); for long S, do the following: -Press and keep holding down the < shift > key. -Press and keep holding down the < ctrl > key. -Press and then release the "U" key. -Release the < ctrl > key. -Release the < shift > key. Note: an underlined "u" will appear. Do NOT type the "+" character. Now type the 4 keys that define the Unicode character. -Press and then release the "0" key. -Press and then release the "1" key. -Press and then release the "7" key. -Press and then release the "F" key. Note: the U017F will appear (all underlined). -Press the < enter > key. Note: the desired Unicode character will appear (example "ſ", the long S). (This produces the long S in the "Latin" and "ubuntu" Unicode fonts when using the ubuntu version of Linux.) (example "←", the left arrow).
/TypingUnicode.txt |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) WaterEndFarm.jpg ::: This house is the first home of Charley COLE, the paternal grandfather of David KC COLE. He was born in this house in 1884. Charley`s full name was Charles Percy COLE. His father rented the farm house at WaterEnd Farm and employed workers to run the farm. This farm is situated where a straight ancient Roman road forded across the river Lea. It is a few miles east of the town of Wheathampstead, where the nearest pub can be found. Today the name of this portion of the Roman road is Water End Lane. (Lat-Long: 51°48'37.8"N 0°15'19.1"W). Search for `Waterend Lane St Albans` on Google Maps. This house is very old. It was built in the 1600s. When Charley was around 6 years old, he fell into the fireplace and badly burned the right side of his face, almost destroying his right ear. Strangely, in old age, Charley could hear fine with his right ear, and was almost deaf in his left ear, the one that looked fine. Photographs of Charley can be found at photo of Charles P. COLE and family . |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1398025520RR.jpg ::: Tristan Marcoux and George Vavougios playing together on Easter weekend in 2014. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) U017F_small_and_capital.jpg ::: The long S appears in a book in my library. Its a shame that the true long S is not in the Unicode set! Other extinct OE (Old English) characters are described in the following article. Extinct Middle English (Midieval) Characters to search for thorn (Þ, þ) or eth (Ð, ð), use T (uppercase T) to search for ash (Æ, æ), use A (uppercase A) to search for yogh (Ȝ, ȝ), use Y (uppercase Y) to search for the oe ligature, use O (uppercase O) to search for long a, long o use the character of that letter Others: Old English graphic sign for "g" (similar to [ᴣ} or U+1D23) wen, Wynn (Ƿ, ƿ) long, medial, or descending s (similar to ſ) -Unicode says that U+017F is long-s but the horizontal nub is missing. -see image with nub in U017F_small_and_capital.jpg and 017F.gif. -similar to U+1E9C (long s with diagonal stroke [ẜ]) -similar to U+1E9B (long s with dot above [ẛ]) [eg Under the glaſsy, cool, translucent wave.... John Milton (1608-1674) ] /MidievalB.txt |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1398627365.jpg ::: Emma Marcoux with her Grandma Yvette Cole celebrating Emma`s first communion in 2014. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) HP-laptop-ubuntu-cfg.jpg ::: My HP laptop configuration with ubuntu version 14.04 (Trusty) as of 2014 Apr 25. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1398017047.jpg ::: This is Theresa COLE`s new kitchen in 2014 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1398014187.jpg ::: Easter at the Vavougios family room. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Chaco_Petrograph.jpg ::: Record of the creation of the Crab Nebula in 1054. 1054 Supernova Petrograph Dan Greening The Anasazi residents of Chaco Canyon were attentive to the movements of the heavens, that much is clear. The famous Sun Dagger on Fajada Butte in the center of Chaco Canyon is a solar calendar that heralds the winter solstice when a band of sunlight passing through between two slabs intersects the center of a spiral. A square of light floods a notch in the wall of Casa Rinconadas Great Kiva on the summer solstice, and locations marked within the Great Kiva are thought by some to create a simple stellar observatory. There are many similar phenomena throughout Chaco Canyon and San Juan basin to the northwest. Sometimes a correlation suggests a dubious conclusion, another might seem obvious. Regardless of the validity of any particular claim, there is little doubt that the Chacoans cared about what happened above them, because there are so many correlations. If you look through a telescope tonight, in the constellation Taurus, you will see a formation we call the "Crab Nebula." This cloudy, glowing mass comprises about 90% of the remains of a supernova that first appeared here around July 4, 1054. A supernova is the explosion of a large star. Our sun is too small to create a supernova. The star that created the Crab Nebula was much bigger. When a supernova occurs, the majority of the matter in the star is blown out at nearly the speed of light. If you are close, you dont get to watch it very long before you are blown to bits. If you are far away, it will look like a very bright star, once the light from the explosion has taken its time to reach you. The star that caused the 1054 supernova is about 4000 light years away, and much of the supernovas energy had diminished through space before it reached the earth. Nevertheless, on July 4, 1054, 4000 years after the Crab Nebula supernova actually occurred, a star six times brighter than Venus appeared in the sky. It was visible on Earth at high noon, and stayed visible for 23 days. The supernova was so strong that had it occurred within 50 light years of Earth, all living things on the planet might have been destroyed. The Chinese and Japanese record the appearance of a very bright "guest star" around this time. And if you were a Chacoan living at the same time, you would notice it, probably even record it. In fact, on the underside of a shelf below West Mesa in Chaco Canyon, just outside the great house called Peñasco Blanco, is a panel containing three symbols: a large star, a crescent moon, and a handprint. Halleys comet made its appearance just a few years after the 1054 supernova. If you were a Chacoan living around this time, you would definitely notice Halleys comet: its appearance threw many civilized peoples into fear. And since observing the heavens was an important aspect of Chacoan culture, you would probably record it. Perhaps you would record Halleys comet where you depicted another one-time astronomical event: below West Mesa, near Peñasco Blanco. Below the star, hand, and moon, in a distinct panel, are three concentric circles, approximately a foot in diameter, with huge red flames trailing to the right. The flames are now so faint that black and white pictures often fail to record it. Drawing conclusions from these correlations is speculation: we cant ask the Chacoans why they drew the things they did. But the circumstantial evidence is very strong. Every 18 1/2 years, the moon and earth return to approximately the same positions they had on July 4, 1054. If you happen to be in Peñasco Blanco around this time, situate yourself with a telescope under that shelf of West Mesa and look up in the sky. Wait until the moon is in a position pointed to by the fingers of the hand. And then use the diagram under the shelf to position your telescope at the large star in the petrograph. Look in your telescope, and you will see the Crab Nebula. And perhaps you will imagine how the Chacoans felt the day a visiting star appeared in their sky. Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Nazca_Valley_Map.jpg ::: Large Native Line Drawing in the sand near Nazca, Peru. Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1396808575.jpg ::: Our lanai |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Lima_Climate.jpg ::: Lima Peru climate. Limas climate is mild, despite being located in the tropics and in a desert. Although classified as subtropical, Limas proximity to the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean leads to temperatures much cooler than those expected for a subtropical desert, and can be classified as a mild desert climate (Köppen: BWn). It is neither cold nor very hot. Temperatures rarely fall below 12 °C (54 °F) or rise above 29 °C (84 °F) throughout the entire year. Two distinct seasons can be identified: summer, from December through April; and winter from June through October. May and November are generally transition months, with the warm-to-cool weather transition being more dramatic. Weather averages for the Jorge Chávez International Airport Summers are warm, humid, and sunny. Daily temperatures oscillate between lows of 18 °C (64 °F) to 22 °C (72 °F), and highs of 24 °C (75 °F) to 29 °C (84 °F). Skies are generally cloud free, especially during daytime. Occasional coastal fogs on some mornings and high clouds in some afternoons and evenings can be present. Summer sunsets are well known for being colorful. As such, they have been labeled by the locals as “cielo de brujas” (Spanish for “sky of witches”), since the sky commonly turns shades of orange, pink and red around 7 pm. Winter weather is dramatically different. Gray skies, breezy conditions, high humidity and cool temperatures prevail. Long (1-week or more) stretches of dark overcast skies are not uncommon. Persistent morning drizzle occurs occasionally from June through September, coating the streets with a thin layer of water that generally dries up by early afternoon. Winter temperatures vary little between day and night. They range from lows of 12 °C (54 °F) to 16 °C (61 °F) and highs of 16 °C (61 °F) to 19 °C (66 °F), rarely exceeding 20 °C (68 °F) except in the easternmost districts.[29] Relative humidity is always very high, particularly in the mornings.[30] High humidity produces brief morning fog in the early summer and a usually persistent low cloud deck during the winter (generally developing in May and persisting all the way into late November or even early December). Predominant onshore flow makes the Lima area one of the cloudiest among the entire Peruvian coast. Lima has only 1284 hours of sunshine a year, 28.6 hours in July and 179.1 hours in January, exceptionally little for the latitude.[31] Winter cloudiness prompts locals to seek for sunshine in Andean valleys located at elevations generally above 500 meters above sea level. While relative humidity is high, rainfall is very low due to strong atmospheric stability. The severely low rainfall impacts on water supply in the city, which originates from wells and from rivers that flow from the Andes.[32] Inland districts receive anywhere between 1 to 6 cm (2.4 in) of rainfall per year, which accumulates mainly during the winter months. Coastal districts receive only 1 to 3 cm (1.2 in). As previously mentioned, winter precipitation occurs in the form of persistent morning drizzle events. These are locally called garúa, llovizna or camanchacas. Summer rain, on the other hand, is infrequent, and occurs in the form of isolated light and brief showers. These generally occur during afternoons and evenings when leftovers from Andean storms arrive from the east. The lack of heavy rainfall arises from high atmospheric stability caused, in turn, by the combination of cool waters from semi-permanent coastal upwelling and the presence of the cold Humboldt Current and warm air aloft associated with the South Pacific anticyclone. Limas climate (like that of most of coastal Peru) gets severely disrupted in El Niño events. Coastal waters usually average around 17–19 °C (63–66 °F), but get much warmer (like in 1998 when the water reached 26 °C (79 °F)). Air temperatures rise accordingly. Such was the case when Lima hit its all-time record high of 34 °C (93 °F).[29] Cooler climate develops during La Niña years. The all-time record low in the metro area is 8 °C (46 °F), measured in winter 1988. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Faraona_Grand.jpg ::: Faraona Grand Hotel in Lima Peru |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Goatcher_Drake_Tombstone.jpg ::: Tombstone Inscriptions: Goatcher, Drake, Goulton. Found in Cowansville United Church . Download the Cowansville_Protestant.pdf and look on page 35 (Row M). Note that "Coulton" should be "Goulton". (Also, more precisely, Hannah Mary Drake nee Goulton is the sister of Sarah Jane Goatcher nee Goulton.) Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) DNA_Tests.jpg ::: List of the various types of DNA Genealogy tests that are available as of 2014. These are recognized by |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1396376414.jpg ::: This is a picture of our friend, Woody |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) 1027_Ominica_MJ.jpg :::

1027 Ominica St. E.

This house in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada was the birthplace of Victor Charles COLE (1918-2010), Vic was born in this house (not in a hospital, due to the Spanish flu epidemic). He also died in Moose Jaw, (but not in this house). Vic lived in this house from 1918 until around 1940. In 1947, Vic returned to Moose Jaw and lived again in this house (with his wife Marion nee GOATCHER and their son David who was born in Montreal, QC in 1944). This house was home for David Cole until 1950. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Coral_Castle.jpg ::: Coral Castle at 28655 South Dixie Highway near Miami, Florida built by Ed Leedskalnin during 1920 to 1930. Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1396039503.jpg ::: Test |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) igalri.jpg ::: The decimal number: 530,420,000 when written in base 31 is "igalri". Who cares? Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) LowFamily_001.jpg ::: Low Family 2012 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Jonah_001.jpg ::: Jonah |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Bryn_001.jpg ::: Bryn |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Enceladus_Flyby.jpg ::: Supercalifragilistic is the only word I can come up with to describe this flyby" of Saturn [during Cassini`s close encounter of the Saturian moon Enceladus on Nov. 21, 2009] said one planetary scientist. "This batch of pictures further convinces me that Enceladus could be humankind`s perfect jumping off point on it’s “Trek to the Stars," says one observer of the images returned today. Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) HouseAfterFire2012B.jpg ::: Home of Tommy Vavougios during renovations in 2012 after a fire. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ParcAndersonPark.jpg ::: Entrance to Parc Anderson Park Condominiums at 4670 Piperville Rd., Carlsbad Springs, ON, Canada, K0A 1K0 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Cole180C.jpg ::: The bottom condo in the center of the photo is where we live in Florida. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Granny_and_Nip.jpg ::: David KC COLE c 1946 (age 2) and Granny (Daisy nee SULLIVAN) GOATCHER at Farmborough, QC near Rouen/Noranda, QC, Canada. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) scan0015.jpg ::: Richard family: 25ieme Anniversaire de Marriage de Marcellin et Rolande (L-R) Therese R., Guy Leblanc, Guy Potvin, Chantalle Hickey, Joël R., Dan Hickey, Helene R., Nicolas R., Gabbie R., Jacques R., Yannick Noël, Isabel Paradis, Blandine R., Lydie Arseneault, David Cole, Yvette R., Marcellin Noël, Angela R., Rolande R. (photo by Leopold Gaudet en 1997) |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Marcellin Noel.jpg ::: Marcellin Noël (1945-2007). Le SEUQAM remet un don à la Fondation Dollard-Cormier. Pour une quatrième année consécutive, un don de 1 000 $ a été remis à la Fondation Dollard-Cormier. La cérémonie a eu lieu lors du Conseil syndical tenu le 21 avril. En posant ce geste chaque année au mois davril, le Syndicat honore la mémoire de notre collègue Marcellin Noël décédé le 7 avril 2007 à lâge de 61 ans. Pendant plus de 25 ans, Marcellin sest dévoué à la cause syndicale pour défendre les droits de ses collègues et leur venir en aide. Une de ses contributions les plus marquantes, c’est tout le travail qu’il a accompli comme délégué social et aussi comme bâtisseur d’un réseau d’entraide. À la fin des années 80, il a d’ailleurs joué un rôle clé dans la mise sur pied du Comité des déléguées et délégués sociaux du SEUQAM et la mise en place, à l’échelle de l’UQAM, d’un Programme d’aide au personnel. Marcellin a aidé un nombre incalculable de personnes aux prises avec une dépendance et en a référé plusieurs au Centre Dollard-Cormier, un établissement public et gratuit de réadaptation ayant pour mission daméliorer létat de santé, le bien-être, la qualité de vie et lintégration sociale des personnes souffrant dalcoolisme, de toxicomanie ou de jeu pathologique. En plus des nombreux services et programmes quil offre, le Centre Dollard-Cormier consacre beaucoup dénergie à la recherche. À laffût des nouvelles dépendances, le Centre se mobilise en ce moment contre le problème croissant de la cyberdépendance. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) scan0017.jpg :::

Marcellin Noël

Marcellin Noël à son chalet c2004. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) 1916CanadaCensusofManitobaSaskatchewanandAlberta_164218295.jpg ::: 1916 Moose Jaw Census: 1027 Ominica St E, Moose Jaw, Cole, Chas P (Age 32 caretaker - church), Florence H, (age 36), Gladys (age 1) 1025 Ominica St. E : Woolgar, AB (age 36 Caretaker-city), M ? (age 35), Arthur (age 8), Leonard (age 5) all Methodist |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) QuebecVitalandChurchRecordsDrouinCollection16211_43814182D.jpg ::: Marriage of Philip GOATCHER and Daisy SULLIVAN in 1912. 1912 Anglican Church (Registre Photographic au greffe de Sweetsburg P.Q.) Philip ? Goatcher, Former Bachelor of the Township of Farmham, ? of Mississiquoi , son of William Goatcher and Daisy Sullivan, Spinster of Cowansville ? of Mississiquoi ? ? ? ? ? both of full age were married by ? of ? both of full age on fifteenth day of August in the year of our lord one thousand nine hundred and twelve at ?. This marriage was solemnized between us on ? ? 15thday of August 1912. (Signed) Phillip Goatcher Daisy Sullivan Edward F. Buzzell ?? ?? J.W. Martin Source: Drouin Collection |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) iPad-1395243229R.jpg ::: Tristan meeting 4 players of the Senators hockey team on his 10th birthday. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1395243524I.jpg ::: Emma, Tristan and Jacob and 3 Senators in 2014. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1394911178R.jpg ::: Our friend, Larry Alexander at the patio party in Florida. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1394922956.jpg ::: Starting clockwise at 8 oclock: Our seven grandchildren: Emma, Nick, Tristan, George, Dimitri, Jacob and Alexandria. December 2013 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1393212360R.jpg ::: Our friends, Gord TURTON and George ROBSON in Florida. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1394909159.jpg ::: Our friends, Woody and Lynn Holmes in Florida having a great time at the condo patio party in Florida. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) PECK_Henry_m1689B.jpg ::: BEDFORD St. Mary Parish Register 1689 Dec 26 Henry PECK m Ann RUSH
1690 Dec 3 PECK, Elizabeth, daught of Mr Henry
1692 Mar 01 PECK, Ann d of Mr. Henry
Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) PECK_Henry_m1689.jpg ::: PECK in Bedford St. Mary parish Register p32 1689 Dec 26 Henry PECK & Ann RUSH
1690 Dec 03 bapt. Elizabeth d of Mr. Henry
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(1000x1000) St_Marys_at_Church_End_Haynes.jpg ::: St.Marys Parish Church at Church End near Haynes, Bedfordshire, England Many Cole Ancestors of David KC Cole are buried there. Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) SummerFields_Mini_Railway_info.jpg ::: Info re Summerfields Miniature Railway near Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) P60359.jpg ::: Hammer Hill Farm (TP3592) - Trigpoint (photo 04) The pillar with miniature railway in background by gazooks 2009-04-19 13:01 Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Anticipation_of_Death_img2.jpg ::: Image 2 of stanzas 3 to 50 of "My body wastes, my strength decays" of p 214 of The Mourners Book by Lady Source: Google Books.
bad image
(1000x1000) Anticipation_of_Death_img1.jpg ::: "My body wastes, my strength decays," from p 214 of The Mourners Book by Lady 5 stanzas in two images. verse by E.H. See Google Book id: WwAFAAAAYAAJ at: Source: Google Books.
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(1000x1000) COLE_Mary_1811_1880.jpg ::: Mary COLE 1811-1880 Death record Died 19 Nov 1880 in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England. Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) BRIMLEY_HerbertH_memorial.jpg ::: Herbert H BRIMLEY first married Edith Jane nee TAYLOR (b 1868-1911 born in England) in 1895. They had 2 children: Arthur Holmes BRIMLEY (1897-1956) and Robert Edward BRIMLEY (1899-1977). Herberts 2nd wife was Bessie Moore nee LOVE BRIMLEY with no progeny. Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) LOVE_Bessie_m_HH_BRIMLEY.jpg ::: Bessie Moore nee LOVE BRIMLEY 1887-1950 2nd wife of Herbert H. Brimley Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) BRIMLEY_HH_1940_census.jpg ::: Herbert H BRIMLEY in the 1940 census (from 103 Ashe Avenue, Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina Wife: Bessie BRIMLEY (26 years younger than Herbert) Phrase Searched "Herbert H Brimley in the 1940 Census" |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) BRIMLEY_HandC.jpg ::: Brothers C.S. BRIMLEY (left) and H.H. BRIMLEY came from England. They shaped the direction of what is now the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) BRIMLEY_HH_Portrait.jpg ::: Hubert Hutchinson BRIMLEY portrait c1945
Herbert Hutchinson Brimley and Clement Samuel Brimley served North Carolina in North Carolina Office of Archives and separate capacities for nearly sixty years. One History. brother, H. H., was a hunter and naturalist who pioneered interpretive exhibitions and programs at the museum. The other Brimley, C. S., was a scientist and collector who carefully built the animal-related collections that formed the basis of his brother’s work. The Brimleys grew up in the collecting tradition of middle-class England, but times there were tough. A chance meeting with an eager recruiter from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture’s Division of Immigration and Statistics convinced them that the state held great promise for hardworking people like themselves. After arriving in Raleigh in 1880, the brothers found new frontiers and possibilities for their natural history investigations, trying their hands at “collecting bird skins and eggs for wealthy men in the big cities.” They soon were publishing papers in birding journals. The Department of Agriculture contracted the older brother, H. H., to create displays of game fishes and waterfowl that would interest the state’s sportsmen. A robust outdoorsman, H. H. played up the romance of the hunt in his exhibits, following a trend of natural history in the United States and in Europe. His displays won prizes, and in 1895 the department hired him as the first full-time curator of what then was the State Museum. Later, he became the museum’s first director. Tension arose when the 1913 Board of Agriculture warned H. H. that his exhibits were wandering too far from a focus on farming. His passion was for natural history—especially the fishes, birds, reptiles, and whales. Nature study and conservation movements were gaining ground in the state, and H. H. felt justified in nudging exhibits and collections closer to pure natural sciences. He reminded board members of the 1879 statute requiring the State Museum to illustrate North Carolina’s natural history. Brimley also said, “A long and close study of our visitors proves very conclusively to me that a large majority prefer to observe and study objects on natural history above all other exhibits.” Natural history won the battle. Over the next fifty years the museum’s exhibits reflected the interest in natural history shared by H. H. and the public, an interest often served by large, impressive specimens. In 1928 H. H. reported, “The big bull sperm whale, fifty-five feet in length, is one outstanding specimen, both as to size and as to comparative rarity, that has ever come to the museum. There may also be mentioned the large ocean sunfish, from Swansboro, estimated to weigh between 1,200 and 1,300 pounds; an eleven-and-a-half-foot alligator; an octopus with a five-foot spread of arms; a sixteen-foot thresher shark from Wilmington; a very large red drum from Ocracoke; a large specimen of black bear; . . . a yellow raccoon, a pure albino opossum, and a number of specimens of rare birds.” Brothers C. S. Brimley (left) and H. H. Brimley came from England. They shaped the direction of what is now the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Image courtesy of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.Brothers C. S. Brimley (left) and H. H. Brimley came from England. They shaped the direction of what is now the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.C. S. Brimley worked alongside his brother but collected for science, not for display. At the age of sixty-two, he modestly claimed that his “main interest for many years zoologically has been to gain and disseminate knowledge about the fauna of North Carolina, both vertebrates and invertebrates.” His legacy to the natural sciences includes more than two hundred animal-related papers, the landmark books Insects of North Carolina and Birds of North Carolina, and descriptions of new species of amphibians and insects. His detailed field records supported published surveys on the amphibians and reptiles of North Carolina, the mammals of the state, and a partial account of fishes of the state. A self-taught scientist, C. S. started and indexed the zoological collections of the State Museum. His legendary concern for the state’s collections has been handed down from one curator to the next through four generations. Now, 127 years after its founding, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences houses more than 1.7 million specimens in its collections—from birds and insects to frogs and fish to rocks and fossils. The two Brimley brothers died within three months of each other in 1946, having shaped the state’s collections and public opinions through six decades of big changes. They arrived in North Carolina when gray wolves and panthers still roamed the woods, and they documented nature until the dawn of the atomic age. Each brother in his own way gave North Carolinians a broader understanding of the natural world, and each found in his adopted state and its museum a place to indulge his passion for nature. Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) BRIMLEY_Herbert_H.jpg ::: Herbert Hutchinson BRIMLEY was born 7 Mar 1861 in Willington, Bedfordshire, England and his brother (Clement Samuel BRIMLEY b 1863 Buckinghamshire, England Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Bedford_Marriage_Index.jpg ::: Bedford Marriage Index for 1837-1901 by Steven GIBBS Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1404601293.jpg :::

Trois soeurs Richard

Yvette R., Helene R., Gabrielle, chez Daniel Reddin en julliet 2014 |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) HavreAuxMaisonsMap.jpg :::

Havre aux Maisons

A map of the island of Havre-aux-Maisons in Madeleine Islands, QC, Canada. Une carte de l`îsle de Havre-aux-Maisons, une des Iles de la Madeleine au Quebec au Canada. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Brimley_John2.jpg :::

John BRIMLEY marriage record

Record of Marriage of John BRIMLEY to Rebecca LARKINS on 20 May 1849 in Willington, Bedfordshire, England Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) RRiPad-1404599211.jpg ::: kids at play: including Jacob, Tristan, Iyob, Emma, Jessica. |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) Brimley_Joseph2.jpg :::

Joseph BRIMLEY marriage record

Record of Marriage of Joseph BRIMLEY to Mary BETTLES on 6 Apr 1845 in Willington, Bedfordshire, England Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) P3100130.JPG ::: The new Bradenton Duplicate Bridge Center, on 26th St West, just south of 53rd Ave West |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) P3100113.JPG ::: Turtles in the Alligator Pool in Bradenton 2014 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) P3100114.JPG ::: The Bradenton Alligator (behind the Tropical Cadillac dealership at 4780 14th St W) 2014 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Alex.JPG ::: Alexandria Vavougios 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) ParishRegister_Haynes_p88_Cole2.jpg ::: 1795 Aug 9 Ann Daughter of (& 1796 Thomas Son of) James and Mary COLES Parish Register of Haynes, Beds. (2nd mention of COLE or COLES) Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ParishRegister_Haynes_p61more_Cole.jpg ::: Martha Daughter of William & Judith COLE was baptized Sept. 6, 1740 Parish Register of Haynes, Beds. Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ParishRegister_Haynes_p61_Cole.jpg ::: twins of William and Judith COLE born and died in July 1739. Book: Haynes, Beds. Parish Register. Source: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) p01.jpg ::: Book: COLE 200-1920 A.D. By Juliette ARDEN (Daughter of Henry ARDEN and Juliette COLE) WebSite: LDS - Search for "Cole 200-1920" at LDS Books
bad image
(1000x1000) ColeTreeFromDevon.jpg ::: Tree of the Cole Family from Devon Site: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) ColeTreeFromCornwall.jpg ::: Tree of the Cole Family from Cornwall, England Site: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) DKC_Requiem.jpg :::

Cole's Requiem

(Cole's Perseid Showers Requiem)

When I am dead, I ask of you:
Cremate my shell, and yearly do
On august eve, as meteors fall
Just raise your glass, to me, that's all.

August 11, 2012
David Kenneth Charles Cole
(b. Montreal, 1944ISep16

Each Aug 11, Dave and his grandchildren meet to watch the `shooting stars` from his backyard here on planet Earth. They also learn Dave's Zodiac Fable, a story to learn the signs of the Zodiac. (Coles Requiem by David Cole)
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(1000x1000) Linux_to_scan_MSoft.jpg ::: Use Linux to remove MSoft Windows drives viruses. Site: |DKC$date-up2
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(1000x1000) iPad-1388970526R.jpg ::: A photo of our living room in Florida in January 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1392932879.jpg ::: Mike and Christine Ward, Dave and Yvette Cole in Florida in 2014 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1392712583.jpg ::: rye |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1392711965.jpg ::: Mike And Yvette in Florida |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Jackies_Daughter.jpg ::: (L-R) Jackie Wise and Jade (the daughter of our friends, Jackie and Chris Wise). |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1391703547.jpg ::: Our friends, Tom and Pat Hickey and Yvette Cole during their visit with us in Florida in 2014. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Tulum_Cruise.jpg ::: Dave COLE and Yvette COLE on an excursion to the Mayan ruins at Tulum, Mexico during a Caribbean cruise in January 2014. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1389908870.jpg ::: Our car parked in front of our apartment |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1389899863.jpg ::: This is our Lanai in Florida |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Alex and Andrea.jpg ::: Alex & Andrea (related to our friends, Gord and Valeen) 2013 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1389225954.jpg ::: A friend, Barb North, visiting Dave and Yvette Cole in 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1388615362.jpg ::: Happy New Year from Dave and Yvette in Florida. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1388610760.jpg ::: Guy Marcoux pushing Jacob down the hill on Christmas Day 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1387993519.jpg ::: George with his gun on Christmas day 2013 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1387587985R.jpg ::: This is a photo of the Christmas tree at the Marcoux home in 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) scan0029B.jpg :::

4 COLE Generations

(L to R) Back Row: Les Cole (b.1903), Sarah Ann nee Booth Cole (b.1855), William Cole (b.1881)
Front Row: Ann Cole (b.1940)
Descendancy is Sarah Ann > William > Les > Ann |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1383515409R.jpg ::: Nick et Emma en 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) scan0030.jpg ::: Theresa Cole being pushed by Barbara Cole c1975 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) QuebecVitalandChurchRecordsDrouinCollection16211_43814182C.jpg ::: Marriage of Philip GOATCHER and Daisy SULLIVAN in 1912. 1912 Anglican Church (Registre Photographic au greffe de Sweetsburg P.Q.) Philip ? Goatcher, Former Bachelor of the Township of Farmham, ? of Mississiquoi , son of William Goatcher and Daisy Sullivan, Spinster of Cowansville ? of Mississiquoi ? ? ? ? ? both of full age were married by ? of ? both of full age on fifteenth day of August in the year of our lord one thousand nine hundred and twelve at ?. This marriage was solemnized between us on ? ? 15thday of August 1912. (Signed) Phillip Goatcher Daisy Sullivan Edward F. Buzzell ?? ?? J.W. Martin Source: Drouin Collection |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) New Cottage June 9th2012 013.jpg ::: The cottage of our friend and neighbor, Tom Donnelly in 2013 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1386803372.jpg ::: The clean carpet in our condo in Florida, USA |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) COLE_Viscount.jpg ::: Viscount COLE Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) COLE_Sir_Galbraith_Lowry.jpg ::: Sir Galbraith Lowry COLE Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) COLE_John_Earl_of_Enniskillen.jpg ::: John COLE, Earl of Enniskillen, Ireland Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) HAW_9395_08.jpg ::: The Slade Home in Devon.
Ron (Cole) Johnson is fairly certain that Thomas Cole of London (1495-1571) was one of his great grandfathers. This is based on his DNA findings and research. The old family Cole home described as “The Slade” in Devon was where several of my ancestors lived and perhaps yours also. You can see a picture of it at this link: |dkc
bad image
(1000x1000) Cole.jpg ::: Cole printed in old English |dkc
bad image
(1000x1000) Cole_of_Colchestre.jpg ::: Cole was a noble mon, and gret power hadde on honde,
Erle he was of Colchestre here in this londe,
And Colchestre after ys name y clepud ys ich understoode.
[And Colchestre after this name the namesake, this is understood].
[N.B. "y" = "th" ]
Robert of Gloucesters Chronicle, p. 82, as quoted
in Wrights History of Essex, Vol. 1. p. 32.
Source: Genealogy of the Family of Cole edited in 1867 by James Edwin COLE
Google Books: |dkc
bad image
(1000x1000) Cole_DNA_Y_w_title.jpg ::: Y-DNA markers believed to be those of DKCCole ( Note that marker DYS390 is 22 in Haploid group R1b1a2a1a. It is from Ron Johnson whose g..gfather Cole had DNA # 200805 (named Johnson) with Paternal Ancestor Name of William Cole(s), 1714-1786 (Dublin, Ireland) Source: |dkc
bad image
(1000x1000) DSCF0133.JPG :::

Ollie Robinson

Our friend, Larry Robinson dancing with Edith.. Larry is the father of Diane Candido |dkc
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1385235543.jpg ::: A gecko |dkc
bad image
(1000x1000) Cole_Charles_Percy_immigration.jpg ::: Immigration of Charles Percy COLE. His arrival in Quebec City, QC, Canada in Sept 1910 on ship: Megantic. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1384990819.jpg ::: Our friend Bob Low in 2013 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1384626736.jpg ::: My HP keyboard model number 5185-2027 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) tamako028.jpg ::: Remove HDD from iPad and iPhone jpegs to enable their rotation. Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) scan0002.jpg :::

Thurman House in 1995

This house greatly resembles that of Mr. and Mrs. Philip GOATCHER (b.1889) which was located on the other side of Range road in Farmborough, a few miles south of the Rouen-Noranda airport (in 1995). In the 1940s, the Thurmans lived here on Range Road, opposite the Goatcher house. These early homesteaders helped each other build the road and all the houses, with assistance by the government, of course. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1383516096R.jpg :::

Yvette in St. Thomas

Yvette on holidays beside the wall of amber in St. Thomas in 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) iPad-1383489131R.jpg :::

European Harbor Scene

This painting was a gift to Yvette L COLE from her friend, Diane CANDIDO c2011. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) QuebecVitalandChurchRecordsDrouinCollection16211_43814182.jpg ::: Photo of 1912 marriage record of Philip GOATCHER m. Daisy SULLIVAN. Text: Philip R. Goatcher ? Bachelor of ? ? ? ? in ? , son of WIlliaim Goatcher married Daisy Sullivan, Spinster, Cowansville ? ofMississiquoi ? , both of full age were married by ? of ? both of full age. on fifteenth day of August in the year of our load one thousand nine hundred and twelve at ??? |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) RRiPad-1384308893.jpg ::: This is the lamp in our living room |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(299x560) Peck_John_c1675.jpg ::: John Peck info from Geni (a $ subscription site) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(823x800) Golton_Thomas_m_Sarah_Film_991189.jpg ::: Thomas GOLTON (Goulton) christening, 23 Aug 1744, Wistow, York, England. Father:Richard Golton Source: LDS Family Search: GS Film number: 991189, Indexing Project Batch: C10914-2 Shows spouse to be Sarah Shillito (should probably be Stillito). |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(587x431) Denman.jpg ::: Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas DENMAN, married for her first husband Edward CHAPMAN and for her second husband Christopher GOULTON, a Whitby gentleman, and she and her second husband were both buried at Whitby. p 185 of The Hull Quarterly and East Riding Portfolio Source: |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(165x220) Walcot_Hall_-_geograph_org_uk_-_11707.jpg ::: Walcot Hall is a Grade II listed Georgian country house which stands in 22 acres of parkland in the hamlet of Walcot some 1 mile (2 km) south of the village of Alkborough. It was built in the mid to late eighteenth century for Thomas Goulton, modified in the early 1800s and partly demolished in 1964.[16] Several families have occupied the building, including the Marriotts, Stricklands, Constables and Legards. It was bought by the current owners in 2004.[17] It is currently used to cater for weddings and corporate events. It is located at 53.6789°N 0.6724°W Source:,_North_Lincolnshire#Walcot Doris Goatcher says that this is probably the house where Sarah Jane Goulton was raised. Doris has visited it. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) IMG_0490.JPG ::: George VAVOUGIOS learning how to shoot a musket in 2013 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) IMG_1044.JPG ::: (L-R) cousins; Emma MARCOUX and Alexandria VAVOUGIOS in the fall of 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) RIMG_1035.JPG ::: Back Row: Theresa COLE holding Dimitri VAVOUGIOS, Tommy VAVOUGIOS holding Alexandria VAVOUGIOS. Front Row: George VAVOUGIOS holding a pumpkin, Nicolas VAVOUGIOS in the fall of 2013 in front of their house a few months after it was rebuilt after the fire in the spring of 2012. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(960x1280) IMG_0587.JPG ::: Our 3 very young baby robins in their nest above our front door in 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) IMG_0992.JPG ::: (L-R) Emma MARCOUX, Tristan MARCOUX, Jacob MARCOUX in 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) RIMG_0909.JPG ::: Dimitri VAVOUGIOS and Alexandria VAVOUGIOS in 2013 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) IMG_0897.JPG ::: (L-R) David COLE (and his 2 aunts and his wife), Doris NORTH nee GOATCHER, Hazel HIBBARD nee GOATCHER, Yvette COLE nee RICHARD at the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Hazel and John HOPWOOD in 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) IMG_0870.JPG ::: (L to R) Allan REDMOND, John HOPWOOD, Hazel HOPWOOD nee REDMOND, Doris NORTH nee GOATCHER, Betsy FOSTER nee REDMOND in 2013 at Hazel and Johns 50th Wedding Anniversary. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) IMG_0628.JPG ::: David Cole installed this new water pump in 2013. Water pumps like the one shown can be purchased from Canadian Tire. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(960x1280) IMG_0614.JPG ::: Three baby robins in their nest above the front door at the COLEs in 2013. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) IMG_0313.JPG :::

Dave and Yvette in Nassau

David COLE and Yvette COLE nee RICHARD on holidays in Nassau in the Bahamas in 2012. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1024x1280) Goulton_Family_pictu008.jpg ::: A GOULTON Family Picture hung on a wall in the home of a GOULTON descendant, Marion (Nee Goatcher) COLE. It is now in the archives of her son, David Cole. It contains 4 rows of people and an inscription showing their names
Back Row (standing) 1 2 3 4
Middle Back Row (standing) 5
Middle Row (seated) 6 7 8
Front Row 9
The people are: 1* Grace Mary G (b.1875), 2* Albert James G (b.1873), 3* Frederick William G (b.1874), 4 Uncle William [GOULTON b.1844-1920] (Grandpa GOULTON`s son), 5* Alice Harriett G (b.1877), 6 Alberts wife [Elsie nee JARMAN], 7 Wm James GOULTON Grandpa GOULTON (1818-1906), 8 Uncle William`s wife Nellie [Helen JACKSON] (b.1852), 9* Minnie Jacobs [Marion Helen GOULTON] (b.1883).
Based upon recently-received information from Neville Spenser GOULTON:
- Alberts wife is known to be Elsie JARMAN.
- Minnie JACOBS is Marion Helen GOULTON who married Sidney JACOBS. We also deduce that:
- Helen JACKSON was known as Nellie
- All of Uncle William`s children (marked with an *) are in the photo!
- Uncle William is William GOULTON (1844-1920)
For more information, go to WGoulton(b1844)`s Family Tree |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(507x345) AnatomyOfWealth.jpg :::

Anatomy of Wealth

The Anatomy of Wealth or the A B C of Every Day Life by J. Goulton Constable. London, Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. York: John Sampson 1880
"the first coin" see page 19
"Old King Cole" see page iv.
"Tichborne claimant" see page 21
To Read: Google Books Search-Phrases: Goulton Whitton
bad image
(685x509) Gentlemans_Magazine_Library.jpg ::: Title page of the Gentlemans Magazine Library English topography, Part VII. (Leicestershire- Monmouthshire) London: Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Row, E.C. 1896 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(517x512) Aukborough_2.jpg ::: Second of 2 pages that mention GOULTON family Aukborough, Lincolnshire, England. From the Gentlemans Magazine Library |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(512x682) Aukborough_1.jpg ::: First of 2 pages that mention GOULTON family Aukborough, Lincolnshire, England. From the Gentlemans Magazine Library |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(634x453) Alkborough_and_Walcot.jpg ::: Alkborough is also home to Alkborough Maze, more commonly referred to as Julian’s Bower. One of only eight remaining turf mazes in the UK, the maze is a scheduled ancient monument. Its presence was first recorded in 1697 and its origins are thought to be medieval or roman. In the absence of tangible evidence, many theories exist regarding who first cut the maze and its original purpose. In 1620 Martin Brighouse, the owner of Walcot, was called before the Star Chamber, a royal court, to explain why he had enclosed Walcot! The government of the day was concerned that the reduction in jobs, if arable land was turned over to sheep, would cause unrest amongst the labourers. At the hearing, his supporters, some of the inhabitants, agreed that ‘the land was better in grass than in corn’. So Walcot land remained enclosed and areas like Scamblings (between Jerusalem Cottages and Walcot) were grassed and given over to sheep walks. From the mid 17th century Walcot was owned by the same family. It was bought by the Hull Alderman and merchant Nicholas Denman, whose daughter married a Goulton and thus began the Goulton and Goulton-Constable line. They did not own the whole of Alkborough but gradually bought more property, peaking towards the end of the 19th century. Thomas Goulton (1745-1826) had the Hall grounds laid out in 1800 and was responsible for the planting of the trees from the village to Burton along the hill top and down the hillside. His great niece Mary, Lady Strickland ( 1797 -1865), amongst other charitable works, was responsible for the building of the National and Infants’ Schools, now Watersmeet and the Old Library in Back Street. Her grandson, James Goulton-Constable (1850-1922) became a typical Victorian squire, a strong supporter of the church and school. He was a driving force behind the building of the present school in 1874 and a generous benefactor to the Cricket Club which played on Westcroft , south of the Hall and to welfare organizations like the Cow Club, Coal Club and Sick Club. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(293x475) Whitton_Main_Street.jpg ::: 1842 Whitton, an extract from Whites Gazetteer and Directory of Lincolnshire Whitton, a village and ferry on the Humber, about 3 miles below Trent falls, and 9 miles W. of Barton, has in its parish 217 souls and 1240a. 1r. 15p. of land. Marmaduke Constable, Esq., owns nearly all the soil, and is impropriator and lord of the manor, which is parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster. The church (St. John The Baptist,) was rebuilt many years ago, when its fine Norman doorway was destroyed, but the ancient font is still preserved. The vicarage valued in K.B. £6. 10s. was augmented with £200 of Q.A.B. in 1767, and has long been united with that of Aukborough. At the enclosure, about 70 years ago, land was allotted in lieu of tithes. Opposite Whitton, there, is in the Humber, a bed of silt, called Whitton sands, more than a mile broad, and two miles in length, which is left bare at low water, and upon which steamers and other vessels are often left aground until the return of the tide, and in stormy weather sometimes wrecked. The ferry boat here takes passengers to and from the steam packets, or carries them across the river to Brough, or Weighton Lock. In the gravel pit here, a very remarkable dip of the strata is exposed, exhibiting, among the boulder stones, ammonites, gryphites, and other fossils and shells, similar to those in the debris on the shore, where many conglomerate masses have fallen from the cliff; near the summit of which a petrifying steam comes from an incrusted rock. The Ferry House is at Brough, on the Yorkshire side of the Humber. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(422x444) Whitton_map_3B.jpg ::: 1826 Thomas Goulton (1745-1826), owner of most of Whitton (and Walcot) died and the estates passed to his nephew, Marmaduke Constable. Marmaduke was the son of Thomas Goultons sister Sarah and the Rev. Thomas Constable of Sigglesthorne and Wassand, E. Riding Yorkshire. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(375x500) crocketed_pinnacles.jpg ::: "1797 is spoken of as being the year when the old Church was rebuilt - before this, in all probability the tower had battlements or pinnacles. The two stone pinnacles on the top of the Churchyard wall by the gate belonged to the old Church. They were found under the chancel during the alterations in 1889." (ks) Notes: But the later date 1798 can be seen carved into a stone of the outside south wall, above the vestry door. The pinnacles are small pyramidal spires, apparently crocketed, that is having knobs of stylised foliage supposedly like a shepherds crook. (right ) The crocketed pinnacles by the church gate |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(289x375) Old_Whitton_Church_drawn_by_Natte.jpg ::: 1797/8 The old church is rebuilt An extraordinary drawing of old Whitton Church in 1794 by John Claude Nattes (c1765 - 1839), the draughtsman and water-colourist. Only the top third of the tower is recognisable - and that without its familiar pitched roof. The nave appears to have a south aisle and porch attached. The roof has a ladder resting on it near to gaps in the slates. The last of four pinnacles totters precariously on the top of the tower. See the criticisms of the new church and its benefactor Thomas Goulton by the Venerable Stonehouse under 1850, below. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(220x349) BTHORPE.jpg ::: 1775 Appearance of hamlet of Bishopthorpe. It was under the sanction of the Enclosure Commissioners that the Bishop of Lincoln gave to Thomas Goulton the old homestead belonging to the Rectory with the decayed dwelling house, barns, stables situated in the village on the south side of the church yard, in exchange for two acres of land in the Ings, on condition that Thomas Goulton build a new dwelling house, barns and stables on some part of the land allocated to the Bishop of Lincoln in the Ings. Thomas Goulton therefore, in fulfillment of this condition, built the homestead known to this day as Bishopthorpe.(James Goulton-Constable) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(204x176) map_Whitton.jpg ::: Some people with the surname GOULTON come from Whitton, Lincolnshire, England. For example, Richard GOULTON. 1773 WHITTON ENCLOSURE ACT The English countryside was transformed between 1760 and 1835 as the ridge and furrow, open-field system of cultivation gave way to compact farms and enclosed fields. Alkborough was the first in the area to be enclosed in 1768 and Scunthorpe/Frodingham completed the area in 1834. Most of Whitton was already the property of Thomas Goulton, the Lord of the Manor, who was also lessee of the great tithes under the Bishop of Lincoln. The usual procedure for land enclosure was the presentation of a petition to Parliament by persons locally interested - in this case Thomas Goulton. On this petition, a Bill was introduced, which was referred to a Committee, usually a Select Committee, after its Second Reading. If the Report of this Committee was favourable, the Bill was subsequently passed and Commissioners were sent to the parish concerned to arbitrate between conflicting interests, and make an award. An Act for Dividing and Inclosing several Open Fields, Lands and Grounds, in the Parish of Whitton - was passed in 1773. Two Enclosure Commissioners were named in the Act, Edward Johnson of Hull and William Jepson of Lincoln. James Goulton-Constable noted in 1889 that - Some of the parish had already been enclosed. The old enclosed part consisted of all the houses, yards and gardens in the village plus Whitton Ashes and the Low Plantation, and a number of small fields immediately to the east of the village. Some of these fields , together with the Low Plantation had the name “Whathams” . (see Appendix 2.f, below) . This old enclosing may have happened in Tudor or Stuart times to increase the amount of sheep pasture available to the Lord of the Manor. The measurement of the then enclosed part of the Parish is not given, but that of the yet to be enclosed is given as about 1088 acres. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) Yarborough.jpg ::: A yarborough is a very weak contract bridge hand with all cards less than a 10. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) iPad-1383667684.jpg ::: A condominium block similar to ours in Bradenton, Florida in 2013 |dkc
bad image
bad image
(139x820) Cole_Charles_Percy_birth.jpg ::: COLE, Charles Percy Birth:1884, St. Albans, Hertfordshire (from FreeBMD Birth Index) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(3440x4608) DSCF0135.JPG ::: The father of Diane Candido dancing with Edith. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) RRiPad-1384537455.jpg ::: Yvette COLE née RICHARD, with our friends from CCI: Barb WRIGHT née ZRYD, David J R WRIGHT in 2013 |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(478x600) Libra2.jpg ::: Libra Constellation |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(599x438) 438px-Marcia_Pelham,_Countess_of_Yarborough.jpg ::: Marcia Pelham, Countess of Yarborough, Bartleby House, England |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1120x840) FloridaXmas.jpg ::: 2012 Xmas in Florida - Top: Tristan, Jacob, Emma Bottom Left: Back:Tristan, Barbara, Guy Front: Jacob, Emma Bottom Right: Grandma Yvette, Grandad Dave |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1936x2592) iPad-1382302811.jpg ::: Picture from Dominican Republic |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(166x222) iGal_co0001.jpg ::: How to best use up2_co0001i.html in up2igal by David Cole Use 4 windows, 1) up2_co0001i.html. 2) folder containing photos. 3) window to view an enlarged photo. 4) Notepad to edit all captions (to copy and paste).. |DKC$date-up2
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bad image
(443x510) honeymoon 43.JPG ::: Daisy GOATCHER nee SULLIVAN, Philip GOATCHER and Florence COLE nee KINGSLAND visiting Niagra Falls, ON, Canada while accompanying Victor COLE and Marion COLE nee GOATCHER on their honeymoon. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(357x386) Ann_Cole_and_Doris.JPG ::: Ann COLE and Doris HUGHES |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(881x873) 2nMom&ADoll&Christie.JPG ::: LtoR: Aunt Doll, Christine COLE and Marion COLE nee GOATCHER. More precisely, Aunt Doll was Gladys (Doll) Yeo nee Kingsland (1896-1987). |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(796x1201) FlaxleyL.jpg :::

Flaxley Lodge

A Goulton house (and home) in (or near) Selby, Yorkshire, England. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(640x480) gravestone.JPG ::: Gravestone of Philip R. GOATCHER, Daisy GOATCHER nee SULLIVAN and his mother Sarah Jane GOATCHER nee GOULTON. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(640x480) james-banks.jpg :::

James BANKS (1766-1858)

David COLE`s great-great-great-great-grandfather,James BANKS, who died on Aug 10,1858 in Selby, Yorkshire, England. He is buried in the churchyard of Selby Abbey in Selby. (The blue computer screen seen in the background of this photo was the result of taking a photo of a picture hanging on a wall, with a live computer screen behind the photographer. A better photo can be seen at Photo w/o blue PC )
bad image
(819x800) Marion 4 yrs & sisters.JPG :::

Philip GOATCHER family (1926)

The Philip GOATCHER family when Marion was 4 years old (1926)
L-R Back: Margaret G., Unknown, Hazel G.; Front: Marion G., Doris G. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(640x480) dot&marion.jpg ::: Doris GOATCHER and unknown and Marion GOATCHER |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(224x313) Great_West_and_Hendys.JPG :::

Great West Auto Electric

Vic COLE and Earl NANT, original owners of the Great West Auto Electric, built this train ride (with friend, Hendy`s paintings) shown on High St. E in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada c1950. Ed NANT owned and ran the GWAE into the 2000`s. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(1700x2338) 2009-09-05-1036-41_edited.jpg ::: Text about the Mason`s Window, dedicated to James BANKS at Selby Abbey in Selby, Yorkshire, England. James BANKS is an ancestor of Marion COLE nee Goatcher, who was the mother of David and Chuck COLE. |DKC$date-up2
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bad image
(940x1320) AUNTYD~3.jpg ::: Gladys (Doll) Yeo nee Kingsland (1896-1987) is in the photo but where? Gladys married Frederick Yeo on Dec 25 1921. Shirley Jarvis (nee Sydenham) refers to Gladys as Nan. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(315x420) Marions mum & dad marry.JPG :::

Marriage: Daisy & Philip GOATCHER 1912

Marriage of Daisy SULLIVAN and Philip GOATCHER. L-R Philip GOATCHER, Daisy SULLIVAN, best man (Unknown), Annie E. GOATCHER, Jack CHAPMAN |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(628x410) Urn.jpg ::: The urn dedicated to Richard GOULTON by the Earl of Yarborough. |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(270x245) Urn1.jpg ::: Text on the urn dedicated to Richard GOULTON by the Earl of Yarborough.
The Earl of Yarborough
dedicates this urn
to the memory of Richd Goulton of Bonby,
a tenant and a friend
with grateful respect
bequeathed a legacy
to his landlord |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1280x960) window_in_Selby_Abbey_dedicated_to_James_Banks_1766-1858.JPG :::

Abraham Window

The stained glass window in Selby Abbey (in Selby, Yorkshire, England) dedicated to James Banks 1766-1858. This window is also called "The Mason`s Window". (Location: C:UsersDavemy backupsData2009ArtifactImgages) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(1000x1000) P9280021.JPG :::

621 Country Trail Private

David and Yvette Cole live in this condominium unit in Parc Anderson Park which is located in the extreme south-east corner of Ottawa, ON, Canada. Their mailing address is the town of Carlsbad Springs. |DKC$date-up2
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bad image
(265x296) St_Helens_Church.jpg ::: st. Helens church (has an apostrophe) |DKC$date-up2
bad image
bad image
(265x296) St_Helens_Churc.jpg ::: St. Helens Church in Wheathampstead, , England |DKC$date-up2
bad image
(689x672) ServerDialog.jpg ::: up2iGal server dialog |DKC$date-up2
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(432x823) up2uploadForm.jpg ::: The up2iGal "upload form" window. |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) iPad-1382066921.jpg ::: The creation of Adam. This painting is a portion of the paintings in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) iPad-1382061576.jpg ::: This is the time on our microwave |DKC$date-up2
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bad image
(1936x2592) iPad-1382061446.jpg ::: Potatoes |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) iPad-1382061113.jpg ::: Spoken verbally: this is a picture of our kitchen from our iPad |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) image.jpg ::: This is my first try |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0813.JPG ::: La Grave aux Isles de la Madeleine ( IdeM ), QC in July 2013. from folder: C:UsersDavemy backupsData2013Ipad_Photos2013ISep15All_IdeM |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0805.JPG ::: Roland née RICHARD NOEL au restaurant La Cuesta, à Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC in July 2013. |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0748.JPG ::: View from the entrance of the house previously owned by Azade ARSENEAULT at 034 Avila Street, Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC in July 2013. |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0817.JPG :::

Des amis (friends)

(GàD) David COLE, Rolande RICHARD, Lorraine PAQUETTE, Gabriel PAQUETTE, (sa femme) Marie-Jeanne PAQUETTE et Marielle PAQUETTE à Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC en juillet 2013. |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0814.JPG ::: Les PAQUETTES, David COLE et Rolande nee RICHARD NOEL à la table à Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC in July 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0802.JPG ::: "La Butte Ronde" à Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC in July 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0769.JPG ::: "La Butte Ronde" à Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC in July 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0739.JPG ::: Le Vieux Couvent à Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC in July 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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bad image
(1936x2592) IMG_0736.JPG ::: The house previously owned by Azade ARDSENEAULT at Havre-aux-Maisons, I.M., QC in July 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0743.JPG ::: The flag of the Acadians in the yard of Azade Arseneault at Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC in July 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(2592x1936) IMG_0722.JPG ::: A friend and cousin, Colette TURBIDE visiting Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC in July 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0672.JPG ::: The beach at "Les dunes du sud" on Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC in 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0635.JPG ::: The old convent (`couvent` in French) seen from the porch of the house of Azade ARSENAULT on Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC in 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) IMG_0646.JPG ::: House of Azade ARSENAULT on Havre-aux-Maisons, IdeM, QC in 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(3000x4000) DSCN0703.JPG ::: Tombstone of Azade Arseneau (photo by Gilles Arseneault). |DKC$date-up2
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(2592x1944) 2012-08-13_14-14-20_47.jpg ::: Tombstone of Anna Theriault (photo by Gilles Arseneault). |DKC$date-up2
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(2592x1944) 2012-08-13_14-05-48_577.jpg ::: Tombstone of Philias Arseneau. (Also spelled Philias Arsenault) in Havre-aux-Maisons, IM, QC, Canada. Philias was the father of Roch Arseneault, who was the father of Gilles Arseneault. (photo by Gilles Arseneault). |DKC$date-up2
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(2592x1944) 2012-08-13_14-11-18_2.jpg ::: Tombstone of Arsene Arseneau (photo by Gilles Arseneault). |DKC$date-up2
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(1704x2272) PICT0001a.JPG ::: These are my Flash Drives c2009. |DKC$date-up2
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(480x640) P1010895 (640x480).jpg ::: A friend from CCI, Lois SMITH nee DONALDSON and David COLE in 2013. |DKC$date-up2
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(1936x2592) iPad-1383513814.jpg ::: The tree in our back yard in Florida. 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(480x640) P1010874 (640x480).jpg ::: LtoR in 2013, David COLE, Yvette COLE nee RICHARD and Phil SMITH. Photo by Dave`s childhood friend from CCI, Lois SMITH nee Donaldson., |DKC$date-up2
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(480x640) P1010715 (640x480).jpg ::: A friend from CCI, Carol (nee Holliday) and Karl Wettstein at their home in Guelph (photo by Lois SMITH nee Donaldson) in 2013 |DKC$date-up2
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(1149x1377) 1960GreatAunts.jpg ::: In 1960, it shows Les Cole standing centre with Stella in the chair in front. Gerald Seabrook is right with his wife Gladys (nee Rolph, another Gustard Wood family) seated in front. The two ladies to the left, with the baby, are Liz’s Aunts, not Seabrooks. |DKC$date-up2
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(1123x1798) 1960Family.jpg ::: 1960. It was taken at the christening party for my son Timothy, seen in the high chair, centre. I’m not in the picture. Tim’s mother, my wife Liz, is seated on the ground at the front, left. On the extreme right, standing, with not much hair, is Leslie Cole. His wife Stella (nee Seabrook) is sitting in the chair immediately next to him. Their daughter Ann is seated to the left of the baby, turning her head to look at him. The second man from the right is Robert Seabrook (my father) and the third man from the right is Gerald Seabrook, next younger brother. |DKC$date-up2
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(640x479) P1010881.jpg ::: Tristan MARCOUX in 2013 at McGill university in Montreal, QC |DKC$date-up2
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(127x226) Trip2.jpg ::: Waterfront by Allan |DKC$date-up2
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(571x847) ScanC004.jpg ::: Emma Marcoux at the Tulip Festival 2011
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(1000x1000) ::: n/a