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                                  iGal is very iPad friendly.

This simple system permits its user to upload a picture to a photo gallery on the web along with a caption describing the contents of the photo. Just provide a photo and a caption and hit enter. Any user of the up2iGal system can search for photos by typing in a word or phrase to search for. Try it with the word "house".

-If you upload using Chrome (instead of Internet Explorer), you can drop your photo on the "Choose" button.
-Hold your iPad horizontally (as for landscapes) when taking photos (so they won't need to be rotated).
-Don't include these character(s) in your captions or search phrases: " ' "(apostrophe)," / "(slash)
-Do provide informative information, such as names, dates and locations in your captions.
-Prefix or suffix it with a dot (eg ".tree") to find " tree" (not "street").
-Don't search for common words such as "the", "of", "nice", etc.
-To see ALL the photos in the gallery, use an empty search phrase.
-To return to the previous webpage, hit the back arrow (in the top left corner).
-Be patient; uploads and downloads of high resolution photos can take up to 90 seconds.
-Try different web window sizes and shapes (especially on laptops).
-Gallery "pu0001 (Public Photo Gallery)" is available to the public.
     For your own gallery, contact the WebMaster below.

WebMaster:David@ColeCanada.com          / up2iGal_help.html (useful tips)